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Mad Sam is a secondary character in the plaza, who is first shown in the episode, "You're Level 100!".

Physical Appearance

Mad Sam has buff arms and slender legs. He has purple skin and vermilion eyes. He wears a tank top and a blue vest similar to K.O.'s. He also wears a spiked red helmet which his short ginger hair sticks out from. Mad Sam also has a short beard. He wears black jeans, long brown boots, and orange knee-pads, wrapped around his kneecaps with brown bandaging. He also has brown bandages around his right forearm. He also has a green "X"-shaped tattoo on his right shoulder.


He’s from the Danger Zone, an unincorporated, off-the-grid area outside the plaza. Most Danger Zone denizens don’t visit places like the plaza, but Sam loves the street cred and attention; a little bit of a ne’er do well. K.O., Enid and Rad find him both cool and terrifying. He loves to show off his latest injuries and mutated deformities, to everyone’s horror. 

Mad Sam displays raucous behavior and rambunctious tendencies. He seems to enjoy doing stunts on his motorcycle. He often talks very loudly and behaves intensely. He seems prone toward violent and wild actions such as crashing through the wall and damaging a picture in the iframe store, and kidnapping Rad in another instance. 

Abilities and Powers

  • Chain punch: This attack has not yet been seen, but it is presumed to involve chains.



Season 1

Season 2


  • Mad Sam was previously called "Road Warrior Sam."[2]
  • When he runs out of energy, he mutates into a weak nerd.
  • He is an obvious parody of Mad Max.
  • Mad Sam is shown to have a motorcycle, which he rides around the Danger Zone.


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