"Rad's Rap" is a song sang by Rad in the episode, "You Are Rad."


Ohh, I'm the extra terrestrial, emphasis on extra
My skin is blue because I come from Planet X, bruh.
If you step to this, you gonna get creamed
If you outta line, you gonna get laser beamed.
Arms ripped, afro poofy
Ears tipped, you goofy.
Liftin' and pumpin' and crushin' the weights, don't be surprised when I thrash you
Movin' and settin' and stackin' the crates, and you ain't nothin' but trash, do.
You lookin' foolish
You ain't the real me.
I am the true Rad
I know you feel me
He is Radicles
Ain't nobody ever wanna mess with me.
I said he is Radicles
I ain't got time for no identity thief.



  • Prior to his involvement in Cartoon Network shows, Ian Jones-Quartey was most well known for being one half of the comedy rap duo nockFORCE. Both Ian and Jim Gisriel, the other member of the group, referenced Ian's rap career on Twitter in response to Rad's Rap.

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