Block Policy

A staff member is within their right as an administrator of this Wiki's policies to block any users being harmful or disruptive.

  • Most rule breaks result in a warning thread on a user's message wall to ensure the user should not break the rules again. The admin can send another warning if necessary before proceeding with a limited block.
  • Disruptive behavior - Depending on the frequency and the extent of offending behavior, being disruptive on the wiki may range a block duration from a day to weeks with a warning beforehand. Hate speech and any forms of racism and discrimination are not tolerated and will result in an infinite block without warning.
  • Being under the legal age - In compliance with COPPA and Fandom's Terms of Use, being under the Internet consent age in your local area will result in a block and report to Fandom Staff; this will last until you are of age.
  • Sockpuppetry - Evading a block with another account will result in the extension of that block; continued evasion may result in an infinite block without warning.
  • Vandalism, spamming, and trolling - Do not ruin the experience of editors and readers, it will result in an infinite block without warning.

In the event of a misunderstanding or misinterpretation, we allow for the user who received the block to testify their block to an administrator, who will then discuss it with the other admins to see if it truly was a mistake.

To testify your block, proof must be shown that it was either a misunderstanding or that you will make an effort to adjust your behavior. Preferably, a screen shot, a url link, or other form of evidence should be provided. Spreading false information will make your claim null and void, and may even get your account ban extended.

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