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Power Moves are a unique type of attack. They are generally summoned during Power Battles. The first Special Move to be demonstrated was in the "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" pilot when Radicles used his "Power Poke."

List of Power Moves

  • KO's Special Move resembles that of Goku's Kamehameha Wave. He extends his right arm, forms a fist, and concentrates very hard, creating a blue, flashing ball of energy. He then launches the special move, which takes the form of a fist.
  • Enid's Special Move is a very powerful kick which, unlike the others, requires the use of her foot. When charging, her foot glows yellow before she launches a blast of energy from it, which takes on the form of a foot. The energy released from the charge acts like a solid object as it ricocheted off KO and Radicles before punching through the ceiling, as opposed to dissipating on contact like most blasts would.

    Radicles demonstrating his power poke.

  • Radicles's Special Move, better known as the Power Poke, is a blast of pink energy released by Radicles's extended index finger, hence the word "poke." It seems to be used with little effort, which could imply that either Radicles is very skilled with this technique or that the Power Poke is very weak.
  • Mr. Gar's Special Move is summoned from his elbow, which will emit a yellow glow when in action. Mr. Gar used it to pound the ground, sending the attack as a shockwave to punish Radicles for texting during one of his speeches. It is currently unknown if this is the way it is always used or if Mr. Gar was simply making a deviation from his original move.
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