Staff Requirements
Bureaucrat Requirements Administrator Requirements Patroller Requirements Moderator Requirements

Users are granted the privileges due to being active and trusted editors. Demotions
If a staff member presents irresponsible behavior or violates the wiki's rules, a demotion may be considered depending on the violation and its severity. Inactivity & Repromotions
After prolonged periods of inactivity without notice, staff members may be demoted from their position(s) or receive a notice that they may be demoted; if they resume their wiki activity regularly, they may be allowed to return to their positions. Members demoted for rule violations and/or irresponsible behavior will need to wait some time before re-applying for their position and prove to the administration that they have improved their behavior.

Administrators are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • 1,000+ edits
  • Active editor
  • Knowledge of our regulations and guidelines
  • Has been a Patroller
  • Willingness to assist users who request it and respond in a courteous manner
Bureaucrats are promoted by the existing Bureaucrats and Administrators
  • Only acting Administrators are eligible to be promoted

Patrollers are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • 750+ edits
  • Active editor
  • Shown experience in editing
Discord Moderators are generally expected to meet the following standards:
  • Active on the Discord server
  • Discord account over 6 months of age
  • Acknowledge of the chatroom rules

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