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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with K.O., Enid, and Rad fighting Darrell
Darrell I’m gonna make you regret ever being born!
K.O. Never! I love being born!
A Real Magic Skeleton is on his phone and Brandon watches and eats pretzels. Then the titlecard appears
A Real Magic Skeleton Stop chewing so loud. I’m not gonna be able to edit that out.
Brandon Ahh!
Brandon chew the pretzel.
A Real Magic Skeleton Come on, dude. I can’t focus when I’m laughing.
Brandon Shaky cam!
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon laughs. Darrell was about to punch Rad while K.O. stops him.
K.O. Agh!
K.O. waves to A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon.
K.O. Hey Brandon. Hey, A Real Magic Skeleton.
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon [Waves] Hey, K.O..
Enid power kicks Darrell, Rad punches him and K.O. punches him. A flying Darrell head flies to Boxmore and crashes the roof.
Darrell I’ll be back later with my terrible siblings!
Brandon Nice.
A Real Magic Skeleton Back to the store?
Brandon Lead the way, brother.
[Scene cuts to the iFrame Outlet. Brandon plays around a display case and A Real Magic Skeleton dusts the register]
Singer Frame your picture!
Brandon Whoo! Almost done with this. Let the weekend begin!
A Real Magic Skeleton Uh, it’s Tuesday, my dude.
Brandon Oh! Oh. [A Real Magic Skeleton breaks the case to free Brandon’s hands] Oh. Oh.
[A Real Magic Skeleton groans]
Mr. iFrame [Whistling] A-hemp-hemp-hemp!
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Boss?
Mr. iFrame Boys! I sense a disturbing presence drawing near with a very important task. Beware, my trusty aides! At any moment, it could reveal itself!
[Mad Sam drives his motorcycle through Brandon’s picture]
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Yipe! M-M-Mad Sam!
Mr. iFrame All right, you’ve got this one, boys. Toodle-oo! [Leaves]
Mad Sam I heard you two was the best framers in the business. [Grabs A Real Magic Skeleton’s and Brandon’s legs to show them his helmet] You see this?
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Mm-hmm!
Mad Sam [Sets his helmet on the counter and smashes A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon to the wall] I want it framed! And if it ain’t perfect, I’ll destroy this place! [Steps on the counter] And I’ll destroy you! [Hops back to his motorcycle] See ya later! [Leaves]
A Real Magic Skeleton [Sighs] Here we are again, fearing for our lives, framing— [Grabs the helmet] gah— junk. I like hanging out with you all the time, but don’t you ever feel… trapped?
Brandon Speak for yourself! Despite the couple wackos, this place rules! Plus, it’s like the easiest job in the world!
A Real Magic Skeleton Is it, though?
Brandon Yeah! Everything’s easy with you around! Now, let’s get to work… after I take a nap.
A Real Magic Skeleton Huh? [Brandon hops on the counter with newspapers to nap] Now? [Brandon snores] But we gotta frame Mad Sam’s helmet! I just don’t get paid enough for any of this! Look at him… so peaceful. Not a care in the world. Must be nice to be so willfully complacent. Huh?
[Newsprint reads "Looking 4 Bigger and Better Things?" Zooms in to "Coffee Shop Looking 4 Barista Apply Now!!!!!" Zooms in another text]
A Real Magic Skeleton "25 more pennies an hour"? This could be just what I need to get out of this funk. Watching Brandon sleep can be fun sometimes, but maybe it’s time for me to move up in the world! Sorry, Brandon, but I’ve gotta get that job! [Cuts to A Real Magic Skeleton filling a resume] Well, let’s see. Special skills. Uh… Framing proficien—Ugh, no, that’s dumb. Does magic count as a special skill? [A clang sound is heard] Maybe I should— [Another clang sound is heard] Wha— [Purple flames] Ooh, my geez, why?! What are you doing?!
Brandon I’m trying to get Mad Sam’s helmet in this display case. [Slams the helmet]
A Real Magic Skeleton Ugh! [Brandon slams again] You’re driving me nuts! Brandon, my dude, I love you, but I’m so glad I’m applying for a new job.
Brandon New job?!
A Real Magic Skeleton Yep! And with the extra 25 pennies a week, it’ll only take me, like… 2,000 years to become a millionaire! And once I have that much money, I’ll be able to do the things I always dreamed of. [Dreams of buying a steak with bone]
Employer Here ya go.
A Real Magic Skeleton [Gets his order and places a bill in the tips jar] Ahh!
Brandon So you’re just gonna turn your back on all the cool stuff we do here? Like when we duct-taped each other to the walls? Or that time I took all your bones and hid them around the store.
A Real Magic Skeleton I didn’t like when you did that! I need my bones.
Brandon Well, what about the time we thought we were level 100 and fought big Darrell. [Imagines fighting big Darrell]
A Real Magic Skeleton That was K.O.
Brandon Okay, well, still… our jobs are great! Think about how sweet our future will be, working here together, forever. [Echos] Forever… forever… forever.
[Imagines Crinkly Wrinkly burying Brandon and him in the store]
Crinkly Wrinkly & Brandon Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
A Real Magic Skeleton [shudders] [He checks his phone to see Drupe messaging him] Mm. Come on. Drupe picked up some sour candy.
Brandon Oh, whoo! Whoo, whoo, whoo!
[Scene cuts to Drupe at the alley]
Brandon Hey, Drupe!
A Real Magic Skeleton Hi.
Drupe Hey, guys. Y’all ready? [Shows the candy]
Brandon Yes. [Grabs the candy]
Drupe Careful— it’s super sour.
