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OK K.O.! Wiki

The OK K.O.! Discord is a Discord server for the OK K.O.! Wiki. Discord is accessible through a web browser or a downloaded application from their website based on your device(s). Discord also has help pages to get you started.


  1. Register your account on Discord. Make sure you have a verified email.
  2. Click on the "Join Discord" button from the widget that is found on the right side of the page to join the server.
  3. You’ll find yourself in the #rules channel after joining. Make sure you read the rules before starting to chat.


  • The channels list are on the left side of the server to be navigated. Please read the channel topics above the screen to see what topics fit. The only channels you are able to text are under the Lakewood Plaza Turbo, Neo Riot City, and Battleburg categories. The voice channels under the Holograms category are the voice channels where you need a microphone to chat.
  • Roles on the server are listed under the #roles channel. There are cosmic and rank roles where users can obtain as they chat more in the server.
  • The Discord server employs couple of bots that contains various purposes that are used in the #boxmore-bots channel. The bots respond to a specific prefix and command available from their help pages.