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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Rad, K.O., and Enid taking a seat. (Title card appears)
Rad I’m pretty surprised you convinced Mr. Gar to do this open mic show in the bodega, Enid.
Rad eats popcorn.
Enid I may have also told him that he could get a tax break for supporting local artists.
Enid chuckles.
K.O. Well, I’m super excited for this open mic! What’s an open mic?
Rad It’s when people come up on stage and tell a bunch of jokes, you know, for comedy, or whatever.
K.O. Oh! What’s jokes?
Enid Well, K.O., a joke has two basic components, a set up and a punch line.
Rad It’s basically when you expect one thing, and then a different result happens.
K.O. Oh!
Mr. Gar If this doesn’t bring in money, we’re never doing it again. Please welcome to the stage our first comedian, Neil. [Walks offstage]
Neil So, uh… What’s the deal with girls, huh? So, I was talking to this girl at the grocery store.
[K.O. laughs]
Rad K.O., don’t laugh at this stuff. It’s so bad.
K.O. But he told a joke. I’m supposed to laugh.
Enid Jokes are supposed to be funny. Neil’s not funny.
K.O. Well then… what is funny?
Enid Personally, I prefer physical comedy.
Neil All right, guys, thanks so much for your time. My merch table is at the back, and—
Mr. Gar [Kicks Neil off the stage] Yeah, yeah. Uh, give a big round of applause for our next comedian, Joe Cuppa!
Rad [Gaps] The Joe Cuppa?!
Enid Who the heck is Joe Cuppa? Is he good?
Rad "Is he good?"! He’s only the single greatest comedian of our time! [Joe Cuppa goes to the mic] Whoo! Yeah! Pay attention, K.O.. This is all you need to know about what it means to be funny!
Joe Cuppa Hey, folks, anyone order a hot cuppa me? Hey!
[Rad laughs]
K.O. Oh! [laughs] Get it, Enid? Coffee!
[Enid groans]
Joe Cuppa But seriously, folks, it’s not easy being a cup of coffee. I had a hot date last night, and when I say hot, I mean she burned her lips trying to kiss me! Ho!
[Rad and K.O. laughs while Enid is unimpressed and checks her watch]
Joe Cuppa Oh! I can sense someone out in the audience isn’t loving my act. Let me guess, you’re thinking, “Bean there, done that”? [K.O. and Rad laughs while Enid is angered] Hey! All right, you’ve been a brew-tiful crowd. [Waves] Good night!
K.O. [Gets Enid’s arms] Get it, Enid? Different results!
Enid It’s not different results, it’s just bad coffee puns!
K.O. Well, the audience was loving it!
Enid What audience?!
Mr. Gar Show’s over—forever!
[Rad levitates a chair while Enid carries a stack of chairs. K.O. sweeps and snickers a little]
Enid What are you giggling about over there, K.O.?
K.O. I just can’t get over how funny Joe Cuppa was!
Rad I know! [Hands a chair to Enid] I used to watch all his specials on TV when I was a kid. I haven’t seen him in anything in a while, though.
Enid Might be because he’s all washed up, and also not funny.
Rad [Scoffs] Whatever.
[Joe Cuppa walks by]
K.O. & Rad [Gasps] Mr. Cuppa, Mr. Cuppa!
Rad I’m Rad!
K.O. I’m K.O.! Will you sign my face?
Rad Mine, too!
Joe Cuppa Ha! Sure thing, champs. [Signs Rad’s name as Rod and K.O.’s name as Kiddo]
K.O. Wow!
Rad Whoa!
Joe Cuppa [Waves] See ya a-ground, lounge losers! Can’t be late for my world tour!
Enid [Scoffs] The only loser here is Joe Cuppa.
Rad You’ll eat your words once he makes his big comeback.
K.O. Yeah, Enid! Joe Cuppa is destined for super-stardom.
[A "customer" comes in the Bodega]
Enid [On her phone, not noticing the customer] Welcome to Gar’s Bodega, valued customer.
[The "customer" pours nachos and lightning cheese in his hoodie and grabs the "free" samples]
K.O. Can I assist you today?!
Customer Uh, no, I’m just here to, uh… [Chuckles nervously] get away from the daily grind! Hey! [K.O. laughs] ‘Scuse me, kid! [Goes to see a coffee pot] Hello, brew-tiful! [Drinks the coffee] Just my type—hot and bitter!
