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Speaker Dialogue
The episode opens at Mr. Gar's bodega.
K.O. Alright, Rad and Enid, are you ready for another action-packed day of protecting our hero plaza from evil robots?
Rad Sorry, K.O., we stayed up all night playing videos game. I'm so tired, I don't care what happens. I'm gonna sleep through all of it!
Rad snores.
Enid Seconded.
Enid snores too.
K.O. Bu-but… working at Gar's means we must always be alert! You never know when a legendary hero might 3D blast through our doors!
Genesis chases Nanini, who is holding a comic book. Nanini laughs and taunts Genesis.
Genesis Give that back! Come on!
A blue ball bursts through the doors, then leaps into the air. It uncurls to reveal itself as Sonic the Hedgehog. He does a series of spins, then lands with his hands on his hips. His hero name displays on the screen. Right after, Miles "Tails" Prower flies in through the doors and his hero name displays on the screen. K.O. slowly turns to the two. His face turns starry-eyed and he drops the broom in his hand. The scene fades to black, then shows the title card with Sonic and Tails in the emblem. K.O. rises up from the middle with stars in his eyes. Sonic and Tails look at him, then at each other. Sonic smirks and Tails gives a nervous smile. The scene fades back to the bodega, where Genesis falls onto Tails and Sonic catches Nanini.
Sonic You be careful now, kid. [puts down Nanini] Can't have anyone getting hurt on my watch.
Genesis and Nanini It's really him!! [They squeal and run off to the side]
K.O. [gasps] Can it be? Are you the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog with a Power Level of Ring?!
Sonic The one and only, yep.
K.O. Wow, wow wow, wow, wow-- [looks at Tails] Oh, it's Tails! Wow, wow wow wow wow WOW! I can't believe I'm talking to the Sonic! [pulls out a notebook] I have a whole notebook of fan art I made of you!
[K.O. opens the notebook to a page with a drawing of Sonic and Tails running away from an explosion.]
K.O. This one's from when you destroyed the Death Egg...
[K.O. flips to a page with a drawing of Sonic fighting Shadow in space.]
K.O. And this is from when you fought the Ultimate Lifeform!
[K.O. flips to a page with a drawing of Sonic standing on a 1st place pedestal next to Mario (?) saying "I lost..."]
K.O. This is from when you won the Summer and Winter Sports Games!
Sonic [pulls out a gold medal] Gold medal, baby. [turns to K.O.] I really respect a kid with encyclopedic knowledge of my achievements. Not enough people like that in this world.
Tails Um, hello?! What about me?!
Sonic What's your name, kid?
K.O. K.O.!
Sonic Well, K.O., how'd you like to be my new little buddy?
[An exclmation bubble appears with Tails's face in it.]
Tails New little buddy?!
K.O. [gasps] Do you really mean it?!
Sonic Yeah, sure.
K.O. Wowie!
[Tails droops, then crosses his arms.]
Tails Nice to know I'm so easy to replace.
Sonic But I have one condition. That you bring me one of Gar's famous chili dogs.
K.O. [pulls in a dog in winter clothing]
Sonic Eh, not quite, kid.
Tails Are you sure this guy's "little buddy" material?
Sonic [pushes Tails away] Don't be weird, Tails. [holds up a flier] Look, this flier here said that Gar's Bodega has the best chili dogs in the multiverse.
K.O. Flier?
[A close-up of the flier is shown, featuring a picture of Jethro with K.O.'s hairstyle and Darrell with a fake mustache pointing to a chili dog. It reads "GAR'S BODEGA: best chili dogs in the MULTIVERSE!! (NOT A TRICK)"]
K.O. Wait a minute...that's Darrell!
[Darrell pops out of the flier.]
Darrell That's right! We disguised ourselves as a two-dimensional image, and you fell for it!
[Darrel leaps out of the flier and laughs as he scoops up Rad and Enid in a blanket, then rides off on Jethro.]
