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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with Enid closing the register, Rad turning off the sign, and K.O. covering the cleaning supplies as the audience applauses]
Audience Awwwww!
K.O. Good night, babies. [Closes the Supplies door]
[Audience laughs]
Enid Hm. Great job, bud. Looks like we’re all ready to close up.
Carol [Enters the Bodega] Heya! [Audience cheers, whistles, and applauses] Hey, there. Hey, there!
Enid Oh.
Enid & Rad Hey, K.O.’s mom.
Carol You two seen my kid around here? [K.O. pops out of Carol’s hair] Oh!
K.O. [laughs] Hi, momma!
[Mr. Gar whistles as he was about to lock his office]
Carol Hi, peanut!
Mr. Gar Huh?
[Rad, Carol, K.O., and Enid laughs as Mr. Gar looks]
Carol You think that’s funny?! Well, how about this? Pbbbbbt!
K.O. [Laughs] Mom, stop it. [Mr. Gar laughs nervously]
Carol Hm? Hey, Gene.
Mr. Gar Uh— d— Hi, Carol! [Titlecard appears]
[A rumbling noise is heard. Carol gasps]
Enid Uh!
Rad Whoa! What was that?!
Enid Boxman, maybe? Come on.
Enid & Rad [Runs out of the Bodega] Huh?
[Carol, while K.O., and Mr. Gar runs out as well]
Carol, K.O., & Mr. Gar What?
[Reveals to be Steamborg making the noise]
Rad What the heck is this thing?! Is that a googly eye?
Enid I don’t know. I guess it’s like a… robot golem? Mm-mm-mm.
Steamborg Silence! [Enid and Rad covers their ears] Destroy POINT. Steamborg want revenge.
Enid Ugh!
Rad [Picks his ears] Revenge?
[Mr. Gar and Carol look at each other]
Steamborg Must destroy POINT. [Targets and recognizes Mr. Gar’s and Carol’s personas, El-Bow and Silver Spark] Destroy POINT! [Throws his fist to Mr. Gar, however, the time starts to slow down]
Mr. Gar [Thinking] Carol, we used to be such a good team.
Carol [Turns around] Eu-ge-e-e-ne!
Mr. Gar What happened? [Flashbacks to his days at P.O.I.N.T.. He dodges a robot] Hyee! [Carol and Mr. Gar fight the robots, as well as other members of P.O.I.N.T.]
Singer P.O.I.N.T.!
Foxtail We are powerful operatives.
Singer P.O.I.N.T.!
Doctor Greyman And we’re super cooperative.
Singer P.O.I.N.T.!
Laserblast We investigate and neutralize every single trouble.
Foxtail & Doctor Greyman On the double.
[El-Bow and Silver Spark both destroy the last robot]
El-Bow & Silver Spark [Elbows] Teammates!
Doctor Greyman Wow! That was good stuff, folks! [Checks watch] Hmm. I gotta head out on a solo mission right now, but [snaps finger] why don’t you all take a well-deserved break? [Gasps] Especially you, El-Bow. You don’t look so hot. Go on and grab some grub. That oughta make you feel tip-top. Good luck, and I-I-I will see you later! [Levitates away]
[El-Bow ordered a sandwich for lunch and stares at it]
El-Bow Ohhh. [Tries to eat his sandwich but doesn’t do it]
Silver Spark [Passes by] Cool sandwich.
El-Bow You, too! Oh. [Puts his sandwich in his pocket] I’ll just save this for later.
Rippy Roo [Sits in the same table as El-Bow] Hoh!
El-Bow Oh, hey Rippy.
Rippy Roo [Brings out a chicken] Bah bah bah bah.
El-Bow Me? Oh, nothing. Just kinda jittery today.
Rippy Roo Boh? [Eats a chicken leg]
El-Bow Well, I’ve been thinking about tellin’ Silver Spark about my feelings for her soon [Rippy Roo bites the fork] and I— What’s that face for?
Rippy Roo Barowr… bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah hah bah bah bah bow bow bow. [Eats the whole chicken] Bah bah bow bow bow bow bow bow.
