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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with K.O. running to compete in the Plazalympics
K.O. (Thinking) Every year, heroes from every corner of the plaza come together to compete in feats of strength, bravery, endurance, and more strength! this momentous event is known as… The Plazalympics!
Shows exterior shot of the Plazalympics and titlecard appears. K.O. walks to see competitors exercises
K.O. For the first time ever, I qualified for a chance to test my mettle between these hallowed bleachers.
Rad (calls K.O. to come and Enid waves) Dude, over here! Move your pants, brush-head.
Enid Gar’s about to pick the teams, and I do not want to get stuck with some rando again this year.
Rad For real. Last year, we totally would have gotten first place if it weren’t for Co-Bruh.
Co-Bruh drinking water
Rad That guy cannot pass a baton.
Co-Bruh (His snake hands doesn’t want to let go of the bottle) Let go!
Co-Bruh's snake hand hisses
K.O. Well, this year, I’m on your team, and, together, we’ll be unbeatable!
Enid and Rad Hm!
Air horn blares as Mr. Gar cartwheels and parachutes to his podium. Vormulax and Carol are near the podium as well
Mr. Gar Welcome to the Plazalympics!
Audience cheers
Mr. Gar Pipe down!
Audience stops
Mr. Gar Now, where was I? Uh…
Carol (Whispers) The first prize.
Mr. Gar Right. [Chuckles] Thanks. This year’s first prize is… the key to the plaza!
Audience cheers
K.O. gasps
Mr. Gar Quiet! As you all know…
K.O. (in his mind) The key to the plaza!
The key hovering over a fountain of Enid, Mr. Gar, and Rad sculptures depicted as angels
K.O. Only a handful of heroes have ever held one. (putting his hands between his legs) Oh, shoot! Psst! (taps Enid's shoulder) Enid, I gotta... go! (Rad and Enid ignore him) Guys? [Whimpers and squirms] I'll be right back, okay?
K.O. runs to the bathroom
Mr. Gar And now, the teams will be chosen using the time-honored tradition of me picking them, based on where I see you at random. Now, let's see here, uh…
Mr. Gar sees A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon
Mr. Gar Brandon, A Real Magic Skeleton…
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon Yes!
Mr. Gar … and Drupe.
Drupe What? Why?
Brandon laughs
A Real Magic Skeleton Sorry, Drupe.
Mr. Gar Rad, Enid…
Rad and Enid Yes, sir!
Mr. Gar …and, uh, hmm, Mega Football Baby.
Mega Football Baby Yes!
Mega Football Baby takes out his bottle
Mega Football Baby Hope you got room on your team for a star quarterback!
Mega Football BabySpikes his bottle
Enid Yeah, sure.
Mr. Gar Colewort, Potato, and, uh…
K.O. runs out
Mr. Gar K.O.! You go with Colewort and Potato.
K.O. What?
Mr. Gar You three should make a great team. You're all practically the same height.
K.O. (Thinking) But Potato and Colewort aren't my friends.
Potato (Hops to hug K.O.) Yay! We got K.O.! This is our year!
Colewort I thought you liked getting participation trophies, Potato.
Potato Winning is participating... but for winners!
K.O. So I guess this means we're teammates.
Colewort (Nervously handshakes K.O.) Uh… yeah I'll just… [Whimpering] Aah!
Steam comes out
Colewort S-Sorry, K.O.. I spray when I'm uncomfortable.
K.O. Oh, cool.
Balloons of the competitors' faces appears
Dynamite Watkins Heavens to hilarity! Presenting the plaza's greatest array of heroes...
Competitors exercise
K.O., Potato, and Colewort are one team
Dynamite Watkins the Tiny Tots.
Enid, Rad, and Mega Football Baby are one team
Dynamite Watkins The Daring Defenders.
Drupe, A Real Magic Skeleton, and Brandon are one team
Dynamite Watkins And the Cool Customers. The players are on the field, the parking lot, even! So let's get on with it!
Brandon sets off a firework
Dynamite Watkins Plazalympics!
Dynamite gets out scripts
Dynamite Watkins Okay, which one of you jokers wrote this copy?
The competitors get ready
Dynamite Watkins Anyway, the first event is, the Hero Toss! Whichever team can throw the heaviest hero among them the farthest will be awarded the most points.
K.O. All right! It should be a piece of cake to throw either of you! Which of you is the heaviest?
Mr. Gar I'll be the judge of that.
Mr. Gar gets out and leaf blower. The leaf blower blows Colewort and Potato
Colewort Woah!
