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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Rad posting flyers of “Plaza Prom” on the iFrame Outlet. The titlecard appears.
Rad Yeah, that oughta do it.
K.O. tied to a rope.
K.O. Hey, Rad! Whatcha doin'?
Rad Not much, just putting up some invitations.
K.O. To… proome? Whassat?
Rad Pro-o-m is what I like to call the upcoming coolest party to be hosted by yours truly, whom I like to call… the coolest host to ever be.
K.O. Huh… what’s a host?
Rad Uh, it’s like the hero of the party or whatever.
K.O. Hee… rooooo!!
K.O. climbs on Rad, Rad screams.
K.O. Can I go, can I go, can I go, can I go?
Rad picks up K.O.
Rad Hold up, K.O.
Rad set K.O. down.
Rad Can you be… co-o-ol?
K.O. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
Rad Good! ‘Cause I’m gonna get all the cool kids to come, and I’m gonna be so cool that it’s… ra-a-ad. And the whole plaza will realize!
K.O. Rad, you're already cool.
Rad Tch! I know I am. But it’s… possible… some people… may not… yet…
Flashbacks to Red Action, Drupe, and Gregg doing cool things with Rad barely seen. Rad carries frames.
Rad I can’t carry around my shame like this anymore! That’s why this party’s gotta be perfect, K.O.. My rep’s on the line!
K.O. I won’t soil your rep! I can be cool.
K.O. chortles.
Rad Perfect. I now pronounce you [puts a bowtie on K.O.] my cool sub-host.
K.O. That sounds amazing!
Rad It is!
Rad hands K.O. a big stack of flyers.
Rad Now, go put up the rest of these invitations.
K.O. You got it!
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon sees the flyers but backwards.
Brandon What the heck is “morp”?
A Real Magic Skeleton It’s “prom”, you goon. It’s backwards.
Brandon Ohhhhhh. Sweet! I’m gonna text my date.
Brandon texts his phone.
A Real Magic Skeleton Ahhh, I’m gonna text mine, too.
A Real Magic Skeleton texts his phone.
A Real Magic Skeleton I totally have one, too.
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon both text faster. K.O. posts the flyers for Prom around the plaza, then Carol gets in the way.
Carol K.O.?
Carol gets a flyer.
Carol Ohh! You kids are having a prom.
K.O. Mm-hmm.
Carol Well, who’s the lucky devil taking my boy to prom?
K.O. Oh! [Grunts] Well… technically, I’m not a guest, but… Rad didn’t say I couldn’t bring a date. Will you be my date?
Carol picks up K.O..
Carol Of course I will, Peanut!
Carol kisses K.O. on the cheek.
K.O. Okay, okay! See you tonight, Mama!
Carol This function’s gonna need some chaperones. Hmm…
Crinkly Wrinkly waves.
Crinkly Wrinkly He-e-ey!
Crinkly Wrinkly laughs.
Carol Eek!
Mr. Gar [Brooming] Ho, ho, hey ohhh.
Carol Ha! Eugene!
Carol points to Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar Huh?!
Carol You’re going to prom!
Mr. Gar D’oh! Uh…
Rad So, there’s gonna be music and a dance floor.
Drupe is on her phone, Red Action blows a bubblegum and Gregg stands by a wall.
Rad Oh! And food. Wh-what do you guys say? You wanna come to prom?
Drupe Nah. Maybe.
Drupe, Red Action and Gregg walk away.
Rad Oh, yeah. That’s cool. All right, see you then. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
K.O. Rad, Rad, Rad!
Rad K.O.! [Picks up K.O.] I need you to go find Enid and then both of you meet me at my van in 10 minutes.
K.O. Hm!
The timecard display as “30 minutes later”. Rad and K.O. are already near the Rad Van while Enid walks slowly.
Rad The alleyway teens are a solid “maybe” and we have a lot to get done before prom. K.O., I have something special for you.
