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Ohh, I’m the extraterrestrial, emphasis on extra. My skin is blue because I come from Planet X, bruh.

—"You Are Rad"
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Radicles X[4] is the main deuteragonist in the OK K.O.! series. He's an alien from Planet X and works as an employee at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega alongside K.O. and Enid.

Physical Appearance

Radicles is a bit taller than Enid. He has a very bulky and muscular build (contrasting his psychic abilities), turquoise skin, rounded green hair, pointed ears, sharp teeth, light yellow scleras, and antennae. He wears light pink pants, black heeled boots, and a sleeveless blue crop top with the bottom edges torn.

In "A Hero's Fate", he wears red swimming shorts with white stripes on the bottom.

In the episode "We've Got Fleas", he is transformed into a Were-Cat. He has blue fur, no shirt or shoes, and wears a red collar with a bell around his neck. He also loses his characteristic antennae and pointy ears.

Since "We Are Heroes", when the trio are on their hero missions, he is wearing silver metal wristbands, a black sleeveless jumpsuit, pink boots, and his usual blue crop top also.


Radicles is shown to be a slacker, as he is seen sleeping on the job and moments later, deciding to take a break in "Lakewood Plaza Turbo". He also appears to be boastful, as shown in "Let's Be Heroes", where he brags to KO about his strength as soon as he meets him.

Even before getting his bulky physique, Rad was very cocky among the others. Because of this personality, he ruined his date with Enid years ago, and he showed off that he was super strong to Mr. Gar when he went to his first work day at Gar's Bodega. In "Do You Have Any More in the Back?", he meant to know everything only to impress K.O. and not be dismissed by Enid.

Despite his "One-Dimensional Jock" persona, as shown in "You Are Rad", deep down he is shown to be very sensitive. He has a deep affection for kittens, regularly baby-sits children, does yoga, and knits. Ultimately, he feels he's not ready to share these feelings with others and hides behind his over-the-top obnoxious persona. In "Face Your Fears", Rad's worst fear is indeed showing his true emotions and feelings.

He often shows off his special move as if it takes no effort. He is shown to look up to Mr. Gar, as he texted K.O. in the pilot about Mr. Gar being "really cool".

Abilities and Powers

Rad started out with a power level of 2 when K.O. first met him, but leveled up to 3 in the episode Dendy's Power (as did K.O.) and has been equal in power level to K.O. ever since. Both Rad and K.O. leveled up to 4 after the events of Dark Plaza. His power can be slowed down by his conceited attitude and by not studying what he's confronting well, using only his levitational powers and raw strength.

Physical Strength

Before getting his job in Gar's Bodega, Rad lacked strength. He was no match for Shannon when he first confronted her in his first work day. After Gar motivated him to use his powers freely, Rad became very strong. Now he's able to lift many heavy boxes with little effort using his telekinesis. He is presumably a great hand-to-hand fighter due to all the times he had been forced to fight Boxman's robots.

His endurance is a little doubtful, however. In "T.K.O." he was easily defeated by Turbo K.O. after the latter sent him to the orbit of the planet with a single punch, although after returning to the plaza, he could resist a little to hold back Turbo K.O. with his levitation beam. In "We Got Hacked" he suffered a strain on both of his ankles and arms while trying to escape from the glitches.

Levitation Skills

A demonstration of Rad performing a power poke.

As shown in many episodes, Radicles possesses the power to levitate objects and living things, including himself. He can do it with a purple beam that he can summon through one of his fingers or via mind controlling, like in "Just Be a Pebble" where he was able to levitate many burritos only using his mind. This makes his power look like telekinesis, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

According to what he said in "Legends of Mr. Gar", this power seems to come from heritage, as he said that in his family everybody can do it.

The levitation beam seems to affect Rad's physical strength, as when he first used it he had difficult to lift heavy things. When something or someone is trapped by his power, it is surrounded by a purple glow and it's impossible to get free unless Rad loses his concentration. However, Turbo K.O. proves that it can be possible if the person has a bigger strength, as he could break the glow using his anger.

Power Move

Rad's special move is the Power Poke. The Power Poke forms the shape of a pointing hand and has the ability to push people with considerable force, enough to blast K.O. into the sky. It was only seen in the pilot episode so far.

