Staff Positions, Criteria, and Abilities

This page is the list of guidelines of the available staff positions, the criteria, abilities, and elected terms.

Enforcing Rules

Users may not enforce the rules. Warning users in the stead of an administrator or moderator is considered mini-modding, and is against the rules for any user. If a rule violation is found, users should report the violation to an administrator or moderator so the user can be warned properly.


Users are granted the privileges due to being active editors, fitting the criteria, and those trusted and deemed suitable for the responsibility.


Staff members are regarded as trusted editors, so if a staff member presents irresponsible behavior or violates the wiki's rules, a demotion may be considered depending on the violation and its severity.

Staff members may request if they want to be demoted to a lower position if they wish to, (A bureaucrat may wish to be demoted to admin, patroller, or rollback. An admin may wish to be demoted to patroller or rollback. A patroller may wish to be demoted to rollback.) If they wish to restore their previous position, they may be allowed to restore their former position.

Inactivity & Repromotions

After prolonged periods of inactivity without notice, staff members may be demoted from their position(s) or receive a notice that they may be demoted; if they resume their wiki activity regularly, they may be allowed to return to their positions.

Members demoted for rule violations and/or irresponsible behavior will need to wait some time before re-applying for their position and prove to the administration that they have improved their behavior.


Staff members can resign if they wish from their position(s). They may do so in here.


Administrators are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • 1,000+ edits.
  • 5+ months of activity.
  • Shown experience in editing.
  • Knowledge of our regulations and guidelines.
  • Willingness to assist users who request it and respond in a courteous manner.
  • Have been a Patroller.

Administrator Responsibilities

Administrators are primary enforcers of the wiki’s rules, help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits. They have a number of tools to aid them in this task and keep the wiki running smoothly and deal with issues facing the wiki. They are trusted editors.
Administrators are given the ability to:

  • Block and unblock users or ip addresses.
  • Edit and rename blog posts.
  • Delete and move user pages.
  • Has all patroller/moderator and rollback rights.
  • Edit MediaWiki pages and access other admin restricted special pages (such as system messages).
  • Edit Wiki's interface, skin, and format.


Bureaucrats are promoted by the existing Bureaucrats and Administrators:

  • Only acting Administrators are eligible to be promoted.

Bureaucrat Responsibilities

Bureaucrats are one level “up” from administrators. They are senior editors. They help with the day-to-day administration of the wiki by establishing the wiki rules and managing user rights.
Bureaucrats are given the ability to:

  • Grant bureaucrat rights and revoke own bureaucrat rights.
  • Grant and revoke user rights.
  • Along with the administrator rights, has all administrative responsibilities.


Patrollers are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • 700+ edits.
  • 4+ months of activity.
  • Knowledge of our regulations and guidelines.

Patrollers Responsibilities

Patrollers are equipped with multiple different tools to help them moderate specific parts of the wiki. They keep articles, Discussions threads, and comments on the wiki safe from vandalism, spam, and other rule violations.
Patrollers are given the ability to:

  • Rollback "undesirable" edits in one click.
  • Move (rename) pages.
  • Delete and undelete pages and blogs.
  • Protect (lock) and edit protected pages.
  • Move, delete, and undelete uploaded files.
  • Mark edits as patrolled.
  • Moderate Discussions: move, edit, lock, unlock, delete, and restore discussion posts.
  • Delete, restore, and edit article/blog comments or replies.
  • Edit, close, re-open, remove, restore, and delete threads or replies.
  • Highlight Discussions posts and/or blog posts in Announcements.


Rollbacks are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • 300+ edits.
  • 3+ months of activity.
  • Consistent, good-faith article (main-space) edits.

Rollback Responsibilities

Rollbacks are well trusted editors with the rollback tool to help the wiki combat spam and vandalism.
Rollbacks are given the ability to:

  • Undo edits with one click using the rollback tool.

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