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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins with Enid reading a newspaper while laughing, K.O. stares at her.
K.O. Rad, what's that great thing Enid's reading?
Rad Aww, come on, K.O., do you seen cartoons? You know what a newspaper is.
K.O. Yeah, it's just fun to make old people feel weird.
K.O. laughs.
Rad Old!
K.O. points the newspaper.
K.O. Hey!Darrell made the front page!
K.O., Enid & Rad (Reading) "Box-more sales skyrocket under new leadership?"
[Title card appears. KO grabs the newspaper]
K.O. Wait... Boxmore makes money?
Enid I guess so. They're actually a business when they're not attacking the Plaza.
Rad I guess since Boxman got fired after the butt-thrashing we gave him, they've been doing real work instead of hassling with us.
K.O. Awww, that's kinda sad. Maybe Darrell and the other robots missed Boxman so much, they can't barely attack the Plaza without him. (Voice echoes as it pans to Boxmore)
[Darrell walks through the Boxmore factory, puts some new Darrells into boxes and fixes some new robots. Shannon, Ernesto, Raymond, Mikayla and Jethro are watching him from a higher platform.]
Shannon You know, I was... worried for a while, but Lord Cowboy Darrell's not half bad at this!
Mikayla ( Subtitles:"I must agree. Our production numbers haveincreased exponentially since Lord Cowboy Darrell took over.")
Shannon That is sooo true, Mikayla.
Lord Cowboy Darrell Deputee Shannon, I wouldn't happen to be here to slack you off now, would I?
Shannon No sir!
Shannon, Ernesto, Raymond, Mikayla and Jethro run away.
Lord Cowboy Darrell (Thinking) It's been three months since I took over father-, I mean, Lord Boxman's company: Boxmore. I thought I'd feel sad but I'm glad I fired him in the Sun. I don't care about his approval any more. Nobody's gonna hold me back now.
The Sun shrugs and Lord Boxman falls from inside the Sun to the Earth. Darrell looks at the ruined coat of Lord Boxman fallen over a bush, then he watches outside the window.
Lord Cowboy Darrell NOOOOO! Lesser Darrells!
Darrells (Arriving from behind Lord Cowboy Darrell) Yes, Lord Cowboy Darrell?
Lord Cowboy Darrell Bring him in!
[Two Darrells bring Lord Boxman into the office of Lord Cowboy Darrell.]
Lord Boxman What are you doing? Unhang me this instant! I said unha- (Lord Boxman is left on the floor) Ungrateful little brats! Can't even be bothered to say "Hello, father!". Uh?
Lord Cowboy Darrell (Turning on his chair made by lesser darrels) Hello, Boxman!
Lord Boxman Darrell? What are you doing in my office!
Lord Cowboy Darrell Only making... (opens a newspaper) record profits.
Lord Boxman grabs Lord Cowboy Darrell's tie destroying the newspaper.
Lord Boxman Who cares about the profits? That Plaza doesn't even have a scratch on it!
Lord Boxman look outside the window Rad, Enid and K.O. are playing.
Lord Boxman And what is that ridiculous outfit? Ugh! You are an embarassment, now, get out of my office!
Lord Cowboy Darrell This isn't your office any more.
Lord Boxman I SAID... What... did you say?
Lord Cowboy Darrell This isn't your factory and these aren't your robots either.

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