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[The episode begins with a shot of Dendy walking towards Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega]

Neil: Hello, Dendy!

Dendy: Hello, Neil.

Dogmun: [Comes out of a bush and barks twice]

Dendy: Greetings, Dogmun.

Dogmun: [Gets back inside the bush]

Pterodactyl: Dendy! Dendy!

Dendy: Yes! That is my name.

Sun: [Waves at her] Heya, Dendy!

Dendy: [Waves back]

Dendy: [Thinking] Today, I am going to have a visit with my best friend, K.O. [Enters Gar's Bodega] First, I enter Gar's, then, he approaches with a friendly greeting and asks about my day.

K.O.: [Walks towards Dendy] Hey, Dendy!

Dendy: Hey, K.O.!

K.O.: How's your day going?

Dendy: I would say my day, so far, is quite grand!

[The word grand echoes inside K.O.'s mind and we get a shot of a "Grand Mother Clock" inside his head]

Tiny chicken with K.O.'s head: [comes out of the "Grand Mother Clock"] Time to visit grandma! Time To visit Grandma! Time to visit grandma!

K.O.: [Puts both his hands up his face] OOPS! [Face-palms himself] I TOTALLY FORGOT! I'm supposed to go to my grandma's today!

Dendy: Oh! I thought you liked your grandmother.

K.O.: I do!... But I have a job to do! [Waves arms in the air] I can't just abandon my co-workers in their hour of need! [Points at Enid and Rad]

Enid: [Snores as she sleeps on the counter]

Rad: [Is lying on the floor while using his levitation beam to read a magazine]

K.O.: I don't wanna be the world's worst co-worker! [Puts his arm down, lowers his voice and looks at the floor] So I guess I'll have to be the world's worst grandson...

Dendy: [Slaps K.O. on the shoulder three times] Not to worry, K.O.! I, just so happen to be the world's best substitute K.O.! [Cheering noises]

K.O.: Really?!

Dendy: Surely! [Opens up an holographic screen with her hands] Throughout our friendship I have collected plenty of data about you, including your daily routines.

K.O.: Wow! Dendy... This is-... So cool!!! Uh-... But.. Are you sure you want to?... Hah... I do a lot around here. Mine are some pretty big shoes to fill! [Breathes out]

Dendy: But... You do not wear shoes. [Points at K.O.'s bare feet]

[There's a shot of K.O.'s feet, his toes jiggle]

K.O.: [Stares at his feet] OH! You're right. [Chuckles as he rubs the back of his head] If anybody could be me for a day [Starts walking towards the Bodega's front door and gives Dendy his blue jacket] it's definitely you! [Waving at Dendy from the door] You know more about me than-... Uh-... Me! Do. [Walks away from the Bodega]

Dendy: [Thinking] Indeed, I do, friend. [Stares at K.O.'s jacket] And if my data is correct, this should be easy and fun.

[Dendy takes off her boots, uses her holographic screen to change her googles' blue stripe to red and puts on K.O.'s jacket]

[We get a shot of the show's intro but it ends with the title "OK DENDY" as she becomes the one to punch through the world rather than KO]

Dendy: [In K.O.'s hero pose] I am uncomfortableee! [Puts her boots back on] Okay, now, the next thing K.O. would do is express his love of being a hero and working here at Gar's Bodega. [Stares at her holographic screen, which shows K.O.'s routine] Very well. [Clears her throat] Boy! I sure love being a hero, and working here at Gar's Bodega!.. Excellent.

Enid: [Walks up to Dendy] Hey, uh, since you're K.O. for the day, that means you're doing his chores, right? [Shows Dendy a bucket with cleaning products inside]

Dendy: [Looks at her holographic screen again] Yes... Uh... [Notices K.O. cleans with enthusiasm] I mean! YES! How I love to-..

Enid: [while typing on her phone] Okay, cool, bye.