Darrell Got 'em! So long, suckers!
[Darrell and Jethro crash through the doors.]
K.O. Rad! Enid!!
Sonic So you guys don't have chili dogs.
K.O. Sonic, you have to help me! They just took my friends!
[K.O. runs out the doors and chases after Darrell and Jethro.]
K.O. We're coming for you!
[Sonic runs up to K.O. with Tails flying behind.]
Sonic Ok, K.O., who exactly are we going after now?
K.O. [starts losing his breath] Those guys work for...Lord...Lord Boxman...he's makes...robots...
Sonic Huh, sounds like a certain egghead we know, huh, Tails?
Tails [chuckles] Eggs-actly.
Sonic Yeah. [sings] He's the wooorst~!
K.O. What did you say?
[Tails looks back at K.O., who's far behind. He groans, then picks up K.O.]
Tails Sonic, what should we do?
Sonic How about classic Homing Attack?
K.O. Eh, what?
Sonic It's easy, check this out!
[He curls into a ball, then launches himself at Darrell.]
Darrell Hey!
[Darrell flips Jethro's Speed lever from "Sound" to "Light." They blast off into Boxmore as the door slowly closes.]
K.O. Oh no! They're getting away!
Sonic No sweat, little buddy! We'll do a Light Speed Dash! Tails!
Tails On it!
[Tails throws a trail of Rings ahead of them.]
Sonic Gotta light speed, keed!
[Sonic, Tails, and K.O. use the Rings to launch themselves into Boxmore just as the door closes shut. K.O. falls onto his face.]
Darrell [holds the bag above his head] We caught them for you, Daddy!
Boxman Excellent! Promotions are in order! [laughs, then notices Sonic] WHAT?! SONIC?!
Sonic The most famous hedgehog.
Boxman Well then, who is in-- [opens the bag to reveal Rad and Enid] WHAT?! I SAID BLUE HEDGEHOG, YOU DUMB BOTS! THESE ARE JUST THOSE PLAZA TEENS!
Darrell Why do you wanna capture Sonic the Hedgehog anyway? He doesn't even go here.
Boxman BECAUSE NO ONE RESPECTS ME AS A VILLAIN! But, they'll have to once I control the fastest thing alive!
[Boxman holds up a drawing of Sonic on a hamster wheel-type machine being used to power a machine.]
Boxman Plus some egghead I went to college with is always trying to do it. So anyway, if you ever want to see your little friends again, the only way out of this room...
[Boxman flips a switch, opening a hatch in the ceiling. A giant loop falls from it, crushing Darrell and Jethro.]
Boxman Is through this loop-de-loop! [laughs and flies away]
[Tails pulls out his remote. Text in front of a loop-de-loop shape reads "1 EXIT."]
Tails He's not kidding! We're stuck if we can't reach that exit!
Sonic Heh, no big deal. [starts running in place] Lucky for you I'm a pro at loop-de-loop.
[K.O. grabs onto Sonic's shoe before he can take off.]
K.O. Wait! It's a trap! Boxman is trying to catch you, Sonic! And I can't let that happen to the fastest... [kisses Sonic's shoe] Bluest... [kisses Sonic's shoe again] Greatest-- [kisses Sonic's shoe once more] hero of all time! So please, please! Let me go first!
[K.O. tries to run through the loop, but slips on falls on the steepest curve. He slides back to Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic Uh, why don't you try a Spin Dash? Like this!
[Sonic and Tails perform a Spin Dash, zooming around K.O.]
Sonic Easy!
[K.O. tries to perform a Spin Dash, rapidly rolling in place, then explodes.]
K.O. Would you mind...explaining your technique?
Sonic I dunno, you it! It's just one of those things that can't be explained! Like me.
[K.O. whines like a dog with his face resembling a sad clown. His head droops onto the floor.]
Sonic Uh, but hey! You're my little buddy, remember?
[K.O. suddenly perks back up and shoots forward like a rocket through the loop and into a wall.]
