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Speaker Dialogue
Raymond Raymond's Way. Buy it.
Scene to Rad grumbles at the TV Raymond was on.
Rad Ugh. Raymond. He think he's so hot.
Title card appears.
K.O. I dunno, Rad. I think it's nice Raymond is putting his energy into his new clothing line instead of evil robot stuff. You gotta admit. His clothes are pretty sharp!
Rad Wha? Are you kidding me, K.O.?
Rad swipe the magazine.
Rad I am way better-looking than that guy!
K.O. Wh- I didn't say…
Rad And what is up with those shirts, anyway? I spaced out for, like, five seconds and all of Lakewood is wearing Raymond's Way! The trend took so fast, nobody even bothered taking the little plastic tags off! What a bogus fad.
Drupe I know, right? It's my nightmare.
Drupe's name: "Drupe, Strawberry Fashionista".
K.O. You don't like Ray Way, Drupe? I thought you like fashion.
Drupe Tch. Exactly. True fashion is about originality. And nothing about Rayway is original.
Rad Yeah! That's what I hate about it!
Drupe I know. It's just a dumb brand name. Ever since their store opened up, the whole town's been turned into fashion zombies. How are small designers like me supposed to compete with big brands with hot models and fancy storefronts?
K.O. Well, it's not as fancy, but we could sell your clothes here at Gar's?
Rad And it's a model you need, it just so happens that the hottest guy in town is available!
Drupe But Raymond's already wearing Rayway.
Rad angrily glares.
Drupe Oh, sorry! You mean you. I get it now. Go on.
Rad What I'm saying is with your designs, my hot bod, and Mr. Gar's bodega, we've got all we need to take this Rayway trend down and show that clown Raymond who's really the hottest.
Rad chuckles.
Drupe All right, let's do it! For fashion?
Drupe offers a handshake, Rad joins.
Rad For fashion!
K.O. joins too with his foot.
K.O. I'll help too!
Toilet flushes, Enid comes to Rad, Drupe and K.O. handshakes.
Enid Uh, did I miss something?
K.O. We're starting a fashion empire!
Rad You in?
Enid Eh, sure.
Scene to Raymond grumbles at the TV Rad was on.
Raymond Ugh, Radicles. Thinks he's so hot.
Raymond comes to the window full of Raymonds designing the clothes.
Raymond He and Strawbaby think they can complete with me, eh? Well, they've got another thing coming.
Raymond activates the mind control button, chuckles evilly.
Rad, K.O. and Drupe laughing. Before Potato opens the shopping bag, a tag blinks and mind controlling Potato, coming to Raymond's Way.
Potato Brands. Brands. Brands. Brands.
Raymond laughing.
Raymond Oh, thank you, my little fashion zombie! Now we can make perfect knock-offs!
Drupe's design scanned in the computer where other Raymonds making designs. Raymond laughing.
Raymond I just love stealing designs!
Raymond laughing again.
Drupe Oh, come on! That's my design! Ugh. No wonder he can crank out shirts so fast. He's just making cheap knock-offs!
K.O. Ugh! Well, that just… not right!
Rad That tears it! we gotta go over there and put an end to this madness!
K.O. and Drupe nodding.
K.O. and Drupe Hmmm!
K.O., Drupe and Rad goes off, toilet flushes.
Enid Uh, okay. I guess we're going over here now.
Enid follows, Rad barges into Raymond's Way.
Rad Raymond!
Raymond Radicles.
Rad You think you're so hot! But I'm here to tell you… you're not!
Drupe That's actually not why we're here.
Rad Bleh. Oh, right. And quit copying Drupe's designs!
Raymond Exqueeze me?
Raymond flips all the papers off, he stands on the table.
Raymond Moi steal from toi? Even if that were true, just how do you plan on stopping me?
Rad By challenging you to a style battle!
Raymond gasps.
Raymond A style battle?
K.O. and Drupe A style battle?
Enid A style battle?
Rad A style battle.
Enid Raymond.
Raymond model #2 shines on, blow a kiss. Raymond laughing evilly.
K.O. What are we gonna do?
Rad Get me in there, Drupe! Give me the best outfit you got!
Drupe Yeah.
Rad growls.
Rad Dru!
Potato and Dogmun runs away.
Rad They ruined your stuff. What are we gonna do?!
Drupe I'm thinking about it.
Rad How are you not more mad about it? Those outfits were your originals!
Drupe You know what? Those aren't the last clothes I'm ever gonna make. It'll take more than that Lakewood's best designer to run out of ideas! Listen up, Rad. You've already got one power that Raymond's dumb inventions could never top. Originality is the heart of fashion. And there's nothing more original than being yourself!
Rad Myself? Ah, so I'll go out there naked!
Drupe No, I just mean wear what you normally wear.
Rad Oh. That's good, too.
Raymond grunting.
Raymond How can you exude such power even in those dreadful rags?
Rad Maybe you haven't heard this one, Ray, but originality is the heart of fashion. Also? I'm just the hottest.
Rad finally poses with stars.
Raymond Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Raymond falls into the sky.
Raymond Don't you see? We're the same! This is capitalism! And you're all complicit!
Raymond disappears in the twinkle of a star.
Rad Hmm.
After style battle is over, Drupe is congratulated. Scene with strawberry balloons.
Drupe Hey, everyone! Welcome to my store! Hi! Welcome! Hi, come on in!
Enid Hey, cool, check it out!
K.O., Enid and Rad looks at the new magazine of Drupe.
K.O. Wow! After the style battle, Drupe's career really took off!
K.O. turns the page to see "Rad The Hottest Model".
Enid Heh heh. Nice.
Rad See?! Admit it. I'm way better looking than Raymond!
K.O. I never said you weren't.
Rad Yes!
K.O. and Enid sees Rad twinkling, looks at each other, shrugs. The End.

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