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Let's Team Up Because We Aren't Bad Friends is a crossover episode of Mighty Magiswords and OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes[1].


The Warriors fear that they've been ignoring their pals, so they team up with Witchy Simone and Noville for a BIG MISSION, only to discover that their friends aren't into it anymore.[2]


  • Radicles
  • K.O. (indirectly mentioned)
  • Mr. Gar (mentioned)
  • Prohyas Warrior
  • Vambre Warrior
  • Francis Stinkshooter
  • Witchy Simone
  • Noville
  • King Rexxtopher
  • Phil
  • Mr. Spoony
  • Scarriet
  • Noel Trobblin
  • Murray Williams
  • Toni Sento


  • This crossover episode counts as a Mighty Magisword episode as Rad is the only character to only appear in the episode.
    • In this episode, Rad is designed and animated in the same flash animation style as the series.
  • This episode served as the series finale for Mighty Magiswords.


  • This episode took place before "Radical Rescue" as the picture Rad took with Witchy Simone appeared in the episode.

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