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Quantum's Bots are robots created by Lord Boxman. They are henchmen. Their only appearance was in the game OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo, with the exception of Sara, who was also a character in the game Dynamite's Action News.

Name/Image Physical
Alfred is a violet truck with green windshields for eyes and pink wing mirrors. He has a big frowning mouth and carries boxes of explosives on his back. When damaged enough it will stop in the road which will become an obstacle that will damage the buggy that K.O. and Dendy ride.
Bubbles is a red truck. They drop cargo from their back that gets in the player's way.
Dwayne is a pink truck. They blast a green laser in an attempt to stop the player.
Hubert is red in appearance and has chain arms and wrecking ball hands, with yellow spikes. He has an elongated square body, and square head, with one yellow spike on each side of it. They attempt to get close to K.O. and Dendy's buggy, and try to smash their buggy with its wrecking ball hands.
Ray and jay
Jay (left) and Ray (right)
Ray has a turquoise-colored body, built look, with a yellow face and lime-colored feet. He wore spike helmet and had red pupils. He shares a similar complete appearance to Raymond.

Jay is also had a turquoise-colored body with dark green color on its belly. To look up-close, he has arms, but it's unknown to say that he'll have legs either. he shares the similar complete appearance to Jethro.

Ray tends to stay on the motorcycle, while Jay could blast anyone from behind.
Rob left Gaston right
Rob (left) and Gaston (right)
Rob has a light blue body, and a yellow head and feet. He has dark blue hair in two spikes, and wears a pink headphone. He has red pupils. Rob shares a similar appearance to Raymond (though lacks the spikes on both shoulders and elbows that Raymond possesses)

Gaston is also light blue colored. He has gray tube-like arms. Gaston also has a big yellow mouth, and it looks like it is stuck in that position. He has a gray screw on one side of his head and black pupils. Gaston shares a similar appearance to Jethro.

They ride on a cannon and attempt to blast K.O. and Dendy in their buggy.
Saras are yellow and take on an orb shape that looks slightly like Shannons head. They have one eye, similar to Ernestos and Darrells, and a red siren attached to the tops of their heads. They don't have any physical bodies. She will pop out of the ground and can be picked up and thrown at enemies. Like a bomb, she will explode when detonated.
Teagan is an electrode robot who has the ability to electrocute people. He is four shades of blue, and one shade of black, has two eyes with deep pink pupils, and he has an antenna on top of his head with three disks of differing sizes on said antenna. He has no limbs like his older sister Sara. He uses a volt to attack and shock people.





  • Sara is the unique robot out of all the robots because she is the only female and the only robot that appears in Dynamite's Action News game.
  • Sara and Teagan are a reference to the Canadian band, Tegan and Sara.

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