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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with montage of Crinkly Wrinkly interviewing a couple of guests]
Announcer Welcome to “Stage Left,” with Crinkly Wrinkly.
[Audience cheers and applause. Dynamite Watkins comes in to hit Crinkly Wrinkly with a chair. The titlecard appears. The cameraman gets ready for Dynamite Watkins to host]
Dynamite Watkins I’m Dynamite Watkins! Your host for tonight—
Crinkly Wrinkly My neck!
Dynamite Watkins for tonight’s highly-anticipated retrospective! Fans of the smash hit TV series, “OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes,” prepare to lose your cool! Joining us today is… Enid! [Enid comes onstage] Rad! [Comes onstage as well]
Rad Please donate to my charity— Tiny Clothes for Tiny Dinos.
Dynamite Watkins And K.O.! [Audience cheers louder as he comes onstage]
Audience K.O.! K.O.! K.O.!
Dynamite Watkins Wow! [K.O. gives kisses] K.O. is clearly the crowd favorite. No surprise there. That kid’s a show-stealer! So, “OK K.O.” has taken the world by storm! It’s number one on every network. [Dramatically] And in all our hearts. Did you three ever expect it to become such an explosive success?!
Enid Well, I don’t know about the others, but from the very beginning, I could just, like, sense the material was really special, you know?
Rad Yeah, I have—
Dynamite Watkins Well, that’s great. I’ve actually got a relic that can take us all back to the beginning you spoke of. The original pilot— [Shows the relic] "Lakewood Plaza Turbo"!
Enid, K.O., & Rad What?!
Dynamite Watkins That’s right— the pilot! And I don’t mean the sap that flies your plane. [Displays what a pilot is] I’m talking a short sample episode that’s made to test the waters and see if it’s something people would want to watch more of. Right, K.O.?
K.O. Well, yeah, but… we’ve come a really long way since the pilot, and it’s not at all representative of our current work, so…
Dynamite Watkins Whoo, “Lakewood Plaza Turbo”!
[Audience cheers and applause as the pilot starts airing]
Announcer In the year, 201X, [Displays the robots of Boxmore] Lord Boxman opened a store to arm his robot hoard. [Cuts to Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the heroes preparing to fight] But the heroes of Lakewood Plaza—
Rad & Singing voice Are ready to fight!
Rad [Laughs] Oh, man! Remember this old theme song?
K.O. & Singing voice K.O., Rad, and Enid are in battle mode.
Enid & Singing voice punch and kick the bad guys till they all explode.
K.O., Enid, Rad, & Singing voice Power up and fight. Let’s watch an episode of Lakewood Plaza Turbo. [K.O. says K.O. instead of Plaza Turbo. Rad laughs after he messed up]
Rad We have fun. Ha— the plaza looked so different back then.
K.O. Whoa! We looks so weird.
Enid Ugh—my hair! Sorry. This is just, um… really weird to watch now.
Dynamite Watkins It sure is! Please feel free to react out loud during the whole thing.
Enid’s voice He’s sleeping again.
[Rad snores and K.O. dumps ice cream on him]
K.O. [laughs] Rad got so cold underneath all that ice cream, they had to call in a stunt double!
[Audience laughs]
Rad Ha. Well, uh, I was on a cleanse, so my skin was super sensitive.
K.O.’s voice. You looked so peaceful, like a baby lamb.
[Mega Football Baby and Sparko laughs]
Pilot Enid’s voice Gee!
Rad Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is going on with your mouth there?
K.O. It’s an old theater trick we call “jawning.” It, um… keeps the jaw nice and loose, even when you’re not talking.
Rad’s voice Ooh! [Prepares to shoot K.O. with his finger]
Rad Oh! Did my own stunt here. Shout-out to the effects team.
[K.O. grunts]
Rad’s voice It’s just the power poke. You know, a special move?
K.O.’s voice "Special move"? Okay, my turn!
Dynamite Watkins So, K.O., I sense a little conflict between you and Rad here.
K.O. Yeah, you know, in this episode, I think he’s the bad guy. But—spoiler alert—turns out he’s not the bad guy, and it was totally some other dude. Ha— the stories can’t get too complicated in pilots.
[Crowd laughs when K.O. doesn’t do his "special move"]
K.O.’s voice Yeah, well… I’ll soil you!
