Mr. Cardsley III (full name Powio B. Cardsley the Third) made his debut in "No More Pow Cards". He was the former boss of the Pow Card Factory.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Cardsley was a light pink, anthropomorphic cat, with a buff chest and slim legs. He wore a purple, button up, work jacket, along with a white undershirt, a black tie, small black shoes, and long dark blue pants.


He was very strict and didn't like to be wrong. He grew very upset whenever he was called out for a wrongdoing and would often try to twist people's words to "prove" that he was right. He was also incredibly prejudiced against Kappas based on misconceptions about them.

However, he was willing to hear Dendy out and allowed Dendy to reprogram the Hero Computer to recognize kappas under the impression he would be proven right; after his company made a lot of money from the new untapped market provided by Kappas all over the world buying Pow Cards after the computer starts introducing Pow Cards of heroic Kappas all over the world, Mr. Cardsley thanked Dendy, recognizing that his blind prejudice had ostracized the Kappas and prevented his company from profiting on an immensely untapped market showing that he was a businessman at heart and valued his company's profits.

However, this was implied to be his way of making his ancestor who founded the company proud.

Episode Appearances


  • He was designed by Stevie Borbolla.
  • In "Let's Fight to the End", it is revealed by Carla that he died from an unknown cause (likely the explosion of his office) and that Carla replaced him as the new CEO of Pow Card Industries.
  • In "Thank You for Watching the Show", it is revealed that he got punished, presumbaly due to his past actions.


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