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OK K.O.! Wiki

The OK K.O.! Wiki has an official server on Discord. This page Highlights essential information of the server. Discord is accessible through a web browser or an application that can be downloaded from their website. Help on how to use Discord can be found here.


  1. Register your account on Discord if you have not done so.
  2. The widget showing the OK K.O.! Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on any wiki pages. The "Connect" button can be found at the bottom. (if you have issues joining please ask an admin or Discord moderator for help here)
  3. After joining, you’ll find yourself in the #info-and-rules channel. You will also find the channel list on the left-hand side and the users list on the right-hand side.


Please see the #rules channel in the server.


A list of channels to keep all conversations relevant.

Server Community channels (Read only)
#about-the-show Brief information about the show with options to purchase OK K.O.! content.
#info-and-rules Channel for outlining the rules and other information.
#roles-details Channel for detailing the roles you can obtain in the server.
#action-news Channel for news and announcements of the wiki server, the wiki, and the show.
#starboard Some outstanding or funny comments coming from the chat with Star emoji reacts.
#wikia-activity Displays recent changes for the wiki.
Lakewood Plaza Turbo channels
#general General discussion among users on the server.
#okko-talk Discussion or critique about the show.
#okko-imagery Channel for sharing HQ image screenshots, staff artwork, and gifs from the show.
#wiki-discussion Topics about the OK K.O.! Wiki.
#server-workshop For discussion relating to or about the server itself. (Suggestions and feedbacks)
Neo Riot City channels
#danger-zone Random and chaotic memes, images, videos, and conversations in the channel.
#boxmore-bots Playing around with bots on the server.
Battleburg channels
#entertainment-hub Topics related to TV shows, films, comics, and other entertainment medias.
#creative-world Posting fanon and artwork. Does not have to be show-related.
#games-portal Topics related to video games or sports.
#music-pod Topics related to music. People can listen to music in the Radio voice channel.
Voice channels
#voice-chat A channel that is used for texting from the General voice channel. When users join the General voice channel, they can see and text on that channel.
General General voice discussion.
Radio For listening to music.
Streaming For video streaming Twitch, TV, etc.
AFK AFK channel. People that are inactive and in other channels will be placed here automatically after being AFK for 15 min.

Archived channels

Former Purpose
#spoilers-leaks Exclusive channel discussing about spoilers or leaks of the show.
#social-media Feed updates from the wiki's Twitter and Instagram. Occasionally Reddit.


Roles granted to a user mirrors their own status on the OK K.O.! Wiki. All roles above Boxmore™ Bots are pinged through the @Staff role, hoisted above from the regular users list, and access regular member permissions. Leveling up roles are outlined in the #roles-details channel.

Name Given to Permissions Pingable
Bureaucrats Bureaucrats Same as Administrators. No
Administrators Administrators In addition to moderator privileges; can change and manage all server settings. Yes
Moderators Moderators In addition to bot and rollbacker permissions; can manage nicknames and emojis, server-widely mute and deafen members, move members to different voice channels, pin messages, and view server logs. Yes
Patrollers Patrollers Can type in #action-news and #social-media channels. Yes
Boxmore™ Bots Bots Can delete messages and manage roles. Can also warn, mute, kick, and ban users. No
Lakewood Plazanoids Members of the server Can access standard chat and voice channels, change their nickname, embed links, attach files, use external emojis, add reactions, and create instant invites. No
Skeleton Punished Users Cannot send messages in text channels or connect and speak in voice channels. Muted for a period of time by a moderator or admin. No


The Discord server utilizes several bots. They serve various purposes, all of which is listed below. Each has certain commands that a user can type to have the bot respond with a list of all the available commands it possesses.

Username Nickname Description Help Command
DISBOARD BM Box Crate Utility bot. !d help
Dyno Darrell General purpose bot. Gives cosmetic flairs. ?help
NotSoBot EN1D Fun bot with image commands. .help
Rythm Ernesto Fully-featured music bot. +help
MEE6 Jethro Moderation and role management bot. Has a customized Jethro command. !help
Auttaja K-Ø Fully-featured moderation, audit, and starboard manager bot. ,help
Nadeko Mikayla Social bot with a lot of fun commands. ;help
Dank Memer R.A.D.I.C.L.E.S. Social bot with a lot of fun commands. pls help
Yggdrasil Raymond Social bot with a lot of fun commands. --help
Tatsumaki Shannon Social bot with a lot of fun commands. t!help