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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with Carol driving to the plaza]
K.O. Ooh! Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom…
Carol [Takes off seatbelt] I’ll stop making you sit in that when you stop climbing onto Mommy’s lap while she’s driving. [K.O. struggles to take off the seatbelt of his baby seat] What’s got you so riled up, anyway? I go to work with you every day, peanut.
K.O. Today’s not every day— It’s Plaza Parents Day! [K.O. and Carol enters the Bodega to see people with their parents as well] [Titlecard appears] So many parents! I wanna meet ‘em all! Rad! [K.O. jumps on Rad’s arms] Boop. Where are your parents?

[Imagines Rad’s parents] They must be super-cool buff, like you.

Ofrang [Accidentally made a pile of pickle jars while getting a pickle jar] Blorples.
Theodosia [Comes out of the pile] Blorp!
Rad Ugh. Meet my parents.
Carol Hey, there. I’m Carol!
Ofrang We are Ofrang and Theodosia. Do you know where the ray guns are, Carl?
Carol What?
Rad Ugh, always with the ray guns. They’re on aisle 4, Dad! What is with you and ray guns, anyway?
Theodosia We just think they’re neat.
Ofrang Uh, thank you, son. Blorp, blorp!
K.O. [Chuckles] They seemed nice.
Rad They’re a lot.
[K.O. slides to the counter while Enid is reading her newspaper]
K.O. So… where are your parents, Enid? [Rad peeks]
Enid My parents are ninjas from a really cool ninja clan. They’re too busy being ninjas, and can’t come. Anyway, my shift’s over. Gotta go. Bye. [Falls to an opened tile to escape]
Rad I didn’t know we had shifts.
K.O. Rad! If Enid can’t enjoy Parents Day with us, maybe we can bring Parents Day to her!
Rad Ha! Okay. Let’s swing by her house and meet her there.
K.O. [Rad and K.O. leaves the Bodega] Mom! I’m gonna go spy on Enid!
Carol ‘Kay.
Ofrang Radicles! Uh, don’t forgot this. [Gives him a ray gun]
Rad Oh, Dad!
Ofrang [Kisses Rad on the cheek] Mwah. Blorp, bleep!
[The scene shows the Rad Van driving]
Rad Enid’s house should be on this block.
K.O. [Opens the glove compartment] How do you know where Enid lives?
Rad I took a look at her personnel file, that’s how.
K.O. Hey! That’s sneaky!
Rad Then I guess you don’t want to know any super-cool secret facts about Enid? Like her favorite color?
K.O. Ooh. Oh! What is it?! Green?!
Rad [To K.O.’s ear] It’s… purple.
K.O. Whoa.
Rad K.O.! I think this it it!
K.O. Huh? [Sees Enid walking to her house] [Gasps, Look, here she comes!
Rad Wait, she’s not stopping.
K.O. Where’s she going?
[They see Enid head to a dark house]
K.O. & Rad What…?! [Enid opens her bag] Wha…?!
[Enid puts on a witch hat and transforms into a witch. She enters her house]
K.O. Wha…? Enid’s going trick-or-treating without us?
Rad Ugh.
[K.O. and Rad goes to the window of Enid’s house to see her]
K.O. Do you see Enid?
Rad Wait, look! [A bat approaches but turns into a vampire] Enid’s mom is… a hot vampire? [A werewolf comes to kisses the vampire] And her dad is a hot werewolf?
K.O. Enid’s parents are ninjas and monsters?
Rad I don’t think they’re ninjas.
K.O. But… why would Enid lie to us?
Enid [Sees out the window] ‘Cause it’s none of your business, yo goons. [K.O. and Rad screams] [Whispering] Shh! You guys need to get out of here.
K.O. You said your parents were busy ninjas, but they’re just kissing and a-aren’t ninjas.
Enid My family is embarrassing, and I like to keep my private life private. So you need to go before they see you and—
Wilhamena [At the window as well] Enid! You have guests! Please, join us for dinner!
K.O. & Rad We’d love to!
Enid Grrrrrrrrr!
Wilhamena Welcome, welcome! Don’t be shy!
Bernard [K.O. and Rad are under his shoulders] Looks like we caught ourselves a couple of trespassers, huh, Wil?
Wilhamena Oh, yes. Let’s devour their souls.
[Wilhamena and Bernard cackles]
Bernard Oh, we’re just messin’ with ya!
