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The Omnitrix is a device that first appeared in the episode "Crossover Nexus". It is a device that turns its user to ten different aliens, however Ben Tennyson only used Four Arms in the crossover episode.


  • The Omnitrix can turn its user to ten different alien forms.
  • İf the symbol on the Omnitrix is removed, the ability to transform back is removed.
  • After the Omnitrix was recreated by Pen it was able to summon any hero from the multiverse as transformations.


  • Ben Tennyson had the season 3 version of the Omnitrix in "Crossover Nexus",  even though this episode aired prior to the Season 2 finale of Ben 10.
  • According to Duncan Rouleau, the Omnitrix's ability to summon heroes can only be accessed in the Nexus Realm.[1]

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