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The OK K.O.! Original Soundtracks is a list of tracks that are used from the show. Mint Potion composes these tracks for the show. Many tracks can be listened to the Mint Potion SoundCloud's website.


Crossover Nexus - Individual Cues


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Let's Meet Sonic



  • The "Do You Have Any More In The Back" album title is incorrectly titled as "Do You Have Any More In Black".

Songs Other: Lakewood Plaza TurboLet's Watch the ShowIt's Only Magic

Season 1: Barkin' is a Form of ArfBoxman's SongThe Diarrhea SongEvery Second MattersFollow OrdersFrame Your Picture!!!Untitled I Am Dendy SongK.O.'s LamentMy Mommy is CoolPainwreckUntitled Plazalympics SongP.O.I.N.T. SongRad's RapRad RulesSkeleton RemoteStar-Crossed LoversTwo of HeartsWash Your Hands
Season 2: Untitled Boxman Crashes SongI Wanna Get Out of HereHappy Halloween RapUntitled Sidekick Scouts SongTextbook Train
Season 3: Focus Pocus

Soundtracks A Friendship That Will Remain Forever
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