Rad Ha. Ha, ha.
Bernard Oop, where are our manners? We should introduce ourselves. I’m Bernard.
Wilhamena And I’m Wilhamena!
[Bernard hugs Wilhamena]
Bernard & Wilhamena We’re Enid’s parents!
Bernard [Sniffs] Aw, cripes, dinner’s burning!
Wilhamena Oh!
Bernard Why don’t you give ‘em a tour, querida? [Kisses her]
Wilhamena Yes! A tour! Lovely! [Enid growls] This is our main foyer. Sorry it’s a bit dusty. Our housekeeper recently bought the farm. [The portraits’ eyes move]
K.O. Oh, so she moved to the country. [Enid growls again]
Rad Say, uh, do you have any skeletons in the closet?
Wilhamena We do, but we don’t like to talk about it.
Rad What about ghosts in the basement?
Wilhamena Yes, but they’re really annoying.
Rad Would there happen to be any… bats in the belfry?
Wilhamena Sometimes I hang out up there, yes. Such an inquisitive young man.
[Rad giggles and Enid growls]
K.O. Huh? [Sees two monsters walking out]
Wilhamena Oh, and here’s Enid’s bedroom!
Enid [Appears to stop Rad from seeing her bedroom] Nope!
[Rad chuckles and Enid hisses]
Bernard [Howls] Supper’s ready! [Hits a gong]
[The next scene shows Rad, K.O., Enid, and Enid’s parents at dinner. The dinner setting magically sets down]
Rad Ooh.
K.O. Ahh. [The two monsters appear] Aah!
Wilhamena Boris and Icky, thank you for helping. Can you believe they’ve got the lead roles in their ghoul school play?
[A plate of eyes and lizard was at sight]
K.O. [Chuckles nervously] That’s lovely, Mrs. Enid’s Mom.
Bernard Boy, Enid, you haven’t had any friends over since your little pal Elodie! I mean, who’re we gonna show all these photos to? [Gets a big family album]
Wilhamena Oh, it’s been so long.
Bernard Let’s have a looksie.
Enid [Tries to cover Rad and K.O.] No, don’t look! Stop it!
[First photo shows Enid with a wand]
Bernard Baby Enid’s first wand.
[Second photo shows her up in a tree]
Wilhamena And her first broom ride.
[Third photo shows her with her dad]
Bernard Aw, her first wart.
[Fourth photo shows her wearing a pizza costume]
Wilhamena Here she is dressed like a pizza for no reason. [That photo shows her dancing] This one moves.
[Fifth photo shows her angry at present day]
Bernard And here she is right now.
[Enid growls]
Bernard & Wilhamena [Hugs the family book] Aww!
Rad Please— Please tell me there’s more!
Bernard Of course there’s more!
[Rad and K.O. laughs. Next scene shows a pair of ghosts]
Crudde Hey. [Turns on the light] You hear that? I think these fellas is laughin’ at our spooky lifestyle!
Spanky Duh, ya think so?
Crudde [Punches Spanky] Ain’t you listenin;, ya nudnik?! Whaddya, got plasma in ya ears? I knows they laughin’ at us! And you know what else I think Spanky?
Spanky What’s that, Crudde?
Crudde I think we oughta teach these bozos what’s really funny.
Spanky [Chuckles] Oh, we ain’t had no fun like that in a while!
[Crudde and Spanky laughs and enters to the air vents]
[Rad and K.O. laughs as Enid felt embarrassed]
K.O. You know, Enid, I don’t get why you keep tellin’ everybody you’re a ninja.
[Enid’s eyes pop out of her hat]
Wilhamena Did you say ninja? He said ninja.
K.O. Being a witch is…
Enid [Covers K.O.’s mouth] Shh!
K.O. [Muffled] …just as cool.
Bernard Oh, Enid. Are you still at it with this ninja nonsense? How many times do I have to tell you? This is a spooky household.
Bernard & Wilhamena Ninjas are not spooky!
Enid No, look, I’m not a— I-I never said I was a— Okay, maybe— maybe once, but I… [Groans]
[Rad laughs. Crudde signals Spanky to posses them. Crudde takes Rad and Spanky takes K.O.]
[Rad is dancing on the table]
Enid Are you that amused by my suffering? [Rad kicks a plate of eyes to Bernard. Bernard eats it] Dad, sorry! [K.O. dances on the table as well] K.O.?!
