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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts of with K.O. talking to a pile of dirt]
K.O. You have a lot of nerve, showing your face around here after what you’ve done. [Shows a dustpan, mop, and brush] [Scoffs] Nothing to say, huh? [Pulls one of his arm bands] Well, I prefer to talk with my fists! Ashes to ashes. [Slices the dirt in half] Dust to du—
Mr. Gar [Barges out from the shelves] Emergency bodega meeting! [Enid was reading a comic] Enid! [Rad is stuck on the roof] Radicles! K.O.! Front and center!
Enid What’s up, Mr. G?
Mr. Gar Bad news kids, we’ve got… a plaza creeper.
[Titlecard appears. Enid and Rad gasps]
K.O. Plaza… creeper?
Mr. Gar Yes. [Pushes a button on his watch to show the footage] Security footage has caught someone sneaking into the plaza at night, [shows a mysterious figure entering the sewage entrance] on multiple occasions.
[Shadowy Figure laughs evilly as he finds a way to enter the sewage]
K.O. [Gasps and points] I know that guy! It’s Shadowy Figure, the level-8 supervillain that tricked me into unleashing T.K.O. and making me so mad that I wrecked the plaza.
Rad Uh, yeah. We were there. You broke, like, every single bone in my body?
K.O. Oh. Well, we gotta catch him and kick his butt!
Mr. Gar No. We wait.
K.O. Wait? B-but why?
Mr. Gar We need more information. He’s clearly up to something creepy, and we need to find out what. Rad and Enid! Stay focused and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.
Enid & Rad Yes, sir!
Mr. Gar Good initiative! As for me… it’s time for a stakeout. [Giggles] I love stakeouts.
K.O. Mr. Gar?
Mr. Gar Hmm?
K.O. Can I come with you on steaksout?
Mr. Gar No. [K.O. groans] Oh, uh. I, uh… [Clears throat] No can do, son. Stakeouts for 12 year olds and under require parental permission. [Chuckles] Yeah.
K.O. Oh. Mommy? May I go to steaksout with Mr. Gar?
Carol [Picks up can] Sure thing, my beautiful baby boy. Have fun on the stakeout, honey.
[Mr. Gar sweats]
K.O. [Jumps in the air] Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It’s such a huge honor to finally go on a special mission with Mr. Gar. I’m gonna learn so much. We’re gonna bond.
[The next scene shows nighttime at the Plaza. K.O. and Mr. Gar are on top of a roof]
K.O. Steaksout mission, steaksout mission, steaksout mission, steaksout mission. We’re gonna get this guy for good! [Jumps]
Mr. Gar All right, K.O. I’m gonna need you to follow my rules exactly and, uh, the first rule of a stakeout, [Picks up K.O. to make him stop jumping] small children stay right here and let me do everything. [Watches through binoculars]
K.O. I got you, Mr. Gar. [Sets up a campfire site.