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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off at the exterior of Lakewood Public School]
Dendy Okay, then I will trade you for your… Limited edition Cowboy Darrell!
K.O. [Laughs] No way! He’s, like, the rarest villain card I own!
Dendy That is not true. You also have… [points to the Shadowy Figure Pow Card] this one!
K.O. Oh. Um, yeah… [tries to hide that pow card] I forgot.
Dendy Shadowy Figure never did return after last time, did he?
K.O. I think we’ve seen the last of him. Uh, what if I trade you… [Tries to trade one of his Pow Card]
Dendy And what of your… turbonic form?
K.O. Y-you mean T.K.O.? Well, I guess he’s still inside me somewhere? I— I don’t like thinking about it.
Dendy How very fascinating.
Gecky Everybody pipe down, will ya?! I think teach is comin—[Miss Quantum slams the door on the kid]
Miss Quantum Morning, class. Everyone have a good weekend?
Classmates Yes, Miss Quantum.
Miss Quantum Well, that's great, ‘cause I spent mine failing all of your quizzes again! [Tosses the quizzes] What is wrong with all of you?! Did any of you even try?
[Clock ticking, a slow fart is heard and classmates laugh]
Miss Quantum Okay, that’s fine. You kids think you’re just too clever for quizzes. Well, in that case, I’ll be looking forward to all your brilliant submissions to this year’s… [laser gun blasts words on the chalkboard] Mystery Science Fair 201X!
[Titlecard appears and then the chalkboard fell]
Nanini But, Miss Quantum, I thought you— [Books fall on her]
Miss Quantum What have I told you about raising your hand? [Nanini raises her hand] Yes, Nanini?
Nanini I thought you said the science fair was optional.
Miss Quantum Oh! Oh, I did say that, didn’t I? [Breathes fire] Well, I changed my mind! You are all now required to submit a project for the fair… by tomorrow!
[Classmates groan]
Genesis That’s so unfair! There’s not enough time!
Miss Quantum Oh, quit your boo-hooin’ and get crackin’. Unless, of course, you’d rather be suspended from school like poor Lil’ Bobo out there.
[Bobo is shown to be tied up and literally suspending from school]
Bobo Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo.
Miss Quantum The winner will receive a blue ribbon and extra credit. [Shows a hologram of a blue ribbon] But I must warn you, I’m not easily impressed. Dendy. [Glares at Dendy] Now get to work!
K.O. Oh! What do we do?!
Dendy Do not worry, K.O. I have the perfect idea for our project. [Cheering sound effect is heard]
K.O. Oh, Dendy! What’s it gonna be about?
Dendy Unleashing T.K.O.
K.O. Wait, what!?
[Bell rings. K.O. is seen dragging himself to Dendy’s legs]
K.O. [Crying] Dendy, why?! [Sobs and sniffles]
Dendy [Sighs] Allow me to explain. [Shows a demonstration of their science fair] You, K.O., are the only person I know with the ability to harness energy as T.K.O.! If I could identify what it is exactly that triggers your turbonic transformation, it’d be a scientific breakthrough!
K.O. But it’s scary bein’ T.K.O.! I lose all control! [Gasps] What if I hurt someone again?! What if I hurt you?!
Dendy Oh, K.O., I assure you [opens locker] we will be perfectly safe in a controlled environment, using only state-of-the art equipment. Now, please, step inside.
K.O. Mm! Okay, Dendy, I trust you. [Steps inside the locker] Just no needles or anything, okay?
Dendy [Steps in as well] Of course. Destination—secret lab.
K.O. Did you say secret lab?!
[Dendy pushes the button to be transported to the secret lab and K.O. screams along the way]
K.O. What? We came up? But weren’t we just…
Dendy I’ll give you a physics lecture later, K.O.
K.O. Whoa! What’s this?! What’s that?! What’s those?! So many sats, I don’t know what is! [Inhales] Whoo!
[Dendy takes away an experiment from K.O.]
Dendy I’d rather you didn’t push this button, K.O., for it is very important. [Flashbacks] This was my very first invention. Euweka!
K.O. Neat!
Dendy Pressing the button on top would expose it to the elements, destroying my most cherished and preserved memory.
K.O. Neat.
Dendy First things first. [On the computer] In order to unleash T.K.O., we’ll need to run a series of tests. To that end, I have programmed the TKOmeter.
K.O. T.K.O. meter?
Dendy Ometer. TKOmeter. It’ll measure which variables result in the production of turbonic energies.
.K.O. Say what now?
Dendy Put simply, the closer we get the needle to here, [Points the TKOmeter hologram] the closer you are to becoming T.K.O.
K.O. Hey—you promised no needles!
Dendy Take off your shirt.
[K.O. is doing a set of experiments while Dendy is analyzing the TKOmeter. She tries methods to unleash T.K.O. quickly, such as K.O. stepping on toy bricks, a robot shark attack, and K.O. dressed up as a monkey to steal a monkey’s banana]
[K.O. does a set of inkblot test]
K.O. Necktie. Briefcase. A daddy. A daddy. Another daddy. And the rest of these are all daddies.
Dendy [Writes on a clipboard] Hmm.
K.O. [Gets the banana from the monkey] Hoo-hoo, yes!
Dendy So far all the variables have produced minimal results. Still no closer to unlocking the secrets of turbo power. [Monkey screeching] Perhaps it’s time… [Holds a plastic knife and cuts pizza] for lunch.