Mr. Gar That "leafs" you K.O..
K.O. sighs
Mega Football Baby gets ready
Dynamite Watkins The Daring Defenders are first up, throwing Mega Football Baby. Weighting in at 260 pounds, 8 ounces!
Mega Football Baby It's time to dial up or wipe up!
Enid and Rad Hm!
Mega Football Baby Be sure to lift with the legs, you two!
Rad levitates Mega Football Baby
Mega Football Baby Oh, okay, I guess this works.
Rad tosses Mega Football Baby farther. Gives thumbs up. Crowd cheers
Dynamite Watkins Nearly 200 meters! Glorious! That is one healthy baby boy!
Mr. Gar and Carol gives them a 10. Vormulax gives them a 9. Enid gives Rad a low five.
K.O. sighs
Potato Don't worry, K.O., our team may not have telekinetic superpowers, but we've got, um... uh...
Dynamite Watkins Next up, the Cool Customers!
Drupe grabs Brandon and tosses him to the field.
Brandon Aah!
Brandon gives a thumbs up. Crowd cheers
Dynamite Watkins A respectable 170 meters!
Mr. Gar gives them a 7, Carol gives them a 8, Vormulax gives them a 6
Dynamite Watkins Can the Tiny Tots give them a run for their money?
Colewort and Potato lifts K.O.
K.O. Here goes-- Oh.
Colewort My stalk!
Potato Aah!
Colewort and Potato throws K.O. to the zero score. K.O. groans
Dynamite Watkins Ooh, painful, just painful! Will the judges shows mercy to these pint-sized participants?
Mr. Gar gives them a 1. Vormulax gives them a 0. Carol nervously picks a number, she chooses 2.
K.O. Wha-- Mom!
Carol Sorry, honey! Just building your character!
Potato A 2? That's pretty generous!
K.O. (Groans) I'll never go pee again.
Transitions to next round
Dynamite Watkins Our penultimate round is... the Boulder Smash!
Mega Football Baby Aah!
Mega Football Baby smashes the boulder by this helmet
Mr. Gar gives him a 6, Carol a 7, and Vormulax a 6. A Real Magic Skeleton hits the boulder with his arm but his bones fall apart. Mr. Gar and Carol gives him a 4, Vormulax a 2
K.O. Finally, something I can punch! Hyah!
K.O. punches the boulder
K.O. Huh?
Crowd murmurs. Carol looks nervously. Vormulax blows a bubblegum. The boulder smashes. Crowd cheers. The judges gives him a 10
Carol Whew.
Transitions to the last round
Dynamite Watkins And, now, the final challenge-- the Plaza Relay! The winner will be awarded five billion points,
Puck Reverie and Glitter Starlight checks the track lines
Dynamite Watkins rendering all previous rounds worthless.
The Daring Defenders and the Cool Customers walks out
K.O. Come on, guys, we're doing great!
Colewort You're doing great.
K.O. Just one more round. We got this!
Potato I'm not a very good runner. But I believe in you, K.O.!
K.O. See, that's it-- think positive! We're on a streak! Nobody can stop us... now?
Potato is shocked and K.O. turns around. A Boxmore box falls from the sky, crushing the other teams.
Darrell (Box opens) Darrell.
Shannon (Opens her box) Shannon!
Raymond (Rose blooms) Raymond.
Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond We're the Menacing Machines. And we demand to participate!
Potato No!
Colewort shudders, K.O. grunts.
Mr. Gar (Opens and closes the book) Ain't no rule in the rule book that says three evil robots can't be in the Plazalympics. Go right ahead.
Shannon You mean I got all wound up for nothing? Silly me! (Chuckles)
K.O. (Thinking) If they win this, they'll get the key to the plaza and be able to enter it whenever they want! We have to win that race!
Potato Mm.
The other teams are injured.
Mr. Gar Runners, to your starting positions! On your marks... get set...
Mr. Gar blows whistle.
Potato (Runs and grunts) No one's passed me yet! I'm winning!
Darrell Ha! What a lamer.
Darrell uses his rocket boots to go fast.
Potato Lalalalalala. Huh?
Darrell (Catches up to Potato]) Meep, meep!
Darrell passes Potato.
Shannon That's my cue.
Darrell gives Shannon the baton and Shannon runs.
K.O. No!
Potato Here!
Potato hands baton to K.O., panting. K.O. catches up to Shannon.
Shannon You're pretty efficient for an organic life form. I'm impressed.
K.O. You're not getting that key, Shannon! We're gonna win!