Miscellaneous Skills

We Messed Up (76).png

As shown in the episode "We Messed Up", Rad can shoot different beams from his fingers, depending on what finger he's using.

  • Laser: He can shoot laser beams through his index finger. The lasers can destroy anything they touch, like Carol's photo.
  • Freeze: It appears he can shoot freeze beams through his middle finger.
  • Marriage: The ring finger.
  • Boogers: The pinkie which he apparently uses to pick his nose.

In "Plaza Prom", Rad proves to be an excellent dancer, defeating Raymond in a dance battle.



Were-cat Rad.png

In the episode "We've Got Fleas" Rad is turned into a were-cat after being bit by Crinkly Wrinkly. He became a cat because, according to himself, he's so clean (but it could really be because of his sensitive and loving feelings). Getting this form, Rad obtains cat-like abilities and particularities, like doing high jumps and getting curiosity. His strength and speed are assumed to increase as well. He can deliver a special move called Cat Scratch Fever, which is a powerful scratch delivered with his claws.

Turbo Rad (Trad)

Turbo Rad.png

In the episode "Let's Fight to the End", Rad turns turbo after receiving an orb from Fink and inserting it into a cuff around his neck. He remains a protagonist even with his amped-up powers and uses them to try to defeat T.K.O. along with the help of Turbo Enid (Tenid). In this form, his hair changes from an afro to locs and he wears almost the exact same outfit excluding his tights, which have changed from pink to black. His accessories include five spiked collars, eye shadow, ear piercings and dark purple boots.


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Rad's coworker and best friend, they share a close friendship that can be rocky, tense, and sometimes even at odds, but they truly care about each other. Enid typically keeps Rad's ego and buffoonery in check while he typically gets on her nerves.


Rad and K.O. share a close friendship akin to big brother and little brother. K.O. idolizes Rad (and Enid) but initially believed every boast Rad made about himself until he wised up to Rad's ego and saw him in a less flattering light. Even so, they're close friends and enjoy each other's company.

Mr. Gar

Mr. Gar is Rad's employer, who he respects and looks up to in his own way. He listens to Mr. Gar and does whatever he says during work hours diligently.

Episode Appearances


  • When asked about his sexual orientation, Toby Jones stated that Rad is fluid on his sexuality and understands about himself.[5]
    • According to his voice actor Ian Jones-Quartey, Rad and Raymond are mutually attracted to each other, finding each other "hot and handsome".[6] He's also said they were supposed to develop into a rival-pairing, with "Project Ray Way" being the intended kickoff.[7]
  • Rad's power poke resembles the Finger Beam technique from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Rad's Levitation Beam sounds just like Cartoon Network's logo from 1996.
    • The "trumpet blast" sound, created by Hanna-Barbera's original sound director Hoyt Curtain, was used in a number of their cartoons such as Winsome Witch's magic sounds and Jet Screamer's introduction fanfare.[8]
  • Rad bears a resemblance to Piccolo, a character in the Dragon Ball series, due to his green skin, antennae and pointy ears. It's unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • His original name was "Radimus"[9] in the original pitch for "Lakewood Plaza Turbo."
  • Rad claims to have never been wrong in his entire life, although there is speculation.
  • In "Second First Date", It is revealed that he and Enid have had a love interest for each other in their childhood, which Enid does not like to remember, but he has no problem with that.
  • According to Enid, in "Let's Watch The Boxmore Show", he still has a crush on Shannon.
  • According to K.O. in "KO's Video Channel", Rad likes attention.
  • His voice was inspired by the series's creator, Ian Jones-Quartey's older brother when he was a kid.[10]
  • Eric Bauza was Ian's first choice for the voice of Rad.[11]
  • Rad was a "Special Guest Star" in the Mighty Magiswords series finale, "Let's Team Up Because We Aren't Bad Friends" when Prohyas used the Legendary Wormhole Magisword bring Rad to their show.[12]
  • In the Swedish dub, Rad's full name was changed to Radman.
  • Rad is the only half nerd and half jock on Planet X.
  • Rad's last name is "X".[13]


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