[K.O. and Rad fights]
Enid’s voice Cool it!
Crowd Fight, fight!
Enid’s voice I said, "Cool it!" [Uses her power kick]
K.O. Ooh. Enid’s outfit change really was for the best.
Enid [Chuckles nervously] Well… it was challenging. But the material called for a loin-flap, and I think meeting that challenge made me a stronger performer.
Mr. Gar’s voice No! [Pounds the ground]
Enid’s voice Boss, what happ— [Trips on her loin-flap] whoa!
K.O. [laughs] Remember how often you’d trip over that thing? [Enid continues tripping over her loin-trap]
Enid What?! Why would you show that?!
Dynamite Watkins Just cut in a few bloopers to spice things up.
Mr. Gar’s voice My sign! [The sign has been vandalized]
K.O.’s voice "Lakewood Plaza Turbo Smells Ba…" Smells ba?!
Mr. Gar’s voice You’re new here, K.O., but there’s something you need to know about retail. We sell supplies to the heroes of the world. [Shows far shot of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and Box More] But across Route 175 at Box More… they sell weapons to villains.
Lord Boxman Ahem— excuse me! [Raises his hand] Quick question here.
Dynamite Watkins Sir, the Q&A is after the—
Lord Boxman I worked three 12-hour shoots on this thing, and all my scenes got cut! I just want to know why!
Darrell Yeah!
Rad Oh, right. They accidentally sent the Boxman scenes to the wrong animation studio.
[Shows a clip of Darrell, Raymond, Jethro, Shannon, and Lord Boxman being goofy]
Lord Boxman Oh, I see. Could I join the panel?
Enid & Rad No.
K.O. You know, they cut a lot of my scenes, too.
Rad What are you talking about? You’re in, like, every scene.
Enid And they did kind of name the show after you. [Laughs nervously] So…
Dynamite Watkins Scandalous!
Enid Uh, no, no, no— no scandal. [Laughs nervously]
Mr. Gar’s voice Pay attention… [does his pilediver move] you brat!
[Enid takes K.O. out of the way and the move hits Rad]
Rad Did this stunt.
Mr. Gar’s voice No text during work hours! [Throws phone to Rad and goes in his car]
Rad Did this stunt, too.
K.O. I just gotta say, it wasn’t my idea to change the name of the show.
Enid Well, you didn’t exactly fight them on it, did you?
K.O. It was my first gig. I didn’t want to make waves.
Enid Oh, ho! Because you’re such a professional now.
K.O. You want to talk about professional? At least I didn’t break Rad’s wrist.
Rad’s voice What?
Enid’s voice [Twists Rad’s wrist] Break’s over.
Crowd Ooh.
Enid You act like I did that on purpose.
Rad Uh, my wrist is fine. I’m not some fragile, Hollyzone actor with glass bones. I’d just like everybody to know that.
K.O. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not.
Enid That’s because… I’m a great actor.
Rad Again, my wrist— never broke, ha ha!
K.O. Great actors don’t hurt their co-stars.
Enid Oh, so I’m your co-star now?
Rad Ok, ok. Let’s all just calm down here before someone—
Audience member Breaks a wrist?!
[Audience laughs]
Rad Who said that?!
Enid If we were really co-stars, you’d be sharing some of the spotlight.
K.O. That is totally unfair.
Rad If you got something to say to me out there, come up here and say it to my face, brah!
Audience member Your face, brah, or your stunt double’s?!
[Audience laughs]
Rad Stop laughing! [Audience continues to laugh] Stop! [Grabs a chair to throw a very small distance]
[Audience laughs even more]
K.O. You know what, I’m done. I’m just done with this. [Goes backstage]
Enid K.O.!
Rad You guys want to go, I’ll take you all on! [Throws another chair]
Dynamite Watkins Uh, perhaps you could all take five backstage? [Signals the cameraman]
[Audience continues to laugh]
Rad I’m the real deal! The real deal! [Enid drags Rad backstage] [Cameraman starts filming them] Why’d they have to show the stupid pilot anyway?
Enid Calm down.
Rad My image has been tainted! The two of you got to look like flawless professionals, while everybody laughed at my humiliating moments.
Enid You think my blooper reel wasn’t humiliating? I don’t want people to remember a time when I was… an amateur.
K.O. What are you guys talking about? Neither of you should feel embarrassed.