[OK DENDY! Let's Be K.O.!'s logo is slapped onto the screen and we cut to a scene of Dendy cleaning the store's floor]

Dendy: [Hums to herself]

[Dogmun walks by and leaves dirty pawprints all over the floor Dendy was just cleaning while she isn't looking]

Dendy: [Gasps] Aw. [Stars cleaning away the pawprints]

[Cookie Man walks by while Dendy isn't looking and scratches his back, leaving crumbs all over the floor]

Dendy: [Gasps and angrily cleans the floor]

[Chameleon Jr. walks by while drinking from a cup, Dendy stares at him and he stares back, then he leaves the cup on the floor and walks away]

Dendy: [Groans] This is not efficient! [Stares at her sponge, thinking] Surely there's no harm in getting this sponge a little upgrade. [Grins]

[Dendy connects the sponge to her backpack, starts controlling it through her holographic screen and proceeds to begin a faster clean-up process]

Cookie Man: [Right after the sponge cleans him up] MY CHIPS!!! [Runs off and throws away the magazine he was reading]

Chameleon Jr.: [On the phone] Then I was like, clean up on aisle 4! Hah ha, you should've seen the look on her face! People were actually clapping. [Person he's talking to through the phone says something unintelligible] Uhhhh, yes they did! Dooone. [Screams and lets go of his phone as he notices the sponge coming after him]

[The sponge starts cleaning his tongue and then kicks him out of the bodega]

Dendy: Excessive... But fair! [Pats the sponge]

[We get another shot of the title "OK DENDY! Let's Be K.O.! as the screen cuts to a panoramic view of the now-incredibly-clean bodega]

Dendy: Cleaning task complete ahead of schedule. [Looks at her holographic screen] I suppose it is okay to be early to have a good laugh at Radices's antics.

[There's cut and then we're shown a scene of Rad sleeping and snoring inside a box]

Dendy: [Walks closer and stares at Rad for a while before pointing at him and laughing] I get it.

[There's another shot of the title "OK DENDY! Let's Be K.O.! and we're shown K.O.'s schedule on Dendy's screen]

Dendy: [Thinking] Next up; K.O. would assist Enid in dealing with costumers. [Nods her head and approaches the counter, where Enid is ignoring Dolph Fin] Greetings, helpless costumer!

Dolph Finn: [Looks at Dendy in a confusing manner] Oh! It's you, K.O.. Didn't recognize you there with the entirely different body and all.

Dendy: Indeed. How may I help you?

Dolph Finn: I was hoping to get some advise! [Shows boxes of hair dye] You think my hair would look better if I dyed it profluent black, or side-kick orange?

Dendy: Hmm... No.

Dolph Finn: Oh. Um. Thank you?

Dendy: You are welcome!

[Dolph Finn walks away awkwardly]

Enid: [Bursts out laughing] You, my friend, are a good fit for costumer service! Wanna work the counter with me for the rest of your shift?

Dendy: [Looking at her holographic screen] That won't be necessary. The costumers will soon be fleeing from today's evil robot attack.

Enid: What evil robot attack..?

Dendy: [Points at the ceiling]

Enid: Ummmm...

[The evil robot attack alarm goes off]

[We're shown Gar's Bodega getting on defense mode as Potato and Holo Jane flee, multiple screams can be heard in the background]

Cookie Man: [Hands up his face] EVIL ROBOT ATTACK!

[A Boxmore robot box falls from the sky, Enid and Rad hurry outside the Bodega and Dendy follows behind while humming and walking on a much slower pace. The box's walls fall only to reveal the robot sent in by Boxman is Ernesto.]

Ernesto: [Nervously reading to himself the lines he's supposed to use off some papers] Uh... Okay... Greetings Lakewood, I am Ernesto, here from Boxmore... Your demise.... [He hums to himself before realizing he's already supposed to be fighting] OH! UM. [Quickly glances over at his papers] Greetings! Plaza!-.. Uh-..[Looks at his papers again] Turbians. I am... [Looks at his papers again] Ernesto. The... Uh-.. Boxmore business bot. [Puts his canon arm up] And I am here.. To, uh, destroy... [Points his canon arm at the heroes but nothing happens, so he awkwardly moves it up and down to try to get it to work. The only thing to come out of the canon is air. Ernesto grows tense] Your plaza!

Rad: This is sad.

Enid: [Pats Dendy on the head] Don't worry about this chump, Dendy. We'll handle him. [Winks at Dendy and puts her thumb up]

Dendy: Okay!