K.O. Sonic...?
[Sonic is seen lying in a lawn chair wearing sunglasses. He looks up at K.O.]
Sonic Hm? Oh, yeah, just holler when you figure it out! [takes a sip of his drink]
[K.O. repeatedly tries to Spin Dash, but fails. Tails groans.]
Tails This poor kid has no idea how to be a sidekick. [walks over to K.O.] You know, something that helps me Spin Dash is to visualize a finish line.
K.O. Finish line?
Tails Yeah, like a reason to keep moving forward. It can be anything, really. For me...
[A flashback begins, showing Tails sitting on some grass, crying. A hand pats him on the head, which is revealed to be Sonic.]
Tails It was Sonic.
[Sonic runs off. Tails tries to keep up with him, but starts losing his breath.]
Tails When I first met him, I wanted to catch up to him more than anything else in the world. It seemed impossible.
[Tails performs a Spin Dash and chases after Sonic. He catches up to him and starts flying behind him.]
Tails But I found that when I cleared my thoughts of everything except Sonic at the finish line, the rest came naturally!
[The flashback fades.]
K.O. My finish line... I'll try that.
[K.O. starts charging up a Spin Dash.]
K.O. My finish line friends!!
[K.O. successfully pulls off a Spin Dash.]
Tails You got it!
[K.O. dashes through the loop, collecting the Rings inside of it. He lands on a platform with an exit sign.]
K.O. Thanks for the help, Tails!
[K.O. runs past the signpost and into the door. The signpost spins and shows K.O. winking.]
Tails He really is gonna make a great sidekick.
[Sonic wakes up.]
Sonic Uh, huh? What now?
[K.O. slides into the next room. He sees Rad and Enid under a machine with a 200 ton weight over it.]
K.O. My friends! Don't worry, guys! I'll save--
[A robotic claw catches K.O. and throws him into a machine, locking him inside.]
K.O. Nooo!
Boxman Ooh, I have got you now, Sonic-- [notices K.O. in the machine] K.O.?!
Sonic Looking for me, Boxbrain?
Tails Sonic, look! Isn't that the Master Emerald on top of that machine?
Boxman Oh, this old thing, rodent? I convinced a little red fellow that I needed to borrow it for a museum exhibit. He sure was gullible.
Sonic Huh, you don't say?
Boxman It works wonders powering my latest evil contraption: the Roboty Makey Machine! You'll never guess what it does.
Tails Does it make robots?
[Boxman slams a button, powering up the machine. The Master Emerald starts to glow.]
K.O. Wait, let me out! Nooo!
[The machine fires a beam onto K.O., leaving a cloud of smoke inside the chamber. Two glowing purple eyes are seen through the smoke. The machine opens, revealing Metal K-0.]
Boxman Destroy them!
[Metal K-0 charges after Sonic.]
Sonic K.O.'s been roboticized! [runs off to the side]
Tails Sonic!
Sonic Come on, little buddy, cut it out, will ya?
[Metal K-0 chases after Sonic. He Spin Dashes into a metal floor panel and breaks it off. Sonic slides on it like a surfboard against a wall.]
Sonic Hey, you can't use my own moves against me!
[Metal K-0 fires a series of lasers at Sonic, who dodges them all. Sonic jumps off the metal and lands onto a long, twisting pipe. Metal K-0 fires two more lasers at him. The two then Spin Dash on two hilly roads and into a pipe. They then emerge in a hexagonal tunnel. Sonic uncurls and charges forward through several lines of Rings with Metal K-0 following behind.]
Boxman Wh-Where'd they go?! It's like they're traveling at light speed!
[Sonic and Metal K-0 run through a warp zone.]
Sonic Heh, maybe I trained ya just a little too well, K.O. You might know all my moves...
[Sonic and Metal K-0 emerge near a large tank of water.]
Sonic But you'll never outsmart the real-- [stops at the edge of a diving board] Oh. Water?