Rad opens his van to see a chest.
Rad This… is the party scroll, handed down to me [Gets out the scroll] by my cousin’s friend Blaine. [Hands it to K.O.] It contains all the information needed in order to host the perfect party.
K.O. Whooooa.
Rad Enid. [Enid moves the van a little with her foot] Enid! Ugh. D.J. Fireball? [Stops rocking the van] How’s the prom playlist coming along?
Enid Ah, yeah, I mean, I’m actually kind proud of it. [Hands Rad her phone]
Rad [Scrolls through] Enid, what the heck?! I don’t recognize any of these bands!
Enid So? They’re good to dance to, trust me.
Rad Dance? The scroll says I should just bob my head and look cool.
Enid is in a state of confusion.
Rad Please? The scroll says you gotta play popular music, okay?
Enid Ugh, fine.
Rad [He hands Enid’s phone to Enid] Thank yo-o-ou! [Hugs both K.O. and Enid] With you two following the scroll’s explicit instructions, this is gonna be the best prom ever.
The next scene shows a nighttime, the prom is set up and guests are at the event
A couple of people enter prom. Rad opens the entrance.
Rad Welcome. Welcome. Psst! K.O.! Have you seen any cool kids yet?
K.O. Umm…
K.O. pokes Rad.
Enid (Opens up “Mainstream Trash” album and starts the music) All right, party people. Let’s… get… get it… Ohh… mmpf…
The crowd seems unpleased
K.O. Horse doorves, anyone? Hors dor-ves? Hors dowr-ve, Rad? No? Oh, okay. Horse doorvers?
Rad [Thinking] Why is no one dancing? I can’t look cool if no one else is making a fool of themselves!
K.O. Horsie doorvre? May I interest you in some hors? Uh, are you guys okay?
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon are anger at each other.
A Real Magic Skeleton I would be, if I wasn’t in the company of a huge liar [His head floats next to Brandon with purple flames] who lies about having a date!
Brandon I am not lying! I bet she’s just… stuck in traffic!
A Real Magic Skeleton There’s no traffic! Smooth sailing!
They argue
K.O. (Squeaky) Would you like a cheese?
Brandon I would looooove a cheese!
(Brandon eats the whole plate of cheese)
K.O. I’m gonna go. (Serves the plate of drinks) Drink, sir? Drink, ma’am? Ma’am, would you like a drink? (sees Carol looking attractive) Whoooa! (Throws the drinks away) You look so beautiful!
Carol Ha! You gonna give me the honor of a dance sometime tonight?
K.O. I gotta get back to work.
Mr. Gar pants and sweats. Drinks the whole punch
Colewort (Grabs a cup but puts it back) Huh? Oh.
Carol You serve those appetizers!
Mr. Gar (Slides through Carol’s sight) Hello, Carol. How you— are you doing?
Carol I’m pretty good. Enjoying yourself?
Mr. Gar (Strained) Hello, Carol. How are you doing?
Carol Uhh, are you okay, Gene?
Mr. Gar (Straining more) Hello, Carol. How are you doing?
Carol (Walks away) Oh, boy.
Mr. Gar pants
Rad (Gasps as he sees the “alleyway teens”) Hey, guys. So cool you were able to make it.
Drupe Hey, Rad. So, when’s the party starting?
Rad It already started!
Drupe Your idea of prom was a tent in a parking lot?
Rad laughs nervously.
Drupe The only person on the dance floor is Crinkly Wrinkly!
Crinkly Wrinkly dances as the crowd are weirded out or not watching him.
Drupe Ugh, I can’t believe I wore my good shoes for this.
Rad falls on the floor
Potato helps Colewort lift closer to the bowl of dip.
Colewort A little… higher… Agh! [Falls into the bowl of dip]
Potato Colewort!
Colewort has dip in his eyes.
Colewort Aaaahhhhh!!
Enid is on life support as a nurse is near her. The crowd is bored. Colewort is running away from Potato.
