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Speaker Dialogue
Shannon End of the line, bodega buttheads!
Enid Yeah, yeah, yeah, very scary. Get on with...
Shannon jumps on and turn her arms into a cannon.
Shannon Get a taste of my Shannon cannon!
Rad traps Shannon with his Finger Blaster. He yawns, Shannon growls.
Shannon Hey, brothers, a little help? Raymond?
Raymond chuckles.
Raymond I refused.
Shannon growls.
Raymond For you see, the winner of today's challenge shall be moi.
Raymond cackling until Ernesto bash him on the head.
Ernesto Apologies, brother. But it looks like your profit margins are rising!!
Ernesto throws Raymond at Shannon, destroy them both. Ernesto cackles.
Ernesto Now nobody stands in my way. The challenge is as good as---
Jethro bumps into Ernesto.
Jethro I am Jethro.
Ernesto rolling and got crashed.
Jethro I am Jethro. I am…
Ernesto's leg crash Jethro. K.O., Enid and Rad blinks in silence.
Enid Well, that was weird.
Titlecard appears.
Rad Rad saving the day again? Nothing weird about that.
Enid Please. They blew each other up and saved the day for us.
Rad Hmm, yeah. Come to think of it, they were talking about some sort of challenge, weren't they?
K.O. Yeah. What's that?
Enid Couldn't tell you, kiddo. Sounds pretty suspicious to me.
Mr. Gar Hey.
K.O., Rad and Enid gasps.
K.O., Rad and Enid Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar Boxmore robots acting funny, huh?
K.O., Rad and Enid Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Mr. Gar Come with me.
Mr. Gar goes underground camera security room.
Mr. Gar Being a hero requires constant vigilance.
Mr. Gar kick Rad.
Rad Whoa!
Mr. Gar kick K.O..
K.O. Wha!
Mr. Gar kick Enid.
Mr. Gar And since I can't be everywhere at once, I've invested in a few top-of-the-line security cameras to fix that problem.
Mr. Gar activates the cameras on TV.
K.O., Rad and Enid Whoa.
Mr. Gar I have eyes all over the plaza. I even have a bunch at Boxmore, as well. They're all controlled by this remote. It's even got a megaphone function. Observe.
Scene at Colewort and Sugar Pie at the picnic. The camera pops on the bushes.
Mr. Gar Keep off the dang grass!
Scene back to the security camera room.Rad laughing.
Rad Sweet.
Mr. Gar Yep. So get to the bottom of this, Bodegamen. Collect as much info as you want.
Mr. Gar opens the tunnel.
Mr. Gar Secret missions.
Enid I guess let's see what the robots are up to.
Rad Let me just switch it to the Boxmore cameras, and there.
Rad switch the channel to Boxmore show.
K.O. Hey, there are they!
Ernesto restarted, but Raymond push and Shannon kick him.
Shannon Profit margins rising, my butt.
Shannon and Raymond kicking Ernesto.
Shannon This will teach you to ruin my chances at winning the challenge!
K.O., Rad and Enid sees Ernesto getting beat up by Shannon and Raymond on TV. Rad and Enid laughing.
Shannon Eat it!
Intercom beeps calls by Lord Cowboy Darrell.
Darrell Hello, junior deputies. I see that all of you failed my challenge of destroying the Bodega, so the immunity bipple goes to nobody!
Rad What the heck's an immunity bipple?
Enid shrugs and hums "I don't know".
Darrell You're all up for elimination. I don't think I need to remind you guys that the winner of this game gets to be my senior deputy. Good luck on the next challenge.
K.O. Where are they all going?
Enid Don't tell me.
Shannon in the confessional.
Shannon That immunity bipple has my name on it, okay? I don't care who I have to step on in order to get it. I'm not here to make friends.
Raymond in the confessional, stroking Mikayla, purring.
Raymond I'm the best and the most beautiful, so I'll be taking the bipple for myself. I'm not here to make friends.
Ernesto in the confessional, covers in bandages.
Ernesto Shannon and Raymond can kick me all they want, because I'm here to make friends!
Jethro in the confessional.
Jethro I am Jethro.
Rad and Enid snickers.
Rad So Darrell's just making the other robots play some weird reality game shows?
Enid Yeah. Welp, guess we should, like, get back to work and stuff.
Rad Yep, false alarm. Nothing to worry about.
K.O. Wha... Wha... Uh, guys? Don't you want to get back at the work?
