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Speaker Dialogue
K.O. Ready...
Red Action packs.
Enid Aim...
Red Action Action.
Titlecard appears. Red Action zap chips to the stock.
K.O. Score!
Red Action zaps 3 chips to the stock.
Enid Thanks again for coming in to help stock selves, Red.
K.O. Yeah! It's nice yo have a helping hand cannon on Rad's day off.
K.O. eats chips and zap laser from his mouth.
K.O. Whoa-ho-ho!
Enid Mind topping off this end-cap display, Red?
Red Action On it.
K.O. write "K.O. Rulez" with his laser chips on the ceiling.
Enid Your hand cannon seems like it pulls a little to the right, Red.
Red Action chuckling.
Red Action Yeah. Remind me to aim to the left in the future.
Enid Heh... yeah. The future.
K.O. This chip is my new best chip.
Scene of a potato, slices into pieces, covered in lasers.
K.O. Thinly sliced neutral zone potatoes coated in two layers of premium laser goodness, guaranteed to zap your taste buds!
Enid You shouldn't get attached to those chips, K.O.. They're probably just a limited edition.
K.O. But they're so good!
K.O. hugs the bags of chips.
K.O. I love them.
K.O. shows Red Action a bag of chips.
K.O. Wait! Red Action, you're from the future. Did you ever see these chips there?
Red Action Let me see.
Red Action's belt beeping.
Red Action My Hue Troop Communicator?
Red Action opens her belt and communicator reveals Yellow Technique.
Red Action Yellow Technique?
Yellow Technique Red Action. This is an emergency.
Yellow Technique remove her mask.
Yellow Technique It's time for you to return to 301X. We are facing our greatest threat...
K.O. Enid, who's that?
Enid That's Yellow Technique from Red's old team, the Hue Troopers. Something must be up if she's calling all way from the future.
Yellow Technique So? You'll come back and fight?
Red Action Mm...I kind of got plans today.
Yellow Technique Plans!? What "plans" could possibly be more important than the ultimate battle for the universe?
K.O. and Enid The ultimate battle for the universe?
Enid We are so in.
K.O. Yeah!
Red Action How about it, Yellow? Can they come, too?
Yellow Technique scoffs.
Yellow Technique Of course not! If the people from the past learn too much about the future, it can completely change the timeline.
Yellow Technique puts her mask on.
Yellow Technique Just come, okay?
Yellow Technique comes to K.O. and Enid.
Yellow Technique Alone.
Yellow Technique close the communicator.
Enid Sounds pretty serious.
Red Action Yeah, but I'd hate to bail on our plans.
K.O. So don't...
Enid covers K.O.'s mouth.
Enid ...worry about us! Ha! We'll be fine. Hanging out here is fun and all, but this is probably more important. You should go.
Red Action Alright. If you insist.
Red Action opens the time capsule.
Red Action I'll be back before you know it.
Red Action comes to the time capsule, but comes back.
Red Action Oh, I'll find out if they still make Double Dip Laser Chips in the future, alright?
K.O. I sure hope so.
Enid Let's get back to shelving.
Enid is packing "Double Dip Laser Chips" in stock.
K.O. So, Enid, when do you think Red Action's gonna be back?
Enid It sounded like a big mission. I'm sure as long as we're patient everything gonna be...
Red Action is heard groaning.
Enid She' back!
K.O. and Enid comes to Red Action, lying down.
Enid Red?
Red Action groans.
Red Action Hey, guys.
Enid You're all beat up.
K.O. How was your super epic battle for the universe?
Red Action Pfft. "Epic"? More like stupid.
Red Action grabs the chips from Enid.
Red Action This war has been going on for months, and I hate it.
Red Action chewing the chips loudly.
Enid Months? You've already been in the future for months?
Red Action Mm-hmm. I can't believe I left the Hue Troop rope my dumb butt into this.
Blue Power Red Action! I better see that butt on the field in five or so help me, I'll drag it out myself.
Blue Power sees Enid.
Blue Power Oh! Hello, Enid.
Enid Hey, Blue Power. How's the troop?
Blue Power So kind of you to ask. Black and Green are...
A creature bites Blue Power's head.
Blue Power Oh!
Blue Power throws a creature to the Hue Troop to zap it.
Blue Power Hue Troop, eliminate!
Red Action Well, you heard her.
Enid Hey, I told you, it's cool. Go do your whole save-the-universe thing. I'm not even worried about it.
Red Action Really? Cool! I'll be back as soon as this is over with Laser Chips. It'll be great.
Enid sighs.
K.O. Don't worry, Enid. I'm sure she'll find the chips soon.
Enid I'm not worried about the chips, K.O. I... I'm worried that, like... what if while Red is off fighting this battle for the universe, she grows up and forgets all about... you know, us?
K.O. Then why did you tell her to go?
Enid I was afraid that if I got in the way of her time travel stuff, she wouldn't hang out with us... just like she isn't now.
