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Season 1 is the first season of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes that was announced by Cartoon Network on March 9, 2017, nearly 4 years after the original shorts first came out. Season 1 started production from fall 2015 and ended on January 2018.

The episode aired a total of 52 episodes, with two season 2 episodes being aired in season 1's rotation. Season 1 originally ran from August 1, 2017 to April 6, 2018, with a winter hiatus between November 17, 2017 and February 19, 2018. There are two DVDs for Season 1, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: T.K.O. (V1) and the Australian Season 1 set.


The season premiered on August 1, 2017, with four episodes, "Let's Be Heroes", "Let's Be Friends", "You're Everybody's Sidekick" and "We Messed Up." Alongside with "Jethro's All Yours" and "You're Level 100!", the episodes aired through the Cartoon Network app on June 13, 2017, close to two months before the broadcast airing. The first 22 episodes aired in August during week-long bombs, which started on August 1 and ended on August 24, 2017. New episodes only aired on four days of the week, which was usually from Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm (with the exception of the first week, which had new episodes from Tuesday-Friday). Beginning of September 1, 2017, new episodes began airing on Fridays at 6:30pm. Beginning on February 19, 2018, new episodes were moved to airing on Mondays at 6:30pm. The season finale aired on Friday, April 6, 2018.


  • Volume 1: K.O.'s journey starts with a job at Gar’s Bodega – the best place for heroes to train! With the help of his friends Enid and Rad, K.O. must defend Gar’s from Lord Boxman's evil robots... and make sure the floors are super clean. He’s got to navigate the mysterious back room, help the customers, and prove he can be the greatest hero ever!
  • Volume 2: K.O.’s on his way to becoming a great hero at Gar’s Bodega – he helps the customers achieve their dreams, helps his co-workers face their fears, and helps to defend the plaza from the evil Lord Box-man! And find out if he can unlock an amazing new power in a half-hour special episode! Everything’s coming up K.O.!
  • Volume 3: It’s time for the citizens of Lakewood Plaza Turbo to step into the spotlight! Enid teams up with Red Action, Dendy fills in for K.O. at Gar’s Bodega, and a Real Magic Skeleton has a most excellent adventure with Brandon. Dive into this heroic world as K.O. discovers more about the mysterious past of his mom, and robot barber Mr. Logic!


Season 1A

in series
in season
Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 1 Lets Be Heroes Titlecard.png "Let's Be Heroes" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 1, 2017 (TV)

When KO tags along with his mom to work, he discovers the convenience store next door is his key to becoming a great hero.
2 2 Lets Be Friends Titlecard.png "Let's Be Friends" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 1, 2017 (TV)

KO wants to become friends with Enid and Rad and get hired at Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
3 3 Youre Everybodys Sidekick Titlecard.png "You're Everybody's Sidekick" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 1, 2017 (TV)

KO sets out to prove to Enid that being helpful is rewarding by helping people all around the Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
4 4 We Messed Up Titlecard.png "We Messed Up" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 1, 2017 (TV)

KO, Rad and Enid accidentally break one of Mr. Gar's prized possessions!
5 5 Jethros All Yours Titlecard.png "Jethro's All Yours" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 2, 2017 (TV)

KO gets his first solo mission!
6 6 Youre Level 100 Titlecard.png "You're Level 100!" June 13, 2017 (online)

August 2, 2017 (TV)

When KO finally gets a Pow Card, he finds out he's level 100, instantly making him a celebrity and the idol of everyone.
7 7 I Am Dendy Titlecard.png "I Am Dendy" August 3, 2017 1044-008
KO helps a strange girl from school, Dendy, get the parts she needs to repair her high tech backpack.
8 8

K.O.'s Inner Monologue.png Action News (short).png Life of Darrell.png Where in the World is Mr. Gar?.png Enid vs. Rad.png

"Plaza Shorts" November 28, 2017 (online)

March 5, 2018 (TV)