Brandon [Eats the candy and puckers his mouth] Agh! Ooh! Sour! [Hands the candy to A Real Magic Skeleton]
A Real Magic Skeleton [Eats the candy] [Puckers his mouth] Very sour!
Drupe My turn. So what’s up with you guys? [Eats the candy] [Puckers her mouth] How’s the frame store?
Brandon Oh, it’s all right, you know. Except for all the betrayal.
A Real Magic Skeleton Come on, dude! What’s so bad about wanting to follow my ambitions?
Drupe Are you guys in a fight or something?
A Real Magic Skeleton No, no, it’s nothing. I just want to try something new. But Brandon is apparently fine with me staying complacent forever!
Brandon Yes! Thank you!
Drupe I don’t know. Your life seems pretty okay, RMS.
A Real Magic Skeleton It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just… I don’t know! You don’t ever want to try for more? Chase your dreams or whatever? I just don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever. Anyway, thanks for the candy, Drupe. I gotta head back to work now.
Brandon I work at the same place, so I gotta go, too. See ya, Drupe.
Drupe Bye?
[A Real Magic Skeleton bored and Brandon drumming on the counter and listening to music. Mad Sam comes by with his motorcycle]
A Real Magic Skeleton Ugh! I need to think this over— elsewhere! [Comes in Mr. iFrame’s office] Hey, Mr. iFrame. I don’t really have anyone else to talk to about any of this. Maybe you’ve heard. I’m looking to apply somewhere else. I want to broaden my horizons. But, on the other hand, I’d miss spending all my waking hours with you and Brandon. I just don’t know what to do!
Mr. iFrame Real Magic Skeleton!
A Real Magic Skeleton Sorry! Uh, this is rude of me. I’ll just get going.
[Mr. iFrame hops out of his chair and A Real Magic Skeleton catches him]
Mr. iFrame Don’t be like me— trapped here in this frame! You are young. And you can trap your soul anywhere on this planet! Go out there! Live, my boy! Follow your wildest dreams!
A Real Magic Skeleton [In tears] Really? [Hugs Mr. iFrame] Oh, thank you for supporting me, Mr. iFrame! Unless… you want to give me a raise? [Mr. iFrame hids from him] Hey! I can still see you!
Mr. iFrame [Hides] Hmm!
A Real Magic Skeleton [Groans] Whatever. [Drops the frame]
Mr. iFrame Ah, it’s dark!
A Real Magic Skeleton This is the kind of stuff I’m talkin’ about. [Slams the door on Brandon] I’m headed out to get that job!
Brandon What?! You can’t leave! [Drags on A Real Magic Skeleton’s cape]
A Real Magic Skeleton Why not?!
Brandon Because I need you… [grabs the helmet] to help me frame this helmet. [Alarm is heard] And, uh, that.
[The bodega closes its windows and the Boxmore box drops]
Brandon Don’t you want to film the battle from the sidelines? It’ll be the 1,000th in our collection. [K.O., Enid, and Rad fights the Boxmore robots] What do you say?!
A Real Magic Skeleton Oh, Brandon! Come on, man, I have to do this. [Leaves the store]
Brandon A Real Magical Skeleton! If you go, then… then… then we’re not friends anymore!
A Real Magic Skeleton Brandon, if you don’t let me, then perhaps we never were. [A Real Magic Skeleton heads off to get his job. K.O., Enid, and Rad continues to fight the robots. A Real Magic Skeleton holds his resume. His limbs get blasted off during the fight] Ah, geez. [Crawls]
Darrell Boy, we sure are getting our butts kicked! Eh? Hey, look— bones!
A Real Magic Skeleton What? No! [Darrell gets his bones] What are you doing?! Stop it! [Darrell kicks his head and rolls] No! No, no, no, no. No. [His resume is on sight and takes it] This is useless.
Brandon Need a hand… [Offers to help A Real Magic Skeleton and carries his bones] or three?
A Real Magic Skeleton Brandon… You’re helping me? And you’re wearing Sam’s helmet?
Brandon Well, I couldn’t just watch you fall apart like that. And I gotta protect me to protect you, bro! Now, let’s get you that job!
[Brandon carries A Real Magic Skeleton dodging the battle]
K.O. [Screams and lands on a tree] Hi, fellas! [The tree falls]
Brandon We’re almost there, buddy! [Jethro is tossed at his head] We’re so close, buddy! [Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond are tossed at him] Ow. [Mikayla is tossed at his head] Ow!
[Ernesto was rolled and heading towards Brandon]
Rad Heads up!
Brandon No, no, no, no, no! [Ernesto catches up to Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton]
Rad Watch out! [Explosion]
[Enid and Rad runs off. Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton survives and enters the coffee shop]
A Real Magic Skeleton I’d like to apply for the job! [Brandon fixes him]
Barista Pup Huh. What job? Oh! Aw, shoot. Sorry, RMS, but we already filled that position.
A Real Magic Skeleton Wha?!
Drupe [Makes coffee] Oh, hey, guys! All the stuff you guys were talking about earlier got me thinking I should be doing more with my life. So when I saw this ad in the paper, I just went for it! Thanks!
[Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton groans]
Brandon I’m sorry, man. I’m sure there’s plenty of other places you can apply to.
A Real Magic Skeleton Yeah, I guess. But I can keep working at the frame store… till I find something else, at least.
Brandon Well, we can if we don’t both get fired for wrecking Mad Sam’s helmet.
[A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon laughs]
Mad Sam Hey!
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Huh?! M-M-M-M-Mad Sam!
Mad Sam [Grabs both of them] Don’t scream. Just hug. [A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon hug]
[The episode ends]

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