Professor Venomous is a villain in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. Professor Venomous has appeared in several episodes in the series so far. He is presented as one of Lord Boxman's clients. He has an organic minion by the name of Fink.

Physical Appearance

Professor Venomous is tall with a slender body and lilac skin. He has black, spiky, slicked back hair, a thin mouth with thin eyebrows and dark purple eyelids. His nose is pointed, and he has a few stubbles facial hair along his chin and lower jaw. His attire consists of a white coat with matching boots, a navy blue turtleneck underneath his coat, and black pants.


Professor Venomous can often be seen calm and indifferent when he is interacting with others. However, beneath his cool exterior, he has a more vicious side that he expresses whenever he is fighting heroes. He has also repeatedly expressed his admiration towards Boxman's dedication to destroying the plaza.

He has also shown to have a softer side to his personality and treats his minion Fink with great care and kindness, even going as far as to act as a parental figure to the young villain.

The villain has shown to have the sentiments of a thrill-seeker. He has expressed boredom with the mundane course of his day to day life. He becomes exhilarated when becoming personally involved in attacking heroes. When he, Boxman and Fink rode in the destructive vehicle Boxman built for Fink to attack the plaza, the situation ended in misadventure. Still though, Professor Venomous stated he likes being blown up and getting his hands dirty. The elation inspired him to buy back Boxmore from the Board Of Investors to give back to Boxman so more adventures in villainy can be had. Whether he fails or succeeds, Professor Venomous loves the experience of fighting heroes.


He first appears in "Boxmore Infomercial", where he compliments Boxmore's robots on camera, for their commercial.

He makes his first appearance in the main series in "We're Captured", where he attempts to cut ties with Lord Boxman but decides not to, after learning his devotion to destroying Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

In "Villains' Night Out", Venomous expresses concern for being watched closely by P.O.I.N.T.. He then attends Billiam Milliam's villains party, taking Boxman as his plus one (after he insisted). He appears to be embarrassed by Boxman's presence during the gathering, but ends up feeling sorry for him. But when Boxman reveals that he doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about him, and destroys Billiam's yacht, Professor Venomous is very impressed, and gives Boxman a biochip that, according to him, will turn anything into a fierce weapon. This is what Boxman uses in his secret project, that turns out to be Boxman Jr..

He makes a brief appearance in "Villains' Night In", where he picks up Fink from Boxman's place. She falls asleep and he holds her in his arms carefully, taking her home. He also created the special Glorb powered collar Fink wears to unleash powers akin to Turbo K.O..

In "Boxman Crashes", it is shown that Professor Venomous threatens the congress for money, getting even richer. Boxman asks to stay at his place since he has nowhere else to go, and ends up damaging Venomou's lair, which infuriates him. But Boxman builds a tricycle for Fink to destroy the plaza, and they all get blown up. This reminds Venomous the good in being a villain, and he buys Boxmore back from the board of investors, getting Boxman back in charge for them to command the company together.

In "All in the Villainy", Professor Venomous is shown to be getting along with Boxman and the Boxbots, providing funds for them, while also providing organic modifications for the bots to attack the Plaza with.

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