[Rad’s drink comes out from his nose while laughing]
K.O. Enid, who is that guy?! He’s hilarious!
Rad Ha ha! Yeah, almost as funny as Joe Cuppa!
Enid [Growls] Wake up, brainiacs! It is Joe Cuppa!
Rad Joe Cuppa doesn’t have a beard, Enid.
[Enid takes off the disguise from Joe Cuppa]
Joe Cuppa Not my fake beard!
[K.O. and Rad gasps]
K.O. It’s Joe Cuppa!
Rad I thought you were out doing your big world tour?
Joe Cuppa [Sighs] Truth is, I got nowhere else to go. I’m no big star. Haven’t sold a ticket in years. [Shows a flashback where Joe Cuppa lives] Now I sleep under the sink of a bathroom of a gas station in a sewer. My only friends are the rat people and every night, [The rats cuddle him] I wait for their sweet embrace to put me to sleep. [Transitions to present] Let’s face it, nobody wants to see this ugly mug anymore.
K.O. [Thinking] Wow. Who knew someone so funny could be so sad. [A rat walks around Joe Cuppa] I want him to know true happiness again. [Gasps] Mr. Joe Cuppa, I know exactly how to cheer you up!
[Customers at the Bodega screams. A rocket landed in the Bodega. Joe Cuppa stares at the mess]
K.O. Hmm?!
Joe Cuppa You sure about this, kiddo?
K.O. What’s more rewarding than working in retail?!
Joe Cuppa Eh. I’ll give it a shot! [Winks and chuckles]
Heroic Guy Excuse me, cup, do you have any magic muscle cream? I’ve got no… [Rips his shirt off] ab definition!
Joe Cuppa Don’t think so. But if ya want something that you can put cream in, hows about a cup of coffee?! [Shows a small cup to him]
Joe Cuppa & Small Joe We gotta latte those!
Heroic Guy Uh… No, thanks. Coffee makes me gassy. [Slides away]
Joe Cuppa & Small Joe Eh, suit yourself. [Joe Cuppa puts Small Joe in him] Can I help you today, sir?
Nick Army Oh! Uh, I was just trying to decide on the right motor oil for my battle tank.
Joe Cuppa [Thinking] Okay, give it to him straight! No jokes. Well, uh… [Chuckles] They both have their pros and cons. Really you just gotta m-m-m… mocha choice! Uh, I don’t know.
Nick Army Okay… Thanks anyway, I guess.
[Joe Cuppa sighs]
K.O. Yeah, maybe working here isn’t the right thing to help you right now.
Joe Cuppa [His work vest disappears with flames] Oh. [Alarm sets off] Huh? What’s going on?!
K.O. [Carries Joe Cuppa] You’re gonna love this! Nothing cheers me up more than beating up bad guys! [Throwing him out the window]
[Rad, K.O., and Enid exits and prepares to battle]
Enid Psst, Joe. Prepare to intimidate.
Joe Cuppa [Wears only underwear lying on the ground] Like this? [Chuckles]
Enid Intimidate not intimate!
[A Boxmore box drops in the ground, opening it up to reveal Shannon. She gets off her throne]
Shannon Welcome, plazoids! It’s me—Shannon!
Enid Yeah, we know it’s you, Shannon.
Rad You can’t say welcome! You came here! Plus , you’re not welcome, like, at all. Go away.
Shannon [Chuckles] I’m welcoming you… [Releases her weapons] to your demise!
Joe Cuppa Whoa! Would you look at the time.
Shannon [Holds her blade in front of Joe Cuppa] Hold up! Is this a new addition to your little ensemble? [Stretches her head out] Looks a little… pathetique. [Joe Cuppa whimpers] He fits right in! [Transforms into a hammer and smashes the ground]
Enid, K.O., & Rad Whoa! [Joe Cuppa fell to the ground with coffee spilled] Joe?!
Shannon Hold that pose! [Takes pictures] I gotta show H.Q. how hard I am crushing you right now.
Joe Cuppa [Sighs] Listen, guys, I’m just your average Joe. I ain’t got powers like you. I’m no hero, that’s for sure.
