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"KO's Inner Monologue"

Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. peeking and inserting a mop to a bucket of water]
K.O. Hmm. [Squishes the mop] Hmm. [Thinking] Perfect. Today I mop the floor, showing that I’m capable of cleaning up after the mistakes of others. Yeah! I think that looks good. And being reliable is part of being a great hero. [Throws books in the air and gasps] Here comes my super-strong senior Enid.
[Enid comes with holding nachos and eats and spills nachos while she talks]
Enid [Muffled] Wow. These floors are squeaking clean. Nice job, K.O.
K.O. My training is paying off. [Mops] Keep it up, K.O.. At this rate, you’ll be the most reliable. [Gasps] What was that? Could it be an enemy? Ambush! Take that! [Knocks down cans] Of course. Preparation. Being prepared is key. Now I’ve been given a chance to improve my stacking ability. I can be a step closer to being great, like Radicles.
[Rad was sleeping on a box]
Rad Huh? What’s that? Someone thinking about me?
K.O. All right. Here we go. [Picks up cans] Let’s get stacking like a hero. [Stacks cans] Reliability, preparation, and organization.
Can Wizard Hey! What have you done to the palace of the Can Wizard?! [K.O. gasps] That’s the trouble with you all today—no respect!
K.O. [Reads a book] Amazing. Fantastic. The great sage. The real deal himself. I got to ask for his sagely advice.
Can Wizard Now you look here, large-haired child. [Steps on a can and slips] Whoa! Aah! Help this can wizard!
K.O. Help? Finally, the most important trait. I will help. Aaaah!
[Can Wizard and K.O. both slipped and triggered the pile of TNT, which caused an explosion in the bodega. K.O. takes the Can Wizard outside]
K.O. Excellent work, K.O.. The sage is safe from harm.
Can Wizard What is wrong with you?! [Hits K.O. with his cane]
K.O. That’s it! [Reads his book] What I must do is seek even more opportunities to further my hero-ness. [Closes book] Thank you sage. Without even saying a word of advice, I have learned from you. Now, with this newfound piece of wisdom, I will blossom even more.
Can Wizard Not another one of those young inner monologuers!
K.O. Help out even more sages and seek guidance. [Reopens his book] In no time, I will be a great sage.
[The short concludes]

"Action News"

Speaker Dialogue
[Globe Man appears to start the announcements]
Announcer This is Action News 52, bringing you your daily dose of action news with two-time-arm-wrestling-champion-turned-award-winning-news anchor, Dynamite Watkins.
[Dynamite Watkins appears from ripping through the wallpaper and flipping her table]
Dynamite Watkins A-A-A-ction! [Pants] This is Dynamite Watkins with the latest newsworthy action from the neutral zone. Tonight, we bring you the long-awaited clash between Ted Viking…
Ted Viking Yeah, hello.
Dynamite Watkins …and Big Bull Demon!
[Big Bull Demon laughs]
[Ted Viking and Big Bull Demon fights while the crowd watches them]
[Teamster moves the background out of the way and Dynamite Watkins walks to the Bodega]
Dynamite Watkins But, first, some local news. A robbery was thwarted at the otherwise-peaceful shopping complex, Lakewood Plaza Turbo. These three employees were eyewitness to the mayhem. [Background scene shows the Bodega damaged] Looks like quite the showdown happened here. [She puts the microphone towards Rad]
Rad I can field this one, Ms. Watkins. I just kind of single-handedly saved the day, you know. It went a little something like this. [Shows flashback] It was a little after lunch. [The robber enters the bodega] A never-do-well snuck in, looking to steal some bags of money from our bags-of-money aisle. [The robber grabs the bag of money] Unforch for him, he ran into a little something called Radicles.
[The robber is frightened at the sight of Rad]
Rad Grr.
Robber Eek!
Rad Oh, and Radicles’ fist. [Rad punches the robber as the flashback ends]
Dynamite Watkins Whoa! What a heroic tale.
Enid [Grabs the mic from Rad and scoffs] It actually went down like this. [Starts another flashback] I noticed the thief before Radicles did [Enid pops out of a disguise while the robber was sneaking out] and set up a ninja shadow trap… [The shadow grabs the robber] which allowed Rad to do whatever he did. [Rad punches the robber]
Dynamite Watkins Mind blown!
Enid So yeah, it was basically all me.
Rad Hey! Don’t take credit for my heroics!
Enid Ba-ba-ba! Ba-ba!
Enid & Rad Ba-ba-ba! Ba-ba! Ba-ba-ba-ba!
[K.O. takes the mic from Enid]
K.O. Hey, Ms. Watkins, ma’am? Actually, I caught the thief.
Dynamite Watkins, Enid, & Rad You?
K.O. I was the one who tied him up.
[Shows the robber beat up and tied up]
Dynamite Watkins, Enid, & Rad [Falls] Bluh!
Dynamite Watkins Oh! But wait. How did the bodega get destroyed, then? [The A from the sign falls off]
Enid Oh, that was an unrelated incident. We were having a contest to see who could juggle the most bombs.
[Enid, Rad, and K.O. holds the bombs]
Dynamite Watkins There you have it! [The bombs exploded] Dynamite Watkins signing off. And now the weather.
Meteorologist Thanks Dynamite. For tonight’s forecast, everything is on fire! [The map shows fire]
[The short concludes]

