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[The episode starts off with titlecard displayed and red curtains]

Rad: Two crews, both alike in power level.

Shannon: In fair neutral zone, where we lay our scene.

Rad: From lame grudges break to new relationships.

Shannon: Where robots kissing makes alien lips unclean.

[Backdrop pulls up and curtains open to a rainy scenery]

Shannon: [Jumps on Rad] Aah!

Enid: Rad! [Dodges from Raymond and fights]

K.O.: Enid! [Dodges from Darrell] Guys, I need help! And my hair keeps falling in my face!

[Darrell punches K.O.]

Enid: Of course these jerks would choose to attack in the middle of a thunderstorm! [Raymond slips off from her] Aah!

Raymond: [Kicks Enid] Yeah.

Shannon: You look a little… under the weather. Let me get you… a blanket! [Wraps around Rad] Now that you’re tucked in, I’d better put you to sleep! [Rad gasps for air] Not feeling snuggly, eh? Well, how about a change of forecast?! [Transforms to a tornado]

Raymond: Beautiful form, sister!

Darrell: Nice one, Shannon! [K.O. steps mud on Darrell’s face]

Shannon: Ahh. [K.O. throws a punch to her, knocking to a tree] Dah!

Rad: Thanks, bud!

Shannon: Ahh. I’m gonna get you, you little brat!

[Thunder zaps Shannon, rendering her weakened and lands on the ground. The power source changes]

Shannon: Huh? Huh?

[K.O., Rad, Enid continues to battle Darrell and Raymond]

Shannon: Oh, my gosh!

[Raymond prepares to shoot Rad, however Shannon pushes him off]

Rad: Wha—[Shannon is on top of him] Huh? Sh-Shannon? Did you just… save me?

Shannon: Oh. I… I guess I did.

Rad: Why?

Shannon: I— I don’t know. I never noticed how good you were at punching stuff.

[Rad’s heart groans and beats intensifies]

Rad: Shannon, I— You’re pretty good at punching stuff yourself.

Shannon: Thank you.

[K.O. and Enid grabs Rad while Raymond and Darrell grabs Shannon]

Enid: What’s wrong with your robot?!

Darrell: What’s wrong with your… boy?!

Enid: I don’t know. [Whispers to Rad] Rad, what’s wrong with you?

Rad: Nothin’!

Darrell: Okay. Well, this is weird, and we’re gonna leave.

Enid: Right. Let’s just… go and figure this out, separately, in our own areas.

[They all take a step back to their respective locations]

Darrell: Agreed. We’ll finish this after.

[Rad and Shannon waves to each other. Rad sighs happily with hearts coming out. Enid pushes him away]

Rad: Oh, Shannon, you’re the punch to my gut, the kick to my head, the blade to my sword handle. [Leans over a Shannon cans display. Drinks a soda and burps. Enid blasts the Shannon cans display. Rad lies in the ground with a heart-shaped orange soda spill]

Enid: All right, it’s been two seconds and I’m already gonna barf. [Sighs] Normally, I’d wait this one out, but Shannon is literally evil, dude, remember? She could crush you. Like in every sense of the word. It just don’t work out between good and evil.

K.O.: [Comes with a mop and bucket] Enid’s right, Rad. I don’t mean to robo-shame you, [Mops] but I’d hate to see you get your heart broken. It could all be a dirty trick.

Rad: [Grabs K.O.’s shirt] It’s not a trick, K.O.! I know it! This is the realest thing I’ve ever felt! I mean, what would you know about love anyway? The electric kind of love. I thought you two, of all people, would be on my side. But i guess you just don’t understand what it’s like to hold someone so beautiful… closely in your arms as they say…

Shannon: [Her eyes heartbeats] Oh, Rad! [Raymond and Darrell are sitting on the couch] How I long for your warm, fleshy arms wrapped around my cold, artificial exterior!

Darrell: This is getting kinda outta hand, don’t you think?

Raymond: Yes. It’s quite worrisome.

Darrell: Let’s try talking to her. Hey, Shannon! Don’t you think we should get back to fightin’ those lame goody two shoes?

Shannon: No! I just want to smooch! [Makes kissing noises]

Darrell: But! But! You know you can’t just go around with a Hero! He represents everything we’re against!

Raymond: If Father found out [scoffs] he’d discontinue you!

Darrell: Plus, this… feeling you have, [Opens Shannon’s head] it’s not even real. [Gets out wires] Look! Your circuits are fried! Eww! But not to worry! Just reboot yourself into a new body, and you’ll be back to normal. [Shows his reboot button] I do it all the time for funsies! [Pushes his reboot button and blows up] [Regenerates] See?!

Raymond: [Explodes and regenerates] Yeah.

Shannon: [Grabs Darrell’s mouth and Raymond’s nose] Noooo! How dare you try and tell me what’s real! I like these new feelings, okay?! I don’t want to reboot! Why can’t you be happy for me?! [Shannon pushes Raymond and Darrell away and crushed through the roof]

Darrell: Oh, man. We were only trying to help.

Raymond: She just doesn’t seem to realize that love must only be granted when certain expectations are met.

Darrell: Right? It’s like she learned nothing from Daddy!

[Shannon is in her room looking out the windows. Rad is at the plaza looking out the window as well]

Shannon: My arch-enemy’s heart. Is crying to the moon. [Rad’s face is depicted on the moon] I should fight and destroy him. But I can’t help but swoon.