Rad No powers?! [Scoffs] [Looks into Joe Cuppa’s head] There’s gotta be something in th— [A mouth is shown] [Screams] Oh! That’s where your mouth is! That’s super disgusting!
[A flag of Joe Cuppa is shown from the background]
K.O. Hold it right there, Mr. Joe. [Salutes] You’re a hero to me.
Rad And to me.
Enid You’re a… Look, I’ll be honest, I think your jokes are painful.
K.O. [Gasps] Enid’s right! [Pokes Joe Cuppa] Your jokes are painful!
Joe Cuppa Hmm?
[K.O., Enid, and Rad set-ups up a comedian stage]
Joe Cuppa [Clears throat] [Talks to the microphone] Um, hey there, folks.
Shannon Eh? [Turns around and turns off her communication]
Joe Cuppa Uh, the name’s Joe Cuppa. I’ll be saying some pretty shocking stuff… ‘cause I don’t have a filter! Hey, hey!
[Rad and K.O. laughs. Joe Cuppa’s coffee punch hits Shannon while she wasn’t looking]
Shannon Huh?! Uh, nobody saw that.
[K.O. and Enid laughs]
Rad Oh, we totally did!
K.O. [Laughs] He said filter.
Enid [Sighs] Violence.
Shannon [Growls] Bunch of wise guys, huh? [Transforms into a wheel]
Joe Cuppa [Swings the microphone] Hey, don’t look at me like that. I’m just trying to espresso myself! [His coffee punch punches Shannon to the ground]
[Shannon wheezes. K.O., Enid, and Rad laughs]
Joe Cuppa How is this happening?! I don’t even know what to call these things!
K.O. What about punch line—
Joe Cuppa I’ll call ‘em java jokes!
Shannon [Growls] [Stop signs appear for her hands] I’ll end you before you make another stupid pun! [Traps Joe Cuppa and her blades surround him]
Joe Cuppa Oh. Was that the last straw for you?! [His coffee punch shoots out Shannon’s mouth and escapes] Let me give you the skinny, ya doppio, you’re the one getting creamed here!
[His coffee punch sends Shannon flying in the air]
Enid, Rad, & K.O. Whoa!
[Shannon screams and lands onto the coffee shop]
Barista Pup Ice cold burn for, uh, Shame-on?
Shannon [Gasps] Coffee! [Slaps the coffee away] Coffee?! [Screams] Coffee! No more! No more! [Runs to Boxmore and explodes]
Joe Cuppa Thank you! You’ve been a great audience!
[Enid, K.O., and Rad carries Joe Cuppa up]
K.O. Yay, Joe!
Enid Way to go, Joe!
Rad Joe rules!
Enid Nice one, Joe. You really brews-ed her, eh?
[Joe Cuppa, Rad, and K.O. fell to the ground laughing]
Enid So that’s all it takes, huh?
[Continues laughing]
Joe Cuppa Hey, kiddo, I just want to thank ya. You believed in me and helped me find my way again. Will ya… Will ya sign my head?
K.O. Um… [Signs Joe Cuppa’s head K.O. but added "idd" between K and O]
Director [Stops the car] You there—with a cup for a head and a man for a body! I’ve got big plans for you, palsy—big, big plans! You’re gonna be a star!
Joe Cuppa Me? [Hops to the Director’s car] Welp! Smell ya later, lounge losers!
Director Let’s roll, Bubbeleh. [Drives off and the rats going after them]
[K.O., Enid, and Rad heads to the Bodega]
K.O. Like I said, Enid, Joe Cuppa’s destined for super stardom!
Enid [Scoffs] Yeah, I guess he is. Y’all need some taste, though.
Rad [Puts his arm around Enid] But, Enid, true comedy is all about different— [Slips on a banana and crashes into the garbage can] whoa! Whoa! [The trash can falls from the mountain into the river] Whoa! Oh, no! Oh, no, no! [He falls from the water fall] [A pterodactyl carries him] Huh? Oh! You saved me! [The pterodactyl places him on an airplane] Oh, my gosh! Oh, no!
Airplane Whee! [Flies around where Rad falls from it. Rad lands on the ground injured]
[Enid and K.O. laughs]
Enid Now that’s comedy! [Laughs]
[The episode ends]

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