El-Bow What do you mean, she’s dating Laserblast? [Sees Laserblast and Carol licking and chewing a big lollipop and holding hands] Ah! Stupid! How could I even think she would ever like me? With my [bangs his head on the table couple of times] bowtie and my huge muscles? Are they too big? Stupid! Stupid! [Sobs] [Rippy Roo pats him with her patting stick] It’s not too late, right? [Rippy Roo nods] Yeah. Maybe I can change her mind.
Foxtail [Gathers Rippy Roo and El-Bow] Emergency meeting! Greyman’s back! Group up in the main hall!
Doctor Greyman Hello, there! Bet you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you here so soon. Well, I discovered a lab belonging to an unknown villain [Opens brief case] and inside were these weapons. [Levitates the weapons shaped like balls]
[Silver Spark and El-Bow gasp]
Laserblast They don’t look like much.
Doctor Greyman Just allow me to demonstrate. Stand back! [Foxtail, Silver Spark, and El-Bow steps back] [Shows a blue ball] This one, when exploded, [creates a black hole] generates a black hole! [POINT members gasped] This one [Shows the green ball shrinking a statue] shrinks its target to subatomic levels. [A magnifying glass shows a statue shrunk into subatomic levels] [Shows a red ball] And this one, this one here? I don’t know! I was hoping, with your input, we could figure out [the red ball reacts when touched with his hands] just what this little guy— [Explodes]
Foxtail & Laserblast Doc!
[Doctor Greyman coughs]
Laserblast Doc, are you all right?
Doctor Greyman Yeah, I’m fine.
Silver Spark Oh, he’s okay.
El-Bow Goodness.
Doctor Greyman Yep, just need my hat. C’mere, you. Hing! Mnhhhhh! [gasps, realizes that his powers are gone] My powers, they’re gone!
[Foxtail, Silver Spark and El-Bow gasps]
Silver Spark How is that possible?
El-Bow Ahh?
Foxtail Hey, don’t worry, Doctor. It’s probably temporary.
Laserblast Guess they were stronger than they looked. What do you say we snag more before they fall into the wrong hands? We could even use them against our foes.
Foxtail Absolutely not! I wouldn’t wish this fate on our worst enemies! What we need to do is to find the rest and disarm them completely! We can’t have this happen again!
Laserblast Yeah, good point. I’ll go in.
Silver Spark I’ll go with you, as backup.
El-Bow Me also go, as, uh, double backup.
Foxtail Rippy and I will stay back here and see what we can do about Greyman. Good luck, you three.
Silver Spark Good luck to you, too.
[A vehicle pops out with Laserblast in it]
Laserblast Let’s get a move on. Time’s a-wasting. [Puts a lollipop in his mouth] [An exterior shot of a donut store is shown] All right. According to the Doc’s intel, the lab is underneath that doughnut shop over there. I’m gonna slip in there and disarm those weapons.
Silver Spark Hm. So what do we do?
Laserblast You, stay here. You two are my lookouts.
Silver Spark Agh! Lookouts?!
Laserblast Shh! You guys are still junior members. We can’t send you in on a mission like this.
Silver Spark So what, you’ll just go in on your own?! That’s crazy!
Laserblast Hey! Too mean.
Silver Spark Sorry, but come on! What’s the point of being a member if we can’t help our teammates?
Laserblast You are helping me, [Pokes Silver Spark’s nose] by staying here.
Silver Spark Hmph!
Laserblast Trust me, I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m gonna croak. Come on! [Hands his lollipop to Silver Spark] Here.
El-Bow Ew!
Laserblast See? Now I gotta come back. Keep it safe for me ’til then. See ya in a few, Sparks. You watch her back. All right, El-Bow? [Leaves]
[Silver Spark and El-Bow sits. Rain pours. El-Bow gets out his sandwich]
El-Bow Uh, we’re like a sandwich.
Silver Spark What?
El-Bow I mean, it’s like you and I are like this sandwich.
Silver Spark Eu.. gene?
El-Bow All of the ingredients are good on their own, but combined they create something really amazing: the perfect team.
Silver Spark El-Bow, I think we’re a really great team, too. I’m glad i have a friend like you.
El-Bow J-Just a friend?
Silver Spark "Just"? [A noise is heard]
El-Bow I-I don’t think I explained myself right.