Rad: [Exits the Bodega] I am a good guy, you’re a bad one. I know that’s your role. To my surprise, I see that you’ve been. [Shannon’s face is depicted on the moon as well] Programmed with a soul.

Shannon: And though my circuits tell me. To smash your head in with a mace. [Falls to the ground] All I can think about is kissing your faaaaaace!

Rad and Shannon: We’re star-crossed lovers. And we should be apart. But no more punches from us. Only tender, loving hearts. [Hold hands] [Kiss and hug]

Shannon: Oh, Rad! Your singing voice is gorgeous.

Rad: Yours, too. But how are we ever going to be together if no one can accept our love for each other?

Shannon: [Gasps] We run away together! It’s the only way.

Rad: You’re right. It’s the only way.

Shannon: Pack all your things and meet me here at sunrise. [The crosswalk sign changes] [They both gasp] Meet me here at sunrise!

[They both run to their location as they wave back]

Rad: Okay, I love you, bye.

Shannon: Bye.

[The scene pans to Darrell and Raymond viewing them on a monitor]

Darrell: Yikes.

Raymond: Yikes, indeed.

Darrell: They’re really serious about this, aren’t they? We gotta do something!

Raymond: Agreed. We can’t let Father get wind of this, or we’ll never see Shannon again!

Darrell: But how?! [Turns his ankle around]

Raymond: There’s only one way, brother. Destroy that which she desires most.

[The sun rises. Rad is in his van with his boxes packed up. He parks near Boxmore and gets out of the car]

Rad: Shannon! My darling!

[The Shannon silhouette turns out to be Darrell and Raymond]

Darrell and Raymond: Guess again, Hero!

Rad: Aah! What do y’all want?

Darrell: What we want is for you to lay your too-good hands off our sister!

Raymond: That is your first and final warning!

Rad: Never! I’d rather not beat up my beloved’s brothers, but I will if I have to! In the name of lo— [Gets blasted and hits his van]

Raymond: [Laughs, points his blast cannon] I did say I wouldn’t warn you again.

Shannon: [Has a suitcase and a bindle] Excuse you? [Points to Raymond] Like, what are you doing with your blast cannon in my man’s face?

Darrell: You know exactly what, Shannon! [Snaps fingers]

Raymond: Enough is enough, sister. Just reboot and this will all be over, and you’ll feel no remorse about it.

Shannon: Ugh! All this just to get me to reboot? Uh… [Sees Rad unconscious] Fine. If that’s what you want. Just don’t touch him! [Hugs Rad] Goodbye, Rad! You were my one and only… [Rad wakes up and Shannon walks behind Boxmore] Blowholes! [Reboots herself]

Rad: [Sees a piece of Shannon’s arm] No. Noooooooooo!!!

K.O.: Ugh.

Enid: [Opening the Bodega with the key but hears Rad’s scream] Rad?

Raymond: Huh. That honestly went much smoother than planned.

Darrell: Yeah. I guess we’re… done here. Let’s meet up with regular Shannon inside.

Raymond: Looks like you get to live another day, for now.

Darrell: Have fun wallowing in your own misery!

Raymond and Darrell: See yaaaaa! [Launch back to Boxmore]

Enid: What the…? Rad? [Sees Rad upset] Rad!

K.O.: Rad.

Enid: Rad, are you okay? Aw, Rad, I didn’t realize how much you… I’m sorry.

Rad: You’re wrong. I didn’t love her. She’s just one of Boxman’s crummy robo-minions. You can’t love a cold, heartless piece of metal. [Crushes the piece of Shannon’s arm]

Enid: Rad, it’s okay. You don’t have to—

Rad: Isn’t this just what you wanted, Enid? Good and evil never works out. [Walks out] [Throws Shannon’s arm] Stinkin’ hunk of junk!

Shannon: [It was revealed that Shannon was hiding behind the Boxmore sign next to a trash of “decoy Shannon parts crying] Aah! [Her love energy dies out] Hmm. [Reboots herself and regenerates again]

Raymond: [Gasps] Shannon!

Darrell: [Playing cars] You’re back! Do you still… love Rad?

Shannon: Love… Rad?! Eww, that’s disgusting. Robots don’t love. Robots destroy Lakewood losers!

[Darrell and Raymond laugh. Next scene shows Rad eating ice cream and “Beefy Powder” at the Bodega. A siren is heard. He, K.O., and Enid are out of the Bodega. A Boxmore box drops down and opens]

Darrell: Hey, Lakewood losers!

Raymond: Ready for a rematch?

Shannon: Hey, Rad, I’m back to normal, and I hate you! So, we’re gonna fight!

Rad: No, Shannon. I won’t fight you.

[Enid and K.O. step out while Shannon fights Rad]

Shannon: Aaaaah!

[K.O. and Enid looks at them]

K.O.: Umm…

[Darrell and Raymond also look at them]

Raymond: Good heavens.

[Shannon is on top of Rad]

Rad: I said I won’t!

Shannon: Fight me! Fight me! [Gets a blade] Fight me, you…!

Rad: [Fights Shannon. Splits her body from her head. He grabs the Shannon head. Curtains close] Alas, poor Shannon, the lips I dreamt kissed were not as strong as the robo-fist. For this alien and this robot, a tale of love come to naught.

Shannon: Oh, barf.

[The episode ends]

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