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Too smart for only one worksheet, huh Dendy? Let's see how you get through this! I'm not easily impressed... Dendy...

—"The So-Bad-ical"

Miss Quantum is K.O. and Dendy's teacher at Lakewood Public School. She was first seen in the short entitled "Boxmore Infomercial", and made her first appearance in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes in the episode, "I Am Dendy".

Physical Appearance

Miss Quantum has purple-violet hair cut into a bob, large circular glasses, and ruddy pink skin. She wears a pale green polo shirt with sleeves in the shape of pencils, yellow gloves, a high-waist dark turquoise skirt that reaches to the middle of her thighs, brown stockings, and dark blue high-heeled shoes.

As the Bad Apple, her dark turquoise skirt is replaced with a giant Granny Smith apple, and she obtains an apple stem with a leaf on her head. Her pale green polo is replaced with a forest green sweater with a yellow-green collar. Her stockings and heels are replaced with black thigh-high boots.

In both her "forms", her powers are her shape-shifting shoulder guards in the shape of pencil butts. They can transform into rockets, red pen-tops that shoot red ink in giant X's, and stars which allow her to shoot gold star stickers from her palms.


Miss Quantum is a mean and quick-tempered woman. She is shown to have little to no sympathy towards her students, as proven by the fact she tied Bobo to the outside of the school as a form of suspension.

She also claims to not be easily impressed, and appears to have some sort of rivalry with Dendy. In the face of those that do impress her, she still comes off as abrasive but instead shows the recipient compliments.

Despite her demeanor, she does ultimately prioritize the education of her students and that they actually learn something, as opposed to simply being spoon-fed everything they should know. This is why she is very demanding of Dendy: she is higher than her classmates in intellect, and Miss Quantum continuously challenges Dendy so that she can learn more.

Episode Appearances


  • She smells like erasers and has a house full of cats that scramble all over her house.[1]
  • Prior to being a teacher, she was a villain named the "Bad Apple" whose main form of attacking was shooting red ink from her palms in the shape of Xs.


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