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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Season 1 is a DVD set that is available on November 20, 2019 that contains all episodes of Season 1. It is produced by Madman Entertainment. It is the first full season set to be released in Australia. It is available to purchase here.


It has three different discs that contains 49 episodes with its runtime at 583.0 minutes. The episode list is ordered by the broadcast order instead of story order.

No. Episodes
Disc 1
1 "Let's Be Heroes"
2 "Let's Be Friends"
3 "You're Everybody's Sidekick"
4 "We Messed Up"
5 "Jethro's All Yours"
6 "You're Level 100!"
7 "Sibling Rivalry"
8 "I Am Dendy"
9 "Do You Have Any More in the Back?"
10 "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad"
11 "You Get Me"
12 "You Are Rad"
13 "Just Be a Pebble"
14 "Presenting Joe Cuppa"
15 "We've Got Pests"
16 "Legends of Mr. Gar"
17 "Know Your Mom"
Disc 2
18 "We're Captured"
19 "Face Your Fears"
20 "Everybody Likes Rad?"
21 "You Have to Care"
22 "Plaza Prom"
23 "Second First Date"
24 "One Last Score"
25 "T.K.O."
26 "Stop Attacking the Plaza"
27 "We've Got Fleas"
28 "No More Pow Cards"
29 "A Hero's Fate"
30 "Let's Have a Stakeout"
31 "Rad Likes Robots"
32 "KO's Video Channel"
33 "The Power Is Yours!"
34 "Glory Days"
Disc 3
35 "Plazalympics"
36 "Parents Day"
37 "We Got Hacked"
38 "Back in Red Action"
39 "Let's Take a Moment"
40 "Villains' Night Out"
41 "Villains' Night In"
42 "Let's Watch the Pilot"
43 "Mystery Science Fair 201X"
44 "RMS & Brandon's First Episode"
45 "Lad & Logic"
46 "OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.!"
47 "Let's Not Be Skeletons"
48 "Action News"
49 "You're in Control"

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