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[The episode starts off with K.O., Gladys, Gertie, and Ginger at the Fitness Dojo laughing]

Gladys: [Holds out a gummy worm] Ready for another one, K.O.?

K.O.: Mmm! Ah. [Eats a gummy worm]

Gladys, Gertie, and Ginger: Aw. How cute! [Laughs]

Ginger: Aren’t you precious? [Holds out a lollipop] Here, have another. [K.O. gasps and eats the lollipop] [Chuckles] You know, you remind me of someone I used to know who really loved candy.

K.O.: Who’s that?

Ginger: Well, you see… when I was younger, I used to be a notorious candy thief. [Titlecard appears] [Flashback shows] And I had a sidekick that helped me on all my capers. Golly.

K.O.: Where is he now?

[Ginger and Golly runs with a stash of candy]

Ginger: On our last heist together, we were surrounded by coppers! [Cops shooting a catching mechanism] And he ended up taking the fall for me. [Golly pushes Ginger out with him getting captured] He was such a sweet young boy, just like you.

[Flashback ends]

K.O.: Wow. A sweet young boy.

Ginger: [Sighs] To be young again. Enjoy it while you can, son. I’d do anything to have my youth back!

K.O.: Aw, I’m sorry, Miss Ginger. I-I wish there was something I could do to help.

Ginger: [Gasps] Funny you mention, sonny. It just so happens [shows a flyer] that there’s a candy gallery next to the plaza [Hands it to K.O.] that’s displaying The Ponce!

K.O.: The Ponce?

Ginger: Yep! It’s a rare candy that turns you young again with a single lick! It only works for 10 minutes, though. Mmm! [Giggles] Ah, num, num, num, num, num. Num, num, num, num, num, num.

K.O.: Ms. Ginger, I will help you! I’ll get you the Ponce so you can relive your youth! [Gets out his wallet] How much does it cost?

Ginger: Ooh! Oh, K.O., you adorable little nugget! We can’t buy it. We’re gonna have to steal it! [Laughs evilly]

K.O.: Steal it? B-But stealing is wrong! We can’t do that!

Ginger: [Rolls eyes] Oh. I guess you’re right. An old woman’s happiness is nothing compared to doing the right thing. Even though no one at all will get hurt. [Crying] Oh, oh! [Wails]

K.O.: Fine! I’ll help you borrow it, but we’re returning it right after, okay?

Ginger: [Gets up] So our first task… [Shows a shot of the museum of their plan] we’re gonna case the joint. We’re gonna become part of the museum. [K.O. sticks out of Ginger’s disguise and takes pictures and places them for the plan] I want to know everything about the place, the whole “bizniz.” Every security camera, every exit, fastest escape routes. We’re gonna learn the position of the security guards, their strengths, weaknesses. This is gonna be a big one!

[K.O. and Ginger enters the Special Exhibit, while K.O. takes images. Both gasps]

K.O.: There it is.

Ginger: The Ponce.

K.O.: Whoa. Legendary candy. You know, this is really fun.

Ginger: Oh, isn’t it? It’s just like the good ol’ days. Just my precious partner [Pinches K.O.’s cheek] and I on a blood-pumping mission! Whoo! [Laughs] [K.O. takes the last image of The Ponce] [Next scene shows the bathroom] Step one accomplished.

[A toilet flushes. Carol got out of the bathroom]

Carol: Heya! [Exits the bathroom]

Ginger: Now, then! On to step two. We’re going to strike at midnight! [Points to an image of a clock]

K.O.: Midnight?! Aw, that’s past my bedtime!

Ginger: Erm, well, [Takes off the image] 6:00p.m., then.

K.O.: 6:00p.m.!

Ginger: Yes, we’re gonna sneak in and hit those suckers hard and fast! By the time we steal— I mean, borrow that candy, we’ll be gone like the wind. [Gasps] This is fantastic, K.O.! [Hugs him] You are a real sweet pie, [Pinches his nose and mouth] you know that? I love this! The thrill, the adventure, the danger. But watch your back! Because there’s always a double-cross at the end.

K.O.: Double-cross?

Ginger: It’s when you trick your loyal partner at the end and run off with the prize. But I would never double-cross you, K.O.. [K.O. and Ginger giggles] So here’s the doozy. [Ginger goes to museum] 6:00 p.m. when the museum is closing up, I’ll break through security. [The security guard is locking up the museum] Excuse me, young man.

Guard: Huh?

Ginger: Would you like some sweets? Some of my special… [Gets out a big candy] knockout fudge?! [Slams it on the security guard] Boom! [Laughs] Piece of cake! While I’m busy with the guards out front, [K.O. is on the roof] you sneak onto the roof. The alarm system for the Ponce is up there. Find it and disable it.

