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OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes Volume 3 is a digital season pass that includes the last third of Season 1. It contains 18 episodes.



It’s time for the citizens of Lakewood Plaza Turbo to step into the spotlight! Enid teams up with Red Action, Dendy fills in for K.O. at Gar’s Bodega, and a Real Magic Skeleton has a most excellent adventure with Brandon. Dive into this heroic world as K.O. discovers more about the mysterious past of his mom, and robot barber Mr. Logic!


No. Episodes
1 Plazalympics
2 Parents Day
3 We Got Hacked
4 Back in Red Action
5 Let's Take a Moment
6 Villains' Night Out
7 Villains' Night In
8 Let's Watch the Pilot
9 Mystery Science Fair 201X
10 RMS & Brandon's First Episode
11 Lad & Logic
12 OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.!
13 Plaza Shorts
14 Let's Not Be Skeletons
15 Action News
16 The Perfect Meal
17 Hope This Flies
18 You're in Control

Bonus Feature

  • "Meet Enid" video

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