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Quantum's Bots are robots created by Lord Boxman. They were modified by Miss Quantum, as said by her in post-game dialogue, they serve as her henchmen, thus their name. Their only appearance was in the game OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo, with the exception of Robbie, who made his appearance in the show in the episode "Thank You for Watching the Show".

The robots are fought in Dendy's buggy missions. In the missions, K.O. and Dendy control a buggy and have to shoot down robots. The Quantum's Bots also return in the secret post-game boss fight against Miss Quantum.

Name/Image Physical
Alfred is a violet flatbed truck with green windshields for eyes, pink wing mirrors, and six black tires. He has a big frowning mouth and carries boxes of explosives on his back. Unlike the other Quantum's Bots, Dwayne does not directly attack. If he is hit, he drops crates containing missiles that the player can use. When damaged enough, he will stop in the road, becoming an impervious obstacle that will damage the buggy that K.O. and Dendy ride.
Bubbles is a red truck that resembles a car carrier. Unlike other Quantum's bots, he has no facial features other than a single green eye. He has machinery all over the exterior of his body. Instead of tires, he moves on treads similar to a tank. On his back, he carries red and yellow spiked balls. Bubbles attacks by dropping his spiked cargo on the road. These orbs will damage the buggy if not avoided. The hazards ,however, cannot be destroyed; meaning dodging is the only option.
Dwayne is a pink truck that resembles a mix of an RV and a tank. On either side of his body are green windshields with red eyes. He has eight grey wheels with pink insides. His side also features a vent grate and a control panel with buttons and levers that serve an unknown purpose. Atop his head is a satellite dish and a pink antenna. On the front of his body is a massive, pink cannon with a green tip and small pipes attached. Dwayne attacks by firing a green laser. The laser will charge before firing, giving the player time to maneuver the buggy out of danger.
Hubert is a red robot with a mostly square body. His head is mostly cubical with a rectangular mouth, unfocused eyes, and a yellow spike on either side. His body is completely comprised of square segments. His "arms" are grey chains attached to red balls with yellow spikes. He rides in a vehicle that resembles a rollercoaster car. The car is white and purple, and is covered in yellow spikes. There is also a purple flag on the end of the car. Hubert, instead of driving ahead of the buggy and using ranged attacks, drives right next to K.O. and Dendy. He attacks by swinging his arms at the buggy. The only way to damage him is to use the flames from the buggy's boost to torch the robot.
Ray and jay.PNG
Jay (left) and Ray (right)
Ray has a turquoise-colored body, a yellow, triangle-shaped face, and lime-colored feet. He wears a pink helmet with four grey spikes and has red pupils. He shares a similar appearance to Raymond, however the two are not the same character.

Jay also has a turquoise-colored body with a dark green color on his belly. He has dark green arms, yet the color of his legs is unknown. Like Ray, he wears a pink helmet, but his has only one spike and an exhaust pipe like Jethro's protruding from it. He shares a similar appearance to Jethro, but they are not the same character.

The bike itself is magenta with spikes on parts of it. The front wheel has a saw blade on it and the sidecar has a turret attached.

Ray himself does not attack. However, Jay does. While Ray pilots the vehicle, Jay is armed with a turret in the sidecar and will frequently fire projectiles. The attacks are easy to dodge as the duo are some of the first Quantum's Bots ever battled.
Rob left Gaston right.jpeg
Rob (left) and Gaston (right)
Main article: Robbie

Rob, also known as Robbie, is a turquoise robot with red pupils, a yellow, triangular face, and pink headphones. He shares a similar appearance to Raymond.

Gaston is also turquoise colored. He has gray, tube-like arms and no legs. Gaston has black pupils and a big yellow mouth. He shares a similar appearance to Jethro.

The duo ride on a massive pink cannon with green areas. The vehicle, like Bubbles, has treads instead of wheels. In the spot where Rob sits, there is also a big, yellow crosshair. Gaston pilots the cannon while Rob fires it.

The duo will fire green lasers from the cannon in an attempt to hit the buggy. Like Dwayne, the laser will charge before firing.

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