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Speaker Dialogue
(The short starts off with K.O. handing Rad stuff to put on the shelf.)
K.O. Hey, Rad. Um, what’s it like being you?
Rad That’s a pretty personal question, squirt. Which I’d be totally stoked to answer! I’ve got crazy, alien beam-style powers. Pa-pew! (Lasers a mountain to make a sculpture of himself) And the physique of a god. (Flexes his arm) And most importantly— a handsome speaking voice.
K.O. Gosh, Rad. You must be like the strongest guy ever.
Rad Yeah, bro. But it’s pretty easy when you got… [Puts on sunglasses] Baditude.
K.O. Oh, wowie! I’ve got like a bamillion questions.
Rad Let’s try one question.
K.O. Is it ever okay to cry?
Rad No.
K.O. But, well, then, how come I saw you crying yesterday?
Rad What?!
K.O. You know, crying— [Pulls his eyelids] where liquid sadness comes gushing out of your eyeballs?
Rad That is an amazing description of crying, a thing I never do.
K.O. But you were crying at this video.
Rad (Grabs K.O.’s phone) No! (Swallows the phone, grabs K.O., and drops him)
Enid Hey! I like videos. Can I see?
Rad Uh, well…
K.O. (Puts his hand in Rad’s stomach to get his phone) Got it! (Hands his phone to Enid)
Enid Now, let me see.
Rad (Takes the phone from Enid) Give me that! (Sees a video of a dog on a skateboard and olding his tears)
Enid Run!
Rad cries while K.O. and Enid are behind a plastic sheet.
K.O. Liquid sadness!
Rad It’s not liquid sadness, you little twerp! It’s just that that puppy is so—
K.O. Innocent?
Rad No.
Enid Reminds you of your wasted youth?
Rad Dude, stop! I’m so overwhelmed with respect for that little pup. And, like, you could bro out with him for days and days and never really be bro’d out!
Enid Rad, you don’t have to hide how you—
Dog (Enters the Bodega) What’s up, bros?! Who’s ready to totally chill and bro out like there’s no bromorrow?!
Rad Me!
Dog Let’s rock and broll! (Rad hops on his skateboard)
They crash in the ceiling.
Rad Yeah!
Enid and K.O. are in a state of confusion. THE END

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