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Speaker Dialogue
(Open int. Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega.)
K.O. Hey it's me, KO! Meet my greatest great friend Raidecles- I, uh, mean Radicles. Hey Rad, what's the situation?
Radicles I'm putting these cans up on the top shelf. (Dramatically) Food can place on shelf!
(Radicles slightly pushes the can on the shelf.)
KO How do you even do that?
Radicles If you power-up enough, everything gets super snazzy!
KO Rad you gotta do a super huge power-up!
Radicles Na, c'mon!
KO Please?
Radicles No.
KO Please?
Radicles No.
KO (Lays on the floor) Please?
(Radicles sighs and picks up KO.)
Radicles Next time we're out fighting a giant robot or something, you'll see the baddest power-up ever!
(The store starts shaking, so while Enid is stacking cans, the cans fall over, and this angers her. Afterwards, KO, Radicles, & Enid head outside to check out what's going on.)
KO, Radicles, Enid Darrell!
Darrell (Inside of a robot that resembles his head) That's right! Now you got to deal with my Me-Shaped-Store-Stopping giant robot!
KO This is perfect! Rad, are you going to do a super cool power-up now?
Radicles Step aside, buddy, here comes the snazz! (Pushes KO to the side)
KO (Impressed) Ah!
Radicles You picked the wrong day to attack, Darrell!
Darrell (Intrigued) Why's that?
Radicles 'Cause I'm about to push myself to the limit!
(When Radicles starts to power-up, a pinkish flame surrounds him.)
Radicles Ohhhhhhh! I can feel the energy coursing through me!
KO Wow!
(Radicles continues to power-up.)
Darrell Whatever. (Darrell's robot jumps up in the air and the arm of it aims a punch at KO, Enid, and Radicles) Taste metal, you bozos! (The punch leaves an indent in the ground. KO and the others are no where in sight) Eh?
Enid (From behind the ground rubble with KO) KO, what is Rad doing?
(Radicles is still trying power-up, he moves up and down and starts punching.)
KO He said he would do a cool power-up for me, (Squishes Enid's face) but this is too much!
Darrell (From behind KO and Enid) Oh, there you are! (He manages to grab Enid and KO with this robot's hands) Hahahaha!
Enid (To KO) You got to get Rad to stop!
(Darrell slams Enid and KO's faces together.)
KO Rad, you don't gotta do this!
Radicles (Still powering-up) But the snazz!
KO No Rad, I like you the way you are! (Close up of KO's mouth) You're beautiful!
Radicles (The flames around him disappear and he blushes) Huh?
(A big pink beam blasts out of Radicles and hits Darrell's robot. All but the arms are blasted away.)
Darrell Aw, toots.
KO Wow! Snazzy blushing, Rad.
Radicles What? No, that wasn't blushing, it was my new attack, uh-
KO You're beautiful.
(Radicles starts blushing again.)
Enid KO, no! Sto-
(Enid's sentence is cut off by the explosion Radicles causes.) [THE END]

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