Silver Spark Wait, shh! Laserblast might be in trouble.
El-Bow Maybe we’re like a— a calzone.
Silver Spark We need to move in, now! [Runs]
El-Bow W-W-Wait. [Gets in front of Silver Spark] We can eat this sandwich!
Silver Spark El-Bow.
El-Bow Just wait.
Silver Spark Get out of the way!
El-Bow No, listen to me. I’m the tomato, and you’re— you’re whatever part of the sandwich you wanna be. Smoked ham?
Silver Spark What are you talking about?! We don’t have time for…! [An explosion from the donut shop is heard] [Gasps] Laserbla-a-a-st!
[Silver Spark and El-Bow run to the shop. The Donuts shop is lifted in the air and shrinks]
El-Bow Uh. He’ll just be really small. Grey can reverse that. [The shop vanishes] Silver Spark, I-I—
Silver Spark [Runs] Laserblast! Laser! Ah! [Slides down the pit] Laserblast! Laser? Laser.
El-Bow Wah! Oof! [Falls from the pit] Silver. Y-You know, I bet if we go back to HQ and get Foxtail, sh-she’ll know what to do.
Silver Spark [Crying] He wasn’t powerful enough to survive something like this! If I had gotten to him sooner, I could’ve saved him. He’s… gone. Why did you stop me?!
El-Bow Huh? No, no, no. I didn’t mean to.
Silver Spark I told you! I told you he was in trouble. If you hadn’t I could’ve—
El-Bow Silver, I-I didn’t know how to— I only wanted to talk. I didn’t intend to—
Silver Spark This is all your fault.
[El-Bow drops his sandwich. The flashback reverts back to the present with Mr. Gar about to get punched]
Carol Eugene! [Pushes Mr. Gar out of the way as time goes even slower]
Mr. Gar Carol! Wh-what’s going on?
Carol I’m saving ya, dummy. You’re about to get clobbered. Look! Now let’s get goin’, huh?
Mr. Gar Wait! Uh. Carol, th-there’s something that’s been eating me up for a really long time. We used to make such a great team, didn’t we? Until I screwed it all up.
Carol Gene!
Mr. Gar If I hadn’t selfishly distracted you that night, we could’ve gotten to Laserblast and he never would’ve been shrunk or teleported, or whatever, and I wouldn’t have had to leave POINT. I’m so sorry, Carol, for everything.
Carol Aw, Gene, you’ve been blaming yourself for what happened to Laser. Is that why you couldn’t talk to me all those years? I’ll be honest. I did blame you in the heat of it, but I’ve known better for a long time, now. It was all an accident, Eugene. And, really? If you hadn’t stopped me, then we both might’ve been shrunk or teleported, or whatever. It’s not your fault. [Mr. Gar cries] Hey, come on. We’ve still got a Big Bad to beat. And, um, one more thing. You really gotta work on your timing.
Mr. Gar [Chuckles] Yeah.
[Time starts to resume back to normal. A pterodactyl crashes to a pipe]
Steamborg [Punches the ground] Destroy POINT.
[Carol and Mr. Gar nods to fight. Jumps high in air]
Carol & Mr. Gar Whoa! Whah! [Destroys Steamborg]
Steamborg Destroy...ed. [Explodes]
Mr. Gar & Carol [Elbows each other] Teammates!
K.O. So cool!
Mr. Gar [Carol hugs him] Huh?
Carol I missed ya, El-Bow.
Mr. Gar Awww.
K.O. Question. Should we be hugging after our battles?
Rad Yeah!
Enid No way.
Rad [Crosses arms] I mean, no.
Carol Alright. Well, we better head on home. I just gotta grab my purse from the dojo. [Tosses keys to K.O. and he catches it] K.O. go ahead and get the car started up.
K.O. ‘Kay.
Carol See ya around, Gene. [Waves and leaves]
Mr. Gar Bye, Carol.
[Enid and Rad approaches behind him. Next scene shows Carol opening the door and to the Dojo and closes it. She is talking to someone through an earpiece hoping no one hears her]
Carol Carol, checking in. Nope. Everything’s under control now. No need to send in a unit. Understood. Whew.
[The episode ends]

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