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A mimic is an amorphous, hostile creature that dwells deep within the bowels of the back of Gar's Bodega. They were only seen in "Do You Have Any More in the Back?" as a recurring antagonist.

Do You Have Any More in the Back 396

A mimic disguised as Radicles.

Physical Appearance

Mimics are pink creatures with glowing white eyes, pointed teeth, and a large glowing white mouth. When not entirely focused on mimicking something, they will display a pink texture, their striking white eyes, and sharp fangs, regardless of what form they're taking on.

Abilities and Powers

Mimics can take on the form of anything, emulating the qualities of the thing they're copying. While they'll most often mimic inanimate objects, they can also transform into living beings as well. Mimics also have the ability to separate and rejoin as shown when K.O. tore up a mimic map. Each scrap piece of the mimic was able to easily come together to reform into a solid mimic.


Season 1


  • The mimic is a reference to the mimic from Dungeons & Dragons, a monster that can transform into inanimate objects in order to fool and lure in its prey. Mimics in Dungeons & Dragons are commonly portrayed disguised as treasure chests.
    • This could explain why one of the mimics was rolling dice, as a nod to board game nerds.
Do You Have Any More in the Back 221

The silhouette of Rad holding a mimic flashlight.


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