Metal K-0 Sonic cannot swim. [points an arm cannon at Sonic]
Sonic Guess K.O. really does know everything about me, huh?
[Tails swoops in and grabs Sonic.]
Metal K-0 What's that?
Sonic Alright, Tails! Nice save!
Tails Yeah. I guess it was little buddy worthy.
[Metal K-0 flies toward Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic Tails! We got incoming!
Tails Don't worry, Sonic! Everything will be okay!
[Tails tosses Sonic towards Metal K-0. Sonic kicks Metal K-0 into the water tank. Metal K-0 starts short-circuiting.]
Sonic K.O.! [reaches his hand out] Take my hand!
Tails Careful, Sonic! He'll drag you down with him!
[Metal K-0 reaches for Sonic's hand, then smacks it away. Metal K-0 slowly sinks into the water.]
Metal K-0 There is only one little buddy.
Sonic K.O.! [jumps into the water]
Tails Sonic, no!!
[As Metal K-0 sinks to the bottom of the tank, Sonic Spin Dashes into him, turning him back into K.O. Sonic grabs K.O.'s arm and tries to swim back to the surface. He reaches his hand out, then another hand grabs it. Tails, Sonic, and K.O. all emerge from the water.]
Sonic Alright, Tails! You're the greatest sidekick a guy could ask for.
Tails I thought K.O. was your sidekick now.
Sonic Dude, what? K.O.'s my little buddy. You know, like Cream the Rabbit?
K.O. [gasps] I love her!
Sonic You're the only one I can call my best friend, Tails.
[Tails blushes and chuckles.]
Tails I-I knew that.
Boxman NO, NO, NO-- whatever, I'll still crush your friends.
[Boxman presses a button on a remote, but nothing happens.]
Boxman Huh? Why isn't this thing working?
Tails Because I'm overriding your remote with my own.
Boxman WHAT?!
[Sonic runs past Boxman and takes Rad and Enid, leaving Boxman in his undergarments. Tails presses a button labeled "CRUSH" on his remote, crushing Boxman into a flat disc.]
Boxman Curse those heroes! I. HATE! THAT! HEDGEHOG!
[Rad and Enid wake up and hit their heads against each other. The scene changes to outside of Gar's. Sonic, Tails, and K.O. stand in front of the Tornado.]
K.O. Woo! Oh man, Tails, you just like, hacked Boxman's machine like that remote, pew! Pew!
Tails [chuckles] It was nothing, really.
K.O. Oh don't be so modest. You're...WAY PAST COOL!
[Sonic yawns.]
Sonic Yawn, alright, I think we're done here. Let's go, Tails.
Tails Coming, Sonic! It was fun hanging out, K.O. Sorry for getting jealous earlier.
K.O. That's okay, Tails. Live and learn, right? [chuckles]
Tails I'll see you around!
[The Tornado's propellers start spinning. Sonic is seen standing on top of the wing.]
Sonic Well, it's been real, little buddy. Stay cool. Oh, and stock some chili dogs for me next time, yeah?
K.O. I still don't know what that is, but okay!
[The Tornado takes off. K.O. waves as it leaves.]
K.O. Bye Sonic, bye Tails, I love you!
[The screen closes in on K.O., then stops.]
K.O. Wait! I forgot to learn a valuable lesson!
[The scene changes to a notebook drawing of an orange wall. K.O. writes "SONIC SEZ" on it in blue crayon. The page flips to K.O. standing next to Rad and Enid, who are both asleep. Sonic enters from the right.]
Sonic Hey, kids! [points behind him] Does this look fun to you?
[The background changes to a "Free Ice Cream" event.]
Sonic Even now?
[The background changes again, this time to a concert.]
Sonic Or now?
[The page flips to a doodle version of Green Hill Zone. Sonic runs through the scene.]
Sonic Life's an adventure! Don't sleep through it! Or you might miss the chance to meet... [slides onto the ground] Me! And that' good.

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