K.O.: [Opens the alarm system] Hmm. A-ha! [Pushes the Disarm button, disabling the alarm system] Whew!

Ginger: Find your way inside from there, and I’ll meet you at the Ponce. [Ginger enters the laser trap] Hmm. [Sticks out a lollipop to the laser to see how destructive it is] Hmm. There’s got to be a… [Chuckles] Amateur hour. [Sticks her glasses to the laser to direct it to the power source. The power source explodes. She signs her name with the laser] [Chuckles] Still got the touch, Ginger! [K.O. comes from the air vent] Ooh, K.O.! Just in time!

K.O.: Hi, Ginger!

Ginger: Did ya disable the alarm system?

K.O.: Mm-hmm! It was a pizza cake!

Ginger: [Messes K.O.’s hair] Well, look at yo. You’re a natural!

K.O.: Hmm, pizza cake. [They open the door] Look! The Ponce!

Ginger: [Whispers] Shh! You’ll wake up the guard! [The security guard is sleeping] Let’s use our secret sign language from here on out!

[K.O. and Carol communicates each other with their secret sign language. In translations]

K.O.: “So, how are we gonna get The Ponce out of the case?”

Ginger: “We cut a hole in the glass!”

K.O.: “With what?”

Ginger: “Just watch.”

[Ginger sneaks near to the Ponce. The Security guard continues snoring. Ginger signals K.O.. Ginger gets out her teeth to break the glass]

Guard: [Wakes up] [Gasps] Huh?! Aah! [Sets off the alarm] [Ginger takes the Ponce] Huh? [Gets out his cannon] Intruders! [Blasts to Ginger but misses. Ginger grabs K.O. but they are cornered. The Security Guard walks slowly]

K.O.: Aah! What are we gonna do now, Ginger?

Ginger: [Looks up to escape] [Chuckles] We simply move on to step 3 of our plan— the getaway! [Throws candy to the guard]

Guard: Oh! [Falls] [Ginger activates her umbrella] You won’t get away with this, vile criminals!

Ginger: Sorry, sonny, but we already have! So long, screwy! See you in St. L—

[Ginger and K.O. crashes to the roof]

K.O.: Ugh!

Guard: So which one of you no-gooders was the mastermind behind this heist?

Ginger: It was him.

K.O.: Huh?!

Ginger: This young hooligan coerced me, sweet old lady, into his schemey scheme.

K.O.: Wha-wha-wha? No, that’s not what—

Guard: It’s a shame, young man, the path you’ve chosen. [Sighs] I need a moment. [Exits]

K.O.: Wait, wait! Oh! [Sobs] [Ginger picks her nose] No, you took advantage of me?

Ginger: I said I loved double-crosses.

K.O.: Did you double-cross your old partner, too?

Ginger: No, because there never was one! Double-cross!

K.O.: Ooh! That’s funny you mention double-crosses, Ginger. Because I switched the Ponce earlier with a fake and have the real one right here. [Has the candy in his hand] Double-cross.

Ginger: I thought you might try that, so I switched the candy… [K.O. has Ginger in his hand] …with myself! [Laughs] Double-cross!

K.O.: [Groans] Well, I think you better take a closer look in the mirror! [Gets out a mirror to Ginger] [K.O. removes his Ginger disguise] Double-cross! [Ginger was in a K.O. disguise]

Ginger and K.O.: Double-cross!

Guard: [Opens the door] Hey!

Ginger and K.O.: Double-cross?

Guard: It’s time for you double to head to big jail.

Ginger: I suppose this will be the last of my candy-thief days.

K.O.: [Pants] Ginger, I’ve got one last surprise for you. Now!

Gladys: [Removes the guard outfit] Double-cross!

Ginger: Ohh!

Carol: [Removes the surveillance camera outfit] Double-cross!

Ginger: Whoa!

Gertie: [Removes the Ponce display outfit] Double-cross! Huh? [Walks to the gang]

Ginger: I’ve never had so many double-crosses all at once.

K.O.: I set this up to help you feel young again. I even agreed to steal, even though it’s wrong.

Ginger: Oh, K.O.. Thank you so much. This was exhilarating! I felt like I was right back in my foxy, youthful days.

K.O.: So, [Gets out the Ponce] we can return the Ponce now, right? [Ginger eats the Ponce] No! Ginger!

Ginger: [Transforms into her “youthful” self] [Laughs] We meet again, youth! Back to my young, beautiful self! I’m out of here, suckers! [Laughs] Whoo-hoo! [Runs on the museum’s roof] [Laughs]

[The gang leaves the museum]

K.O.: Wow. She’s even more beautiful than I imagined.

[Ginger laughs. The episode ends]

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