Potato Coley, hold still!
K.O. (Thinking) Oh no! I’m failing Rad! What do I do?
Rad (A head imagination) The scroooooooll…
K.O. (The scroll comes out of his hair) Oh, yeah! Hmm… Huh?
A rose comes flying out of the sky. The crowd gasps. The rose blooms to reveal Raymond.
Raymond You’re having a shindig without me? The Prince of Panache?
K.O. (Thinking) Crud! Uh, evil robot party crashers… chu, chu, chu!
Raymond No matter, I’m sure it was just a… (Shoots out his weapon) mistake. Hm? [Sees the mess] Oh, this is horrendous. It seems like this party’s already wrecked.
Rad cries.
K.O. None of this stuff works! There’s gotta be something good on here. Blaine? Blaine?!
K.O. crumbles the scroll and tosses to A Real Magic Skeleton’s eye socket
A Real Magic Skeleton Ugh!
K.O. Let’s save this dance.
Raymond was about to go back to his rose.
K.O. Hold it, Raymond! Don’t you know a jumpin’ party when you see one?
K.O. ropes Rad with a microphone.
K.O. You’re just in time for the… [Lassos Rad to the dance floor] dance battle!
Rad The what?
Raymond A dance battle? Now that’s more like it!
Rad Dance-off? What are you doing? It’s not on the scroll.
Raymond stretches in the background.
K.O. Have you been doing everything that the scroll says?
Rad Yeeess.
K.O. Is this party fun?
Rad No…
K.O. Then maybe, we should forget the scroll! Fireball!
Enid wakes up.
K.O. Enough of that noise. Play what’s in your heart!
Enid pulls out “good music” and turns on. Red Action, Drupe, and Gregg starts to enjoy the music. Rad and Raymond has their dance off. The crowd watches them. Drupe and Red Action becomes impressed. The crowd cheers for Rad.
Raymond Grrrrr! [Transforms into a different outfit] Rockadooooo!!
Rad gasps. Raymond does another dance move.
Chickens Ohhhh, Ray-Ray! (Falls down)
Rad and Raymond continues battling. Rad pushes Raymond away. Raymond throws Rad up.
Rad Whoaaa!
Raymond blasts to Rad. The beams hit the disco ball and disintegrate. Rad dances on Raymond.
Raymond (Throws Rad off) Whoo-ha!
Rad Whoa! (Jumps on Raymond) Whee-ha! Yaaahooooooo!!
Rad finishes off the dance battle
Raymond (Gasps) Wa-hoo! (Flys away)
The crowd cheers. They carry him up and down. One crowd says “yeah, Rad!”
Drupe Rad, I didn’t know you could actually dance!
Rad Oh! (Laughs) Uh, yeah.
Drupe This prom ended up being pretty cool, I think. Take a pic with me, okay?
Drupe takes selfie with Rad. They both dance
A Real Magic Skeleton [Throws the paper away] Sorry for getting up in your grill earlier. I’m actually the one who lied about having a date. I just didn’t want you to think I was lame.
Brandon No way, dude! You’re my fav! Plus, I lied about having a date, too. We’re both garbage! Here, take my corsage. [Gives it to A Real Magic Skeleton]
A Real Magic Skeleton Wow… thanks, dude! Take mine, too.
A Real Magic Skeleton puts his corsage on Brandon’s head. They and the crowd haves fun.
Mr. Gar Ke— ah— uh— C-C—
Carol You wanna dance?
Mr. Gar nods “yes” and Carol drags him. Enid steps down from her DJ station to dance with K.O.. A couple of pictures were taken. K.O. and Enid danced. Drupe and Rad toke a selfie. Mr. Gar nervous holding flowers to Carol. A photo of A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon. Crinkly Wrinkly dancing as the crowd are unamused. A photo of Potato and Colewort and the last photo of Enid, K.O., and Rad. The episode ends

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