  • "K.O.'s Inner Monologue": KO's inner monologue details his journey to being a hero.
  • "Action News": Dynamite Watkins reports on a day at Gar's.
  • "Life of Darrell": Lord Boxman explains where all the robots come from.
  • "Where in the World is Mr. Gar?": KO, Rad, and Enid try to figure out Mr. Gar's adventure.
  • "Enid vs. Rad": Enid and Rad switch jobs.
9 9 Sibling Rivalry Titlecard.png "Sibling Rivalry" August 3, 2017 1044-011
When a new robot, Raymond, defeats the three heroes to steal the sign to Gar's, KO teams up with Darrell and Shannon to get it back.
10 10 You Get Me Titlecard.png "You Get Me" August 4, 2017 (online)

August 7, 2017 (TV)

Enid gets turned to stone, and it is up to KO to turn her back to normal.
11 11 Do You Have Any More in the Back Titlecard.png "Do You Have Any More in the Back?" August 4, 2017 1044-016
Rad is put to the test when a customer needs something from the mysterious back room.
12 12 Just Be a Pebble Titlecard.png "Just Be a Pebble" August 4, 2017 (online)

August 9, 2017 (TV)

KO eats a piece of new candy at Gar's that makes him giant.
13 13 Presenting Joe Cuppa Titlecard.png "Presenting Joe Cuppa" August 4, 2017 (online)

August 10, 2017 (TV)

KO tries to help his favorite comedian, Joe Cuppa.
14 14 My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad Titlecard.png "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" August 4, 2017 1044-012
When a bully says his dad can beat up KO's mom, KO gladly accepts the challenge on Carol's behalf.
15 15 Weve Got Pests Titlecard.png "We've Got Pests" August 11, 2017 (online)

August 14, 2017 (TV)

KO, Rad & Enid have to deal with tiny pests wreaking havoc in the bodega.
16 16 You Are Rad Titlecard.png "You Are Rad" August 4, 2017 (online)

August 8, 2017 (TV)

When KO forgets his name tag, Rad lets him use his, which results in everyone thinking KO is Rad, including Rad himself.
17 17 Legends of Mr Gar Titlecard.png "Legends of Mr. Gar" August 11, 2017 (online)

August 15, 2017 (TV)

Rad and Enid reminisce about when they started working at the bodega and learned how amazing Mr. Gar really is.
18 18 We Got Hacked Titlecard.png "We Got Hacked" October 2, 2017 (online)

October 27, 2017 (TV)

Dendy helps KO, Enid and Rad stop a glitch that threatens to take over the bodega.
19 19 Plazalympics Titlecard.png "Plazalympics" October 20, 2017 1044-018
KO takes part in Lakewood Plaza Turbo's annual Plazalympics competition.
20 20 Were Captured Titlecard.png "We're Captured" August 11, 2017 (online)

August 17, 2017 (TV)

Boxman captures KO, Enid and Rad but seems a little distracted.
21 21 Know Your Mom Titlecard.png "Know Your Mom" August 11, 2017 (online)

August 16, 2017 (TV)

KO wants to surprise Carol with a gift for Mother's Day, but doesn’t know what to get her.
22 22 Face Your Fears Titlecard.png "Face Your Fears" August 18, 2017 (online)

August 21, 2017 (TV)

Our heroes play an arcade game that makes them face their greatest fears.
23 23 Everybody Likes Rad Titlecard.png "Everybody Likes Rad?" August 18, 2017 (online)

August 22, 2017 (TV)

When Rad posts a video that goes viral, he tries to milk his 15 minutes of fame.
24 24 You Have to Care Titlecard.png "You Have to Care" August 18, 2017 (online)

August 23, 2017 (TV)

When an old friend of Enid's comes to town, she gets the opportunity to right an ancient wrong.
25 25 Plaza Prom Titlecard.png "Plaza Prom" August 18, 2017 (online)

August 24, 2017 (TV)

When Rad throws his own prom at the Plaza, KO tries to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
TKO Titlecard.png "T.K.O." September 4, 2017 1044-024
Searching for power, KO accepts the help of a mysterious figure. Our heroes band together to save the plaza from a new menace.