Enid facepalm.
Enid Ahh!
Enid sighs.
Enid I should have just been honest, huh?
K.O. nodding.
Red Action Oh, thank Cob! I hoping I left this blaster here!
Red Action grabs a gun.
Red Action It's been a crazy couple of years. We'll talk soon.
K.O. Now is your chance, Enid!
Enid R-Red! Wait up!
Red Action "Since when"? Look around, Enid. I hope you're trying to help, but this war is the Hue Troop's responsibility, not yours.
Red Action activated the time capsule to open the year 201X.
Red Action Go back to 201X.
Enid You're kicking me out? Wait, Red, I actually came all this way to tell you I...
Red Action Tell me what?!
Enid gasps, sighs.
Enid Nothing. I guess I'm not cool enough to hang with all-important Hue Troop anymore. Oh well. Later, jerks.
Enid comes back to the present while K.O. packing chips, he sees her comes back.
K.O. Enid! How'd it go with Red Action?
Enid I call her a jerk, K.O.
K.O. What?! I-I-I thought you want her to come back.
Enid I do! But... a lot stuff happened, okay? I-I couldn't think straight.
Enid sighs.
Enid And now she'll probably never want to see me again.
K.O. Oh... whipple dip dip.
K.O. sighs.
K.O. I'm gonna miss those chips.
Time capsule warbles open. K.O. gasps.
K.O. Enid! Look!
Enid Wha...
The time capsule shows a person, revealing the older Red Action in the future.
K.O. Whoa!
Older Red Action opens her eyes. Enid blushing.
Enid R-Red Action?
Older Red Action Enid!
Older Red Action comes to Enid, picking her up.
Older Red Action I'm so happy to see you! Oh, man.
Older Red Action puts Enid down.
Older Red Action Remember when I shot you at that giant borg and we totally wrecked it? It turns out their weakness was organic matter all along. Like, I can't believe none of us ever tried punching or kicking those things until then. We were able to save the universe because of you, Enid. It... kind of took a decade or so, obviously, but look at all these medals I got!
Older Red Action shows her medals to Enid.
Older Red Action I got this one for destroying 10,000 borgs in 0.2 seconds, and I got this one for protecting 20,000 civilians in 0.1 second, and I don't remember what this one means, but it looks cool as heck.
Enid That's amazing, Red. You really went off and had this whole life... and... and stuff.
Older Red Action laughing.
Older Red Action Yeah.
Older Red Action sees Enid sad.
Older Red Action I'm sorry it took me so long to come visit. After I kicked you out of the future like that, it just... it never felt like the right time. Forgive me?
Enid Actually, I owe you an apology, too, Red. Everything you've done in the future is incredible, but I-I wish you'd stayed here, in the present. Every time I tried to tell you, though, I-I chickened out. I didn't want you to feel like I was some annoying, clingy nerd.
Older Red Action Oh, Enid.
Enid But now I know that wasn't fair to either of us. Maybe if I'd been honest before you left, we could have been together for years. But, hey, I'm grateful for the time we did have, you know?
Older Red Action Me too. I'm glad I got to see you guys... one last time.
Enid Oh, yeah. You should get going, huh? I bet you got a bunch more future battles to win and stuff.
Older Red Action Yeah, I got to do some war hero junk at, like, Space Congress. Thanks for the fun times, Enid. Thank you, too, K.O., for uh... being here.
K.O. I'm always here.
Older Red Action Well, see ya.
Older Red Action is leaving, the time capsules closes.
Enid Uh... M... Mm...
Enid sighs.
Red Action Psych!
Enid and K.O. shocked to sees Red Action, Enid turns around to see her.
Enid Red?
Enid laughing, comes to Red Action, hug her.
Enid You came back!
Red Action I never left.
Enid Wait, what? I thought you were gone for good. And, like, way older.
Red Action Nahhh. I totally changed that timeline.
Red Action's flashback as she is told by her future self.
Red Action My future self dropped by earlier and told me how I was gonna win the ultimate battle for the universe, but I should wait 'til I'm older to go back to the future. I guess she always wished she'd spent her youth here before going full war hero. So, I did her a solid and changed her past by staying in 201X. In fact, you were there the whole time.
Enid I guess I remember that now.
K.O. Me too. So, all that stuff today happened and didn't happened? I got new shoes!
Red Action Cool, right?
Enid This time stuff's weird.
K.O. I don't know. I feel pretty good about it.
Red Action Oh, yeah. My future self told me one more thing before she left. Turns out they will eventually stop making Double Dip Laser Chips...
K.O. gets sad.
Red Action Because they'll start making Triple Dip Laser Chips!
K.O. Yes!
K.O. chomping "Triple Dip Laser Chips".
Enid Huh. I guess some things actually do get better with time.
Red Action I guess... if you're a nerd.
Red Action chomps chips.
Red Action Psych.
Enid and Red Action laughing. The episode ends.

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