"Life of Darrell"

Speaker Dialogue
[Ernesto turns on the camera]
Lord Boxman How do you think people will think yet? Is that thing on? Ehem. Greetings viewers. Have you ever wondered where the robots that attack Lakewood Plaza come from? Well, now witness the birth of one.
[Darrell comes from a generator]
Darrell Hiya Dad! Who you talking to?
Lord Boxman It does not matter and you don’t call me Dad, it's Lord Boxman! Now go destroy my enemies!
Darrell Ok Lord Boxdad!
Lord Boxman [short groan] So now you see, every robot is a unique and precious destroying machines.
[Darrell blows up, Boxman groans]
[Darrell comes back to the generator]
Darrell Hey! A new me! Sorry me number 5073 got beat up.
Lord Boxman Don’t you see that? Lord Boxman is producing an important [Inaudible], and I can’t get you blow up to useless bits, [Angrily] BY MY ARCH ENEMIES!
[Darrell waves to the camera]
Darrell Well Dad, maybe you could give me a special weapon to fight with.
Lord Boxman ENOUGH! One job! ONE! [Has a very big box] Now this will get the job done.
[Puts the box on Darrell, gets the box out with weapons]
Darrell Woah! Slammin!
Lord Boxman Now go destroy those meddling kids! You see the things I do as a father of teenage robots with a hive mind. Now-
K.O. Woah! It's a [Inaudible]
Enid, Rad, & K.O. We’ll have to unpack him!
[They start to fight]
[Darrell explodes]
Lord Boxman Hmmhmhm.
Darrell Dad! Dad! Those plaza heroes are real strong!
Rad Hey Boxman!
Enid Why don’t you think outside the box for once!
Lord Boxman Gahhh, alright, why don’t we skip forward to this montage, viewers! Prepare to have your cranium dissipated, observe.
K.O. Woah, is that a giant robot?
Lord Boxman Yes, that iS a giant robot.
[Giant Darrell is apparently weak, he explodes]
[Way too many Darrells comes up]
Darrells Hey Dad!
Giant Darrell Hi Dad!
[The short ends with a heart shaped iris closing on Lord Boxman]

"Where in the World is Mr. Gar?"