Shannon Oh, no. You might be fast enough for me. But nobody's fast enough for him.
A close-up of Raymond stretching
Raymond Oh! Is it my turn already?
Shannon runs faster and hands the baton to Raymond
Raymond Ya!
Raymond runs faster as his energy beam blasts Colewort
Colewort Aah!
Colewort falls on the ground, crowd gasps
K.O. Colewort! Get up! You gotta run!
Colewort No. Please. I can't.
Raymond runs but he sees one of his shoes untied
Raymond Oh, no! My shoelaces came undone! Time-out!
Raymond ties his shoes
K.O. Get, up Colewort!
Potato You can do it!
K.O. Just finish the race!
Potato Come on, Colewort!
Colewort (Groans) What's the point? You don't even want to be on this team, K.O.. You wanted to be with your friends, not us, because they're way cooler, and I keep messing things up.
Potato Um--
Colewort Because I'm horrible.
Potato Colewort--
Colewort I'm horrible!
Potato Colewort!
Colewort What?!
Potato (Points to the steam clouds) What's that? Colewort?
The steam makes his move faster
Colewort Aaaaaaah!
Raymond finishes tying his shoes
Raymond There! Beautiful.
Colewort passes by Raymond producing steam to him making him sweat
Colewort Aah! Aaaaaaah!
Colewort crosses the red ribbon
Crowd cheers
Dynamite Watkins Simply incredible!
Firework explodes, Potato jumps
Dynamite Watkins The Tiny Tots have defied the odds, taking first place in the Plazalympics!
Darrell Hold it! That broccoli's a cheater!
Shannon It's called running, not... sweating!
Raymond wipes the sweat off with a towel
Raymond Therefore, first prize belongs to us.
Mr. Gar (Opens and closes book) Ain't no rule in the rule book that forbids a broccoli person's use of sweat's propulsion.
Shannon What?!
Mr. Gar But here are some participation trophies.
Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond receives the participation trophies from Mr. Gar
Shannon (Gasps) I-I don't know what to say.
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond head off to Boxmore with their trophies
Next scene shows a podium of the teams' placements
Mr. Gar Congratulations to all of our Plazalympians, especially the winners-- for winning!
The Cool Customers are third place
Mr. Gar Third place, to whom we present, this nice basket of fruits.
Carol shows them a basket of strawberries. Drupe feels nervous
Brandon Ah, sweet! I love fruits!
Brandon eats a strawberry. Drupe runs of sickness
Mr. Gar Second place, to whom we present, this handsome windbreaker.
Vormulax tosses the windbreaker to Enid
Enid Hm!
Rad Hey, wait a sec. Why do you get it?!
Rad gets a sleeve of a windbreaker
Enid I don't know. Ask Judge Vormulax. She's the one who tossed it to me.
Rad Get real. That toss was totally general! It could have been for--
Mega Football Baby gets the windbreaker
Mega Football Baby Interception!
Mega Football Baby runs
Rad Mega Football Baby?
Enid You don't even wear clothes!
Mr. Gar And to our first place winners... Hold on a second. I just gotta…
Mr. Gar gets out the key
Mr. Gar Where'd I put that--
Mr. Gar retracts his keys from the key to the plaza
Mr. Gar There we go! Key to the plaza.
Crowd cheers. K.O. signals Colewort to get the key. Colewort gets the key. Crowd chants "Colewort"
Potato (Hugs Colewort) Yay!
Dynamite Watkins Well, there ya have it, folks! By far, the most inspirational Plazalympian of all time!
K.O. (Claps) I really underestimated you. You're actually really cool. Would you want to h-hang to sometime? Colewort?
Colewort is in a car with some people laughing
Colewort Huh? oh, um... I kind of busy. Thanks, though. Smell ya later, J.O..
Colewort and the people drive off
K.O. Oh.
Potato Um... I-I'll hang out with you, K.O., if you want.
K.O. Hmm. Okay!
Potato Yay!
K.O. and Potato runs across the field
Singer You can still play. With the runner-up, buddy. And it's still pretty fun.
K.O. and Potato watch clouds
Singer It's still pretty fun.
K.O. and Potato are on a rollercoaster. The tracks reads BFF in cursive
Singer Ya-ha-hooey, wit-dit-dit-dit.
A heart-shaped locket of K.O. and Potato in it
Singer Ya-ha-hooey, wit-dit-dit-dit. [Locket closes] Ya-ha-hooey, wit-dit-dit-dit. Dit-dit-dit.
The episode ends

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