K.O. Oh, thank crackers! I sure hope we’re almost finished. I’m… in a lot of pain.
Dendy We would be, if I could make sense of this data. [Eats the pizza]
K.O. Olives?
Dendy Huh?!
K.O. [Spitting olives from the pizza] Oh, the whole pizzas ruined! Even if you pick ‘em off, you can still see they were there. [Throws pizza] I wished I had the power to destroy all olives.
Dendy That’s it. [Throws pizza] One feeling alone won’t produce turbo power. But many feelings result in a prime feeling —powerlessness! Lunch is over! [Drags K.O. to the computer]
K.O. Can I put my shirt back on?
Dendy This will only take a moment.
[Dendy opens a simulation titled Friendly Fire]
K.O. Cool! Videos game!
Dendy Simulation.
[Opens the simulation to the Bodega]
K.O. Wow!
Dendy In this scenario, the bodega is engulfed in a plasma fire.
K.O. What?
Dendy Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar are all trapped inside with 30 seconds till incineration.
[Simulation countdowns]
K.O. No!
Dendy You can only save one. Who will you save?
K.O. All of them!
Dendy Impossible. 20 seconds remain.
K.O. Can’t I put out the fire?
Dendy No. 15 seconds.
K.O. This isn’t fair. I don’t want to play this. Let’s just stop! [Needle is coming close to the TKO of the TKOmeter]
Dendy 10 seconds.
K.O. Stop! Stop, stop!
Dendy 9, 8, 7…
K.O. [Crying] Why would you do this to me, Dendy? I’d never do this you!
Dendy I know you’d never do this to me… because you are the test subject, and I’m the one running the experiment. Welp, they’re all incinerated.
[Simulation is done with three tombstones]
Dendy We’ll just run the simulation again. And this time, K.O., try to—
[K.O. turns into T.K.O.]
T.K.O. [growls] It’s T.K.O.!
Dendy Fascinating. Test subject’s turbonic energy readings are…
T.K.O. [Piles on Dendy] That’s all K.O. is to you, huh—a LAB RAT?!
Dendy A guinea pig would be more apt.
T.K.O. [Chuckles] You know, it’s funny. You can’t have a lab rat without a lab! [Throws a chair on Dendy’s monitor]
Dendy My monitor! [T.K.O. laughs] It’s okay. I’ve planned for such a contingency. [Pushes a button to trap T.K.O.]
T.K.O. What is this?
Dendy Just a little emergency containment unit, you’ll [T.K.O. busts the containment]
T.K.O. Still think you’re in control here, huh? Well, I got news for you, science baby — I’m running the experiment now.
Dendy Uh-oh.
[Dendy tries to get T.K.O.]
T.K.O. And I want to know what happens when I do this! [Smashes the incubator]
Dendy My incubator!
T.K.O. And this! [Smashes a plasma orb]
Dendy My plas-a-ma orb!
[T.K.O. laughs and smashes an observatory]
Dendy Get out of my observatory!
T.K.O. [Smashes another machinery and steps on a toy brick] You! [Growls]
Dendy T.K.O. is out of control. [Steps back] What should I—[Grunts] Huh?
[T.K.O. growls and chuckles]
[Dendy takes her first experiment to safety and T.K.O. snatches it]
Dendy Aah!
T.K.O. Yoink!
Dendy No!
T.K.O. You really love this stinky ol’ bean, don’t you?
Dendy Please do not do this!
T.K.O. Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh! Yeah, okay. Aha! Hmm.
Dendy Stop it!
T.K.O. Stop what?! This? [About to push the button]
Dendy No! No! [Groans]
[T.K.O. laughs]
Dendy You are insufferable! Let the real K.O. back!
T.K.O. Oh! But the real K.O. just can’t wait to find out what Dendy will do once her greatest treasure is destroyed.
Dendy That is untrue! K.O. is my friend, and he’d never disregard my feelings just to see me pushed to my limits, like— like… [Remembers the stuff she made K.O. do] …I’ve been doing to him… this whole time. Prehaps I have not been the best friend to you, K.O.
T.K.O. Huh? M-M-my power— where’d it go?! [Falls and screams]
[Dendy has a choice to save T.K.O. or her first experiment, she saves T.K.O.]
T.K.O. Ha! Fool! Look a what you’ve let happen to your most prized possession! [Laughs]
Dendy That does not matter. I care much more about K.O. than I do any experiment! And I am very sorry that I have not really shown that to be true. Can you forgive me? [T.K.O. transforms back to K.O.]
K.O. Of course.
Dendy [Hugs K.O.] K.O.! I am happy you’re back.
K.O. Me, too. And I feel like I had a tiny bit more control over T.K.O. this time. You were right. Maybe we should keep studying this. Sorry about your lab, though.
Dendy It’s an easy fix.
K.O. Do you think we got some good data for the project, at least?
Dendy Actually, I thought of something better we could do instead.
[Dendy and K.O. present their experiment]
Dendy So… as you can see, the positive vibrations subject K.O. is emitting is reaching frequencies capable of powering small appliances, boosting resistance to illness, and I theorize this power, could even neutralize the effects made by those with negative power levels—a.k.a villains.
K.O. Here’s a diorama! Friendship conquers all!
Dendy Impressed, Miss Quantum?
Miss Quantum No.
Dendy What! Why?!
Miss Quantum Eh, it’s a cute idea, I just think group four did it better.
[Nanini and Genesis’s experiment, The “Power” of Love, shows them holding hands to power a lightbulb]
[The episode ends]

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