Speaker Dialogue
[Rad is about to toss the can to K.O.]
Rad Okay, K.O., go long!
[K.O. starts running and panting]
Rad Hyyyyyah! [Throws the can]
[The can went through K.O.’s hair, creating a hole and smashes a cardboard cut-out of Mr. Gar]
Rad Homey, that was Mr. Gar’s favorite display.
Enid Calling him.
[Mr. Gar picks up the signal and he growls]
[Enid, K.O., and Rad were frightened]
Enid Uh, is this a good time, sir?
Mr. Gar Top secret mission. Watcha need?
K.O. Um, sorry, Mr. Gar. I broke your favorite display stand.
Mr. Gar Huh. Good thing I bought like 50 of them. Go grab another from the back. And clean up this mess! [Signs off]
Enid, K.O., & Rad Yes, sir!
K.O. Oh, man! Mr. Gar is so cool!
Rad I wish I knew what he did on those super secret missions.
Enid Or at least what planet he’s on when we call him.
K.O. Can we call him up again and find out?
Enid Sure thing, bud. But you are gonna have to use your trademark K.O. charm to win him over. Uh, let’s call him away from the mess we haven’t cleaned up yet.
[Calls Mr. Gar]
Mr. Gar [Growl] What do you want this time?
K.O. So… what kinda mission are you on now?
Mr. Gar Need-to-know basis. Don’t call me again unless it’s an emergency!
K.O. Ugh! That only made me more curious!
Enid Sorry, bud. You heard the man. No emergency, no calls.
Rad Hmm.
Enid, K.O., & Rad Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar!
Enid It’s an emergency! We ran out of ice cream! We need you down here to—[Mr. Gar drops a big box of ice cream] Mr. Gar, there’s a huge hole in the ceiling! By the way, which planet are you— [He replaces the hole in the ceiling with a new ceiling]
Enid, K.O., & Rad Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar!
Mr. Gar [Angry] Enough!! [Comes out of the hologram] I have had enough of you three bothering me for every little thing!
Enid Mr. Gar, you were here in the plaza the whole time?
Mr. Gar Yes, I have been at the plaza doing very important things! Why are you interrupting my secret mission?!
K.O. Is that a video game?
Mr. Gar [Shocked] Oh! That was my last—
Enid, K.O., & Rad Oh, wow! Duck Stack! You play Duck Stack?! That game’s the best!
Mr. Gar [Breathes fires] Get back to work!!
[The short concludes]

"Enid vs. Rad"

Speaker Dialogue
[K.O. plays Duck Stack]
Enid All right, all right. Keep going.
Rad Can you— Whoa!
[Sees a flipped box on the ground]
Enid Oh, no, no, no, no! How did you drop that?
Rad Pbht. Well, maybe if you just stop yammering and let me do my job!
Enid Maybe if you did your job right, I wouldn’t have to!
[Enid and Rad grunt]
Rad All you do is sit there and say things to customers all day. I bet I could do better than you.
Enid Is that a challenge I hear?!
Rad Sure is!
Enid [Stomps on Rad’s foot] Pbht! It’s on, stock boy. There will be tears.
[Rad laughs]
Rad & Enid Hmph!
[They both trade positions]
K.O. These ducks just won’t get along.
Rad [Approaches to the counter] All righty, then. [Chuckles] This is gonna be a piece of cake. [Snoring]
Customer 1 Excuse me?
Rad [Wakes up] Huh?
Customer 1 I have a coupon for a laser sword, but I want to use it on a laser shield.
Rad Um… I think you should go. [Tosses the customer]
Customer 2 Do these power bananas come in a straight shape? I can’t eat curved things. Whoa! Ah! [Rad tosses him]
Customer 3 Excuse me.
Rad Gah! [Grunts] [Tosses the customer again]
Customer 4 Hey, I wanna buy all my groceries in all pennies! [Spills the pennies from a bag]
Rad [Grunts and tosses the customer]
[Many customers are seen shouting]
[Enid prepares to do Rad’s job]
Enid Who does that meathead think he is? [Stacks a couple of boxes while struggling] [Sighs] How does that beefcake do this every day? [Pushes a button to reveal more boxes] Huh? [Gasps] Ugh!
Rad [Comes in the break room] Bwah!
[Rad and Enid grunts and pants]
Rad I don’t know how you do it, Enid. There are so many facets of customer service that don’t involve lifting.
Enid I gotta hand it to you, too, Rad. Lifting boxes all day is a lot harder than yelling at someone else to do it for you.
[K.O. wins at Duck Stack]
K.O. Yes!
[The episode ends off]

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