Season 1B

in series
in season
Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
28 28 Stop Attacking the Plaza Titlecard.png "Stop Attacking the Plaza" September 8, 2017 1044-028
Boxman must go 24 hours without attacking Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
29 29 Weve Got Fleas Titlecard.png "We've Got Fleas" September 15, 2017 1044-032
When Mikayla, a new animalistic robot, attacks, KO, Rad, and Enid have to think outside the box to defeat her.
30 30 One Last Score Titlecard.png "One Last Score" September 1, 2017 1044-037
KO decides to help Ginger recapture her glory days.
31 31 Second First Date Titlecard.png "Second First Date" September 1, 2017 1044-030
Love is in the air and Cupid arrives to resolve romantic tension around the plaza.
32 32 No More Pow Cards Titlecard.png "No More Pow Cards" September 22, 2017 1044-034
When KO realizes Pow Cards exclude his friend, he’s at a loss of what to do.
33 33 Let's Watch the Pilot Titlecard.png "Let's Watch the Pilot" December 1, 2017 (online)

February 19, 2018 (TV)

KO, Rad, and Enid look back at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo pilot.
34 34 A Hero's Fate Titlecard.png "A Hero's Fate" September 29, 2017 1044-029
When a long lost hero stumbles into Gar’s, KO agrees to help him complete his years long quest.
35 35 Glory Days Titlecard.png "Glory Days" October 13, 2017 1044-035
KO does a school report on Carol.
36 36 Parents Day Titlecard.png "Parents Day" October 2, 2017 (online)

October 27, 2017 (TV)

It’s Parents' Day at Lakewood Plaza Turbo!
37 37 Let's Have a Stakeout Titlecard.png "Let's Have a Stakeout" September 29, 2017 1044-040
KO joins Mr. Gar on a stakeout.
38 38 The Power Is Yours Titlecard.png "The Power Is Yours!" October 9, 2017 1044-031
A special hero helps Lakewood Plaza Turbo save the planet.
39 39 Rad Likes Robots Titlecard.png "Rad Likes Robots" October 6, 2017 1044-044
Rad finds love in an unexpected place.
40 40 KO's Video Channel Titlecard.png "KO's Video Channel" October 6, 2017 1044-041
Enid and Rad discover that KO has a video channel.
41 41 Villains Night Out Titlecard.png "Villains' Night Out" November 17, 2017 1044-042
Lord Boxman forces his way into an exclusive Villains party.
42 42 Villains Night In Titlecard.png "Villains' Night In" November 17, 2017 1044-046
While Lord Boxman and Venomous are out, Fink is reluctantly babysat by Darrell and Shannon.
43 43 Back in Red Action Titlecard.png "Back in Red Action" November 3, 2017 1044-043
Enid teams up with Red Action to take on a menace from the future.
44 44 OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.! Titlecard.png "OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.!" February 5, 2018 (online)

March 5, 2018 (TV)

Dendy fills in for KO at the bodega.
45 45 Let's Take a Moment Titlecard.png "Let's Take a Moment" November 10, 2017 1044-039
Mr. Gar and Carol fight a villain from their past.
46 46 RMS & Brandon's First Episode Titlecard.png "RMS & Brandon's First Episode" February 26, 2018 1044-047
A Real Magic Skeleton discovers a new job opportunity.
47 47 Mystery Science Fair 201X Titlecard.png "Mystery Science Fair 201X" February 5, 2018 (online)

February 19, 2018 (TV)

KO helps Dendy with her science fair project.
48 48 Let's Not Be Skeletons Titlecard.png "Let's Not Be Skeletons" February 26, 2018 (online)

March 12, 2018 (TV)

When a charismatic huckster shows up to the plaza, the product he's selling turns everything upside down.
49 49 Lad & Logic Titlecard.png "Lad & Logic" February 5, 2018 (online)

February 26, 2018 (TV)

KO learns the story of how Mr. Logic came to the plaza.
50 50 Action News Titlecard.png "Action News" February 26, 2018 (online)

March 12, 2018 (TV)

Dynamite Watkins has to go extreme lengths breaking a new story.
You're in Control Titlecard.png "You're in Control" April 6, 2018 1044-051
When Boxman deploys a new threat, KO must turn to an old enemy for help.


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