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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Road. Rad drives in the Rad Van. TITLE CARD APPEARS. Trans. Ext. Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Rad parks his van. Potato and Colewort sword fights.]
Rad (Off-screen) Hey, y'all, how was your summer?
Potato Oh, hi, Rad. (Accidently slices Colewort's hair) Whoa!
Rad (Passes by A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon) 'Sup guys?
Brandon (Hops into A Real Magic Skeleton's arms) Aah!
Rad (Waves to Cool Sun,Gregg, Red Action, and Drupe) Howww's it goin'?
Gregg, Red Action, & Drupe Aah! (Red Action and Drupe falls from the bodgea's sign and Gregg explodes)
[Trans. Int. Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega. Rad enters the bodega. Reveals that his look changed like the other civilians
Rad Ahh. It's good to be back.
[Bold letters read out RAD NOW ORANGE]
Rad And you, Enid? {Flexes) Did yoooou have a good summer?
(Enid moves out behind the counter and moves her hands away her face)
[Bold letters read out ENID NOW MIME]
(Enid does her mime tricks. Rad patiently waits.)
Rad Huh?!
Enid My summer was great. I really grew as a person. But I love getting paid again.
Rad (Leans on the counter) Same here. Same here. K.O.! Is the little guy in yet? (Enid shakes her head "no".) Huh. I wonder how he's changed.
Trans. Int. Entrance
Carol (Off screen) Bye, sweetie!
K.O. (Off-screen)See you later, Mommy!
(K.O. approaches the entrance of the bodega in a cloud revealing that he didn't change. Bold letters read out K.O. SAME BOY
Enid & Rad Aah!
K.O. Aah! Are you guys having a costume party? Why didn't anyone invite me?
Enid These aren't costumes. This is what we look like now.
K.O. (Points out his finger) You guys are tricking me again, aren't you?!
Rad (Waves his hand to K.O.) No, no, no, no, K.O.. What you're seeing before you is a rite of passage for all great heroes!
Trans. A blue background with big words TIME SKIP. Rad and Enid stands in front of it.
Rad & Enid A time skip!
K.O. (Confused) Eh?
Rad The old Enid and Rad were like pathetic little caterpillars. (Rad and Enid are demonstrated as caterpillars. A clock passes by.) But in the three months away from each other… we awakened to a superior form. (Rad and Enid forms as butterflies)
K.O. (Off-screen) A butterfly?!
Rad (Off-screen) Even better! (The demonstration rips to reveal Rad and Enid standing by each other with 2.0 sign next to them) Rad and Enid 2.0! (The 2.0 sign disappears) An upgrade to the kind of heroes we were always meant to be! (Scratches his arm)
Enid (Signals her mouth) Better get used to it, 'cause there's no going back after a time skip. (Rad scratches his body)
Trans. Int. Gar's Hero & Supply Bodega. K.O. is unimpressed.
K.O. (Whines) I don't like it.
Enid Aw, come on, K.O.. (Takes out her phone) Don't you remember how Dogmun changed after his time skip? (Her phone shows that Dogmun changed his shirts from red to blue)
K.O. Ugh! Dogmun was in a war! But you just went from being a super cool ninja to a clown! (Points to Enid)
Enid What?!
K.O. (Points to Rad) And you went from being a super strong alien to a tangerine man!
Rad Tangerine?! I'll have you know that to attain this form, I embarked on an intense and challenging journey of self discovery. [Trans. Int. Rad's house] I decided it was about time I took on a real challenge. [Theodosia shows the tickets up close as she, Ofrang, and Rad is ready for a trip. Rad is excited. Trans. Ext. Ship] Something to push my limits to the very edge. [The boat sails fast] So, I took off. [Trans. Ext. Waterslide] I soon found myself in a wasteland of unspeakable terrors. (Rad goes on top of a floatie and slides down) Danger awaited me at every turn. While making my way through the deadly terrain, (Sees a family playing volleyball in bronze) I found heroes— clad in bronze armor— competing with one another for dominance. I was inspired. (Checks his body) Although my body was already top notch as it was, (Kisses his bicep) I desired more power. (Approaches the pool) So I traveled across the treacherous seas, (Swims to his family) and when I found land, again, I sought wisdom from a most wise and fearsome elder. (Theodosia shows him her purse) They guided me to a deep, dark cave, filled with ancient treasures. (He looks into Theodosia's purse) I entered the dungeon,

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