Rad Oh, can it, K.O.. You’re a perfect child prodigy.
Enid You couldn’t look bad if you tried.
K.O. That’s not true! Do you know how hard I work to keep up with you two? I stayed up all night practicing my lines. I take tons of classes. My acting coach is here, right now.
Acting Coach [Holds a donut] You’re doing great.
K.O. And, Rad, in that one scene back there… [breathes shakily] that… that wasn’t "jawning." That was me blowing it. Watching myself in the pilot, all I see are my mistakes. But when I’m watching you two, I can’t find a single flaw— just reasons to keep working hard so, one day, I can be as proud of my work… as I am of yours.
[Enid kicks some dirt]
Rad [Sighs] We should go back.
K.O. ...hard so, one day, I can be as proud of my work as I am of yours.
[K.O., Enid, and Rad prepares to take their seat while Dynamite Watkins signals to switch back the clip]
Dynamite Watkins Cut.
[Plays back the pilot where K.O. prepares to “fight” Rad as the crowd stares]
Rad’s voice What? You gonna soil your pants again, dawg? [Prepares to step in]
K.O.’s voice Hy…
Rad’s voice I can’t go easy on ya.
K.O.’s voice …yah! [Rad cracks his knuckles]
Enid Hey, I don’t know if I ever said it, but you really nailed that scream, K.O.
K.O. Uh, well, thanks.
[K.O. throws his punch as the crowd gasps and runs out. The punch hit a random stranger]
K.O.’s voice Yeah! That guy’s the wiener!
Enid’s voice K.O., that’s…
Darrell’s voice Absolutely correct! [Throws away his cloak to reveal himself]
Rad’s voice Darrell!
Enid’s voice Boxmore! Are you kidding me?! [Enid throws K.O. to stop Darrell]
K.O.’s voice Hyah. [punches Darrell]
Rad Aw, man. Enid, I was always impressed with your cool stunt there.
K.O. Oh, yeah. Me, too.
Enid Oh, stop it.
Darrell’s voice Never, you Lakewood loser! [Mr. Gar steps out of his car]
K.O. As always, Rad, great job dubbin’ Darrell.
Darrell Yeah.
Enid Yeah, seriously.
Rad Uh, wow— thanks, guys.
Mr. Gar’s voice You actually caught him?
K.O.’s voice Yeah.
Mr. Gar’s voice Well, then listen up. There’ll be no trouble if you just pay up for fixing the sign.
Darrell’s voice But I did fix it, old man. "Lakewood Plaza… smells bad!"
[Mr. Gar takes off his sunglasses and grabs Darrell to smash Darrell]
Mr. Gar’s voice Hyah!
Announcer Knockout!
[The pilot ends]
Audience [Cheers and applause] K.O., Rad, and Enid! K.O., Rad, and Enid!
Enid Huh. I guess we did pretty good.
[Enid, Rad, and K.O. holds hands to stand and bows down]
Dynamite Watkins Wow! What an unexpected emotional conclusion that unveiled entirely on its own with absolutely no involvement from me, Dynamite Watkins, at all!
[The audience continues to cheer]
K.O. Thanks for sticking with us this far. The show’s just gonna keep getting better and better! And thanks for sticking with me, too, you guys.
Gerald Nametag Excuse me. [Raises his hand] Yes, hello. Gerald Nametag here. Might I inquire— What happened to your noses?
K.O. Oh, well, [chuckles] that’s…
Gerald Nametag You know, those really long noodle snooters.
K.O. Yes, that’s actually—
Gerald Nametag [Shows an photo] These sausage-looking dealies right here.
Enid, Rad, & K.O. We get it!
[Cartoon Network Studios closing logo plays on screen. A line is faintly heard in the background: "Boss, that’s the graffiti weiner!"]
K.O. And it’s actually…
[1999 Cartoon Network Productions logo plays, Cartoon Cartoons jingle plays in background]
Enid, Rad, & K.O. A really funny story.
[Flashbacks to their "story"]
Enid Ugh— stupid loin flap! [Throws loin flap]
Rad Hey everybody! Got a fresh box of pepper here. [Slips on the loin flap spilling the pepper in the box] Whoa—wacky!
[The three sneezed their noses off their face and landed on the wall. Enid places the noses on sale]
[They laugh and landed on a different animation studio dancing goofy]
[The episode ends]

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