Enid Of course. I just think we... should... uh, monitor them for a little longer.
Rad Yeah! No such thing as beingtoosafe, right?
K.O. Hmm, I guess Mr. Gar did say to collect as much info as we wanted.
Title: One Week Later. Rad and K.O. sleeping, Enid watching the show, eating popcorn. Ernesto in the confessional.
Ernesto I'm going to give all of them a piece of my mind. A robot can only be pushed so far before they're forced to push back. Enough's enough!
Enid Guys, we've got drama!
Rad and K.O. wake up.
Enid It's Ernesto, and boy, is he cheesed.
Ernesto comes to Shannon and Raymond texting, Jethro playing with blocks and Mikayla napping on the couch. Ernesto screams loud. Shannon in the confession, confused after Ernesto screaming.
Shannon Okay, what the heck was that?
Ernesto You guys think you're so great! Shannon, you're just jealous of Darrell and take it out at us.
Shannon Excuse me?!
Ernesto And Raymond, what are you even supposed to be? A romantic robot? A sports robot? Pick a lane!!
Raymond growls.
Ernesto And Jethro, you can only say one thing!
Ernesto throws Jehtro to the wall.
K.O., Rad and Enid Ooh!
Rad Oh, no, he didn't!
Raymond You got something to say, punk? Why don't you say it to my face?!
Ernesto I just said it to your…
Shannon and Raymond kicking Ernesto.
Enid I've been waiting for this for so long!
Shannon snatch Ernesto's hat.
Shannon I got his hat!
Ernesto No!
Shannon, Raymond and Jethro laughing. Ernesto shrieking, gets his hat back from Shannon and puts it back on.
Jethro I…
Ernesto stomps on Jethro, crashing it.
Ernesto Aah!
Ernesto storms off.
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O., Rad and Enid laughing.
K.O. Yes, you are, Jethro.
Intercom beeps.
Enid Ooh, challenge time.
Darrell Okay, junior deputies! It's time for another chance to win the immunity bipple. Your challenge for today is to... blow up the fitness dojo.
K.O. The dojo?
Enid Ah, sweet!
Rad I wonder who's going to bring it.
K.O. I don't want them to bring my mommy anything! Rad, can you do a Darrell impression? You've got to keep them away from the dojo.
Rad You want me to interfere with the show? I don't know, K.O..
Enid We could ruin a good thing.
K.O. crying.
K.O. It's my mommy's dojo.
K.O. crying. Rad sighs.
Rad You got it, little buddy.
Shannon and Raymond stretching.
Rad (as Darrell) Bing-bong. Uh, change of plans, everybody. A new mission?
Ernesto Huh?
Rad (as Darrell) There is a... hidden... goody that you must find. Uh, look for the... m... the magical...
End Pew, pew, pew, pew!
Rad (as Darrell)… uh, laser nut of power hidden in the incinerator at Boxmore! (normal voice) I'm a genius.
Ernesto gasps, zooms in.
Ernesto Bipple, bipple! Bipple, bipple, bipple, bipple, bipple!
Shannon He's going to get there before us!
Ernesto cackles.
Ernesto You're all losers. (muffled) And I'm a winner!
Darrell laughs.
Darrell Now that I have my big crayons... What the...
K.O., Rad and Enid laughing.
Enid Oh, I can't believe that worked.
Intercom beeps.
Darrell Well, that was weird. I guess contestant Ernesto has left the competition voluntarily, speeding us up to a double elimination challenge!
Shannon and Raymond Double?
K.O., Rad and Enid Elimination?
Darrell Don't forget the last remaining contestant gets to be my senior deputy. No amount of bipple will save you now.
Darrell cackles.
Enid Oh my gosh! This is stressful! Should we… help?
K.O. Maybe we can get rid of somebody.
Rad But which one?
K.O. Well, I think Shannon should really go. She's so mean.
Shannon in the confessional.
Shannon I'm not even worried about this challenge 'cause I ain't going home.
Enid I agree. Such toxic energy.
Rad What? She's not mean. She has a heart of gold. Raymond, on the other hand.
Raymond in the confession.
Raymond I worked so hard to come this far. I will be senior deputy.
Rad He may be handsome, but he's a pretentious snob!
Rad burps.
Enid Clearly, Raymond is the only sensible one that keeps the other doofuses from messing everything up.
Rad Pah!
Enid Besides, Jethro's the worst.
Jethro in the confessional.
Jethro I am Jethro.
Enid He's got nothing.
