Rippy Roo was a hero and member of the organization P.O.I.N.T.. She was one of the three junior members of the team, along with Silver Spark and El-Bow

Physical Appearance

She is a small, teal kangaroo with long ears, a pointy snout, a long, thick tail, and a small pouch on her stomach. She wears red boxing gloves and have a mint tint on her eyes. Her current appearence almost remain the same, but with glasses.

She has been described by other characters (namely Laserblast) to be very cute.

In the present, she doesn’t have a drastic appearance change except with a pair of additional glasses. Her gloves remain red but are also attached with yellow cuffs.


Rippy Roo is optimistic and friendly. She's willing to work together with others to achieve a shared goal. She doesn't speak words that are clear to the listener, but everyone in her team is able to understand what she says.

Abilities and Powers

Rippy Roo has what appears to be a wormhole in her pouch. This pouch can hold an infinite amount of items. In "Glory Days", she was seen taking out many things, like a string soap and a mirror. She was also able to store Steamborg's boulders.

Being a kangaroo, she can jump high and move swiftly. Judging by her boxing gloves, she may also know boxing techniques.

Episode Appearances


  • Rippy Roo's speech pattern of "Ba ba ba's" resembles that of Blue from Blue's Clues.
  • The idea of Rippy Roo pulling helpful tools out of her magical pouch and storing things inside, as well as stretching the pouch, may have been inspired by Doraemon's 4D pocket and gadgets.
  • Rippy Roo resembles Ripper Roo from the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Both are blue-colored kangaroos and their names sound the same.
    • Rippy Roo more closely resembles Ripper Roo's design from Crash Nitro Kart 3D than the original Crash Bandicoot game.


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