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  • I live in an English country
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor, Discord user
  • I am living on top of a hill
  • Bio Waiting for Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated
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RegulationsManual of Style
Well here's my message wall notes:

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  • If you want to negotiate the block because you were blocked in this wiki, please contact me in here. If this is about another wiki, that's not my case and don't bring cross-wiki drama in here.
  • When you are reporting a user who is breaking the rules, please leave a link of where the user is breaking the rules in my message wall.
    This symbol means I have done the report: Emoticon_yes.png
  • If I'm not online nor any other admins are online, and there's HEAVY vandalism and/or spam, please appropriately report to the VSTF.

*I see everything in my wall.*

★ FreeSpirit98 ★ (message wall)

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