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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts at Mr. Gar's bodega. K.O. swabs the floor and Enid, who is bored, playing with the cash register. The clock strikes a minute before noon with an alarming sound.
Enid Break time!
K.O. joins Enid
K.O. and Enid Break time! Break time! Break time! Break time!
K.O. and Enid head to the storage room chanting "break time". Rad is putting some boxes until K.O. and Enid startle him
K.O. and Enid Break time, Rad!
Rad Wah! *the box falls onto Rad's head* Ow.
Titlecard appears.
K.O. A really big toot?
Enid Man, I was getting really hyped for Ernesto.
Enid coughing.
K.O. Me too.
K.O. coughing.
Rad Whoa, guys, what's with all the…
Rad coughing.
Rad …coughing?
Professor Venomous' car engines revs.
Fink Like poison ivy breaking through the cracks!
Professor Venomous The noxious bite of a cornered snake.
Fink We are the poison.
Professor Venomous That course through BoxMore!
Professor Venomous and Fink Venomous and Fink.
Professor Venomous drives to the Gar's, the window opens.
Fink Hey, plaza jerks!
Professor Venomous I see you three are enjoying the special treat I prepared in my lab.
K.O. and Enid coughing.
K.O. More like special toot! That weird purple stuff did this to us, didn't it?
Professor Venomous Oh you're quick on the uptake, K.O. But rather than worrying about it did to you… you should be wondering what you'll do about him.
Enid coughing.
Enid Don't talk to him, K.O. He's just saying a bunch of random junk to confuse us.
Professor Venomous and Fink laughing.
Professor Venomous That's the ideaaaa.
Pird I've never once washed my hands because I don't know how! Can you show me how to wash my hands?
K.O. and Enid Ernesto!
K.O. and Enid clapping their hands, K.O. laughing.
K.O. Man! We never get to see Ernesto!
Enid Yeah, he usually only comes once a season!
Ernesto Thank you, guys! But I'm not just regular Ernesto! Professor Venomous was kind enough to give me some...
Ernesto's eye pops out to show tentacles.
Ernesto Upgrades.
Ernesto's eye rolls to K.O. and Enid, both chuckle nervously. Ernesto's both arms falls off to show tentacles.

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