K.O. No way. He's the cute little guy the whole thing revolves around. Just look at him.
K.O. shows Enid and Rad to see Jethro, passes a gas.
Darrell What should I have them do? Ohh! Maybe a baking challenge.
Darrell gasps.
Darrell Got to get my fun markers.
Raymond sighs and Jethro passing the gas. Raymond comes to Shannon, sitting on the couch, texting.
Raymond Playing it cool, sister? I know you're shaking like a bucket of loose bolts inside 'cause you know you're going home!
Shannon Your breath smells like it's going home.
Raymond gasps.
Enid You only like Shannon because of your weird, little crush on her. Go suck a metal leg.
Rad throws a can of beans and hits Enid, they're arguing.
Rad I got over her ages ago. You don't know what you're talking about.
Enid Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. There's drama a-brewing.
Rad Whoa.
Raymond You don't deserve to be senior deputy.
Shannon I don't care.
Raymond You couldn't even get the bipple.
Shannon I don't care.
Raymond What was that?
Shannon Get out of my face.
Raymond I can't hear you.
Shannon Get out of my face.
Raymond pokes Shannon.
Raymond Boop.
Shannon Don't touch me.
Raymond pokes Shannon again.
Raymond Boop.
Shannon Don't touch me.
Raymond touch Shannon's face.
Raymond Touch.
Shannon Aah!
Shannon have enough with Raymond and fighting with him. Jethro slowly turns away.
Jethro I am…
Shannon grabs Jethro and puts him in Raymond's nose. Shannon laughing. Rad laughing.
K.O. Jethro.
Rad Enid, I can't believe you're a fan of this Jethro sniffer.
Enid I can't call myself a colleague with someone with such poor taste in character.
Raymond have his foot on Shannon and have Jethro.
Shannon Get off me!
Raymond Dirty mushroom head!
Enid Bing-bong.
Shannon Ambush!
Shannon kicks Raymond. Enid laughing.
Enid (as Darrell) The winner of today's challenge will be determined by destroying a target, your target is... Radicles' van!
K.O. and Rad gasps.
Raymond The van?
Shannon Later, dummies.
Raymond Victory is mine!
Jethro I am Jethro.
Shannon cackles.
Enid Too bad. I have it now. K.O., get off of me!
Rad Ha!
Shannon and Raymond Dodge this!
Rad My baby.
Enid Ha! That's what you get, siding with a nasty bot like Shannon.
Rad You've crossed the line, Enid.
Shannon Well? Who won?
Rad Bing-bong. Next, destroy the thing that gives Enid power over the customers, her favorite place to lie around.
Enid You wouldn't dare.
Rad The counter!
Enid shrieks and kicks Rad.
Rad And Raymond stinks. Hit his stinky butt.
Shannon You hear that?
K.O. Jethro!
K.O. climbs up.
K.O. I'm coming, little buddy.
K.O. grabs the missiles.
K.O. You're my only senior deputy!
K.O. tapes missiles on Jethro's head.
K.O. Ta-da! Okay, Jethro. Let's go turbo!
Rad I can't take this! I'm going to go help dear Shannon in person!
Enid Not if I help Raymond first!
Shannon I'm going win.
Raymond In your dreams.
Rad Shannon!
Enid Raymond!
Jethro I am Jeth…
They got boomed, coughing.
K.O. Um, hello.
Rad What a surprising development.
Shannon You plaza bozos!
Raymond You were behind this all along?
Shannon Get 'em!
K.O. cheers, Rad and Enid freaks out while Shannon and Raymond about to charge at them until Mr. Gar hits them with his elbow.
Shannon and Raymond Triple elimination!
Jethro Jethro.
Enid Ah, Mr. Gar.
K.O. They were so close to finishing.
Rad Now no one's going to make senior deputy.
Mr. Gar Enid, Rad, K.O.!
K.O., Rad and Enid rattle in terror.
Mr. Gar You disappoint me! How could you three abuse the security system for trashy entertainment?
K.O., Enid & Rad We're sorry, Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar You've damaged the plaza and hurt each other because of an inane game show! Now, clean this mess up.
K.O., Enid, & Rad Yes, sir. We're sorry, Mr. Gar, sir.
Mr. Gar Huh. It's a shame how much quality scripted and board-driven content is ignored. Besides, the show's gone downhill since Boxman left.
K.O., Rad, & Enid Hey!
Mr. Gar What can I say? I just can't look away.
The end.

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