[Enid and Rad prepare themselves to attack Ernesto]

Dendy: [Thinking] No... I'm filling-in for K.O., and K.O. would not simply chill at the prospect of battle. [Speaking] I must consult the list to see what he'd do! [Looks at K.O.'s schedule] "Learn life lesson"! I see! This is the climax of K.O.'s day, where he learns something wholesome. I've been trying to imitate K.O. this whole time but maybe the lesson I learned and, therefore, the secret of defeating this robot, is just to be myself! [Thinking] Yeah... That sounds correct. [Speaking] Ernesto!

Rad and Enid: What?!

Dendy: For a business bot, you're very inefficient. You haven't laid a single attack on the Plaza since you landed.

Ernesto: W-Well... I was about to get there.

Dendy: No! Over rot speeches and flimsy weapons are tools of lesser robots. As a business bot you should set aside those inferior tactics and just cut to the chase.

Ernesto: Ha, maybe you're right! I don't need to copy the other robots to destroy the Plaza! I'm just gonna BE MYSELF! [He turns into a ball with only his arms out as some jazz music starts playing, then, using his arms' help he jumps backwards and becomes a full ball]

[ Rad and Enid exclaim as they jump in order to dodge Ernesto's attack, Dendy gets run over by the robot and then is punched into the ground.]

Rad: Dendy! Why'd you give him constructive criticism?! That just made him stronger!

Enid: [Groans] Who cares! [She jumps back into action and prepares to air-kick Ernesto] He's not strong enough for this!

[Enid's attack cuts Ernesto in half]

Rad: Nice, Enid!

[Suddenly both of Ernesto's halves start chasing after Enid and Dendy, Rad is able to use his levitation beam to stop them from hitting his friends]

Enid: Oh-oh! Rad!

Rad: I gotcha!

[Ernesto's limbs break the beam and his arms grab Rad by the waist, knocking him on the ground over and over until finally sticking him down for good]

Rad: [Groans while immobilized]

Enid: Rad!

[Ernesto's foot kicks Enid in the face just as she calls out for her friend's name, making her fall on the ground. Enid yells as she kicks Ernesto's legs, while he kicks back. She manages to throw the lower half of Ernesto into the sky but it comes back and smashes her on the ground]

Rad: [Is unable to free himself from Ernesto's grip] HOW ARE WE LOSING?! [Gets slapped by Ernesto's tie]

Enid: [Struggling to defend herself from Ernesto's attacks] We-... Need-... K.O.!

Dendy: [Thinking] I see! Being my normal self isn't enough. They don't need Dendy right now... [Speaking] They need K.O.! And if K.O. is not here, [Stares at her holographic screen] I must become K.O. in my own way! [Starts typing things out on her screen, and takes on the shape of a giant K.O.] Untend them Ernesto! They're not your opponent, I AM!

[Ernesto throws both Enid and Rad into the air and prepares to fight Dendy, he throws a punch at her but she grabs his first and pushes him back. Ernesto nearly loses balance but then he goes and tries to punch Dendy again, she manages to punch him first which throws him onto the ground. Ernesto quickly gets up and runs towards her, she tries to punch him but he blocks her attack. The two start throwing punches at each other but neither seem to be able to hit the other. Finally, Dendy manages to punch Ernesto in the stomach which throws him on the ground.]

Ernesto: Oh... Jeez... Just being myself isn't helping to destroy the Plaza either! [Closes his one eye in shame] My failure figures are skyrocketing.

Dendy: [Is breathing heavily because of the tiresome fight she just went through] Ernesto... We should appreciate the irony of this situation, I thought I needed to be myself, [Puts her hand on her chest] but I needed to copy someone else in my own way.

Ernesto: Uh?.. Is this still about my thing?

Dendy: No. [Punches Ernesto back into Boxmore]


Enid: Yeah! You should fill-in for K.O. everyday!!!

Dendy: [Sighs] No, thank you! I thought I knew everything about K.O., but it seems the one thing I do not understand is how he does this everyday. This job is very tiring... Besides, I think it's best to leave being K.O., to the real K.O..

[A bus titled "Old Folks Home" suddenly pulls over and K.O. gets out of it while wearing a red shirt that reads "worlds' gratest grampso n" and with three balloons on his hand]

K.O.: Hi, guys! I'm back! What'd I miss?

Rad and Enid: K.O.!! [start talking at the same time about their battle against Ernesto and Dendy's help]

[Dendy checks out the item "tender moment" off K.O.'s schedule and the episode ends]

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