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General Information

Title: OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
Original Network: Cartoon Network
Original Run: August 1, 2017 – September 6, 2019
Episode Length: 11 minutes
Description: The show follows K.O.'s efforts to become the greatest hero and getting advice from his mother, Carol. While working at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega, a hero supply shop run by Mr. Gar located in Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Alongside him are his best friends and co-workers Radicles and Enid. K.O. strides on adventures with them and his other best friend and classmate Dendy and battles the plaza against Lord Boxman's robots.
Main Characters: K.O., Enid, and Radicles
Similar Series: Steven Universe and Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

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Content Information

Rating: PG
Content Labels: Action - Adventure, Comedy
Violence: Mild (fantasy violence), (from robotic head explosions to laserlike blasts), weapons, one episode contained minor blood showing (albeit from the nose)
Language: N/A
Sexual Themes and Nudity: Very mild suggestive situations, subtle innuendos, and very mild flirtation could be derived from a mature viewer. Kissing has been shown in a few times, rare instances where male characters are in their underwear used in humorous light.
Drugs and Alcohol: N/A
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Mild crude humor