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Mad Sam! Human level three. A mutant straight from the Danger Zone and a warrior of the road.

—Narrator in "No More Pow Cards"

Mad Sam is a secondary character in the plaza, who is first shown in the episode, "You're Level 100!".

Physical Appearance

Mad Sam has buff arms and slender legs. He has purple skin and vermilion eyes. He wears a tank top and a blue vest similar to K.O.'s. He also wears a spiked red helmet which his short ginger hair sticks out from. Mad Sam also has a short beard. He wears black jeans, long brown boots, and orange knee-pads, wrapped around his kneecaps with brown bandaging. He also has brown bandages around his right forearm. He also has a green "X"-shaped tattoo on his right shoulder.


He’s from the Danger Zone, an unincorporated, off-the-grid area outside the plaza. Most Danger Zone denizens don’t visit places like the plaza, but Sam loves the street cred and attention; a little bit of a ne’er do well. K.O., Enid and Rad find him both cool and terrifying. He loves to show off his latest injuries and mutated deformities, to everyone’s horror. 

Mad Sam displays raucous behavior and rambunctious tendencies. He seems to enjoy doing stunts on his motorcycle. He often talks very loudly and behaves intensely. He seems prone toward violent and wild actions such as crashing through the wall and damaging a picture in the iframe store, and kidnapping Rad in another instance. 

Abilities and Powers

  • Chain punch: This attack has not yet been seen, but it is presumed to involve chains.


"You're Level 100!"

He's in the background shot from a newscast that features K.O. having level 100. He collaborated with other people in Lakewood Plaza Turbo to help K.O. defeat Big Darrell.

"No More Pow Cards"

He rides on his motorcycle while the narrator narrates his biography.

"Let's Watch the Pilot "

He walked out from a beauty salon from the pilot.

"Back in Red Action"

He rode his motocycle in the Danger Zone during the fight between Red Action, Enid, and the Hue Troop.

"RMS & Brandon's First Episode"

He rode his motorcycle through the iFrame store after hearing that Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton are the best framers. He asks them to frame his helmet perfectly and threatens to destroy the store and them if it is not perfect. Moments later, he arrived at the @Cafe and asks Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton to not scream but to hug.

"My Fair Carol"

At the Danger Zone, he is involved in a riot where he shots lasers from a laser gun. After Enid's music causes the place to shake, he inadvertently shoots a creature.

"Special Delivery"

While and Enid and Rad are on their destination to make a delivery, they encounter him and his gang creating chaos such as destroying Pird's bike. He nabs the package from his grappling hook. While Rad tried to retrieve it using his power, Sam used his power to get Rad and tie him up in front of his motorcycle. He and his gang attempts to outrun from Enid, however the van's smoke emission releases to make him confused while Rad is freed from the rope.

"Gar Trains Punching Judy"

He participates in the wrestling tournament but lost to Punching Trudy.


His motorcycle got caught with Carl.


Brandon & A Real Magic Skeleton

Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton perceive him as a threat whenever he approaches to them. At first, they seem him as menacing due to his request. Later, he is somewhat sympathetic of the two by making Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton hug each other.

Anxious Ricky & Wistful Pete

Anxious Ricky & Wistful Pete are part of his gang. They enjoy in generating chaos at the Danger Zone.

Enid & Rad

He does not seem them eye-to-eye. He tied up Rad onto his motorcycle as a hood ornament and attempts to escape from Enid.

Episode Appearances


  • His name was previously "Road Warrior Sam".[2]
  • When he runs out of energy, he mutates into a weak nerd.
  • He is a parody of Mad Max.


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