Wilhamena Oh, fun! I wan to join, too! [Gets on the table as well] I’ve been needing to shake these old bones. [Chuckles] Get up her, handsome. [Grabs Bernard’s hands]
Enid This… is the worst thing to ever happen to me. [Whispering] Why are you punishing me?
Corn Shepard [Looks down] Hmm. Mm-mm?
Enid The pain is never-ending.
Boris & Icky [Raises their hands] Mm.
Wilhamena What’s that, booboos? [Boris and Icky points up] Ghosts? [Rad and K.O. bonk heads each other floating] Hmm. That doesn’t seem right. Spanky and Crudde, is that you in there?! Leave those boys alone!
Crudde [In Rad’s body] We’re just givin’ these kids an extra-spooky welcome. Ain’t that right?
Spanky [In K.O.’s body] Yeah. Why don’t ya join us?
[They both fly out of the house. Enid’s parents and brother comes out of the house. Rad and K.O. goes to a car]
Crudde Whoo!
Spanky Let’s drive recklessly!
Crudde Yeah. floor it!
[Spanky drives recklessly. Bernard jumps to catch them]
Spanky & Crudde Whoa!
Crudde Tree, tree, tree, tree, tree!
[Spanky laughs. Bernard lands on the hood of the car and stops the car. However, K.O. and Rad escapes]
Spanky Smell ya later, mangy mutt!
Bernard Hey.
[Rad and K.O. flies up. Wilhamena gets Icky’s and Boris’ heads and transforms into a bat to toss the heads to K.O. and Rad]
Enid Okay, I’m done sulking. What’s hap— [Sees chaos happening] [Chuckles nervously] Ugh. [Transforms into her normal outfit]
Bernard & Wilhamena [Misses and head bunks each other] Aagh!
Crudde & Spanky [Laughs but when they see Enid’s shadow, they stopped laughing] Aah! [Sucked into a tornado]
[Enid grabs out a rope with spear at the end to tie up Rad and K.O. They struggle to escape]
Crudde We’re stuck.
[Wilhamena sucks Crudde and Spanky out of Rad’s and K.O.’s body]
Crudde & Spanky Aah! [Wilhamena spits them out] Aah! [Icky and Boris closes the door] Aah! [Lands on their bed]
Spanky Ahh.
Crudde That was very satisfying.
K.O. Ugh.
Rad Whoa.
K.O. I feel sick.
Rad What just happened?
Wilhamena We saved your lives.
Rad Oh, neat.
[Enid tries to get back in her house but her mom catches her]
Wilhamena Enid, a word.
Enid I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I-I won’t do ninja stuff ever again!
Bernard That was so…
Bernard & Wilhamena Spooky!
Wilhamena I almost peed a little! [Chuckles] Is that what you’ve been practicing all this time? Oh, we really had the wrong idea.
Bernard We are just so darn ignorant.
Wilhamena How could we have been so discouraging? Oh, my little ninja! [Pinches Enid’s cheek] Who is sometimes a witch, though, because she looks so cute. Right? Oh! A winja?
Bernard Oh, a winja— I like that.
Enid Please stop saying winja. But, uh, you know, there’s this Parents Day thing at the Plaza. You could come by next time?
Bernard We’d love that.
[Wilhamena and Bernard kisses Enid’s cheeks]
Enid [To Bernard] Quit slobbering on me.
K.O. [Has candy] Ooh, wow! [Waves back to Icky and Boris who was waving to him] Thanks for the candy, Boris and Icky! Psst! Enid. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. [Whispers to Enid’s ear] Purple. [Giggles and heads to Rad’s van]
Enid All right, Rad, go ahead. Get all your laughter out.
Rad Ha, what? I was never laughing at you, Enid.
Enid Uh, yeah, you were. You were literally like… [Imitates Rad’s laugh] …the whole time.
Rad Man, you know I just express myself in the most obnoxious way. I was really laughing at how much I relate. You think your parents are the most embarrassing people in the world? Well, mine are the most embarrassing in the universe! I actually think your family’s really rad, though. And I don’t use that word for nothin’.
Enid Yeah, thanks, Rad. You guys should come over again sometime— when I actually invite you.
Rad [Laughs] For sure. See ya tomorrow, Enid. [Heads to his van]
K.O. [Waves to Enid] Bye-bye, Enid!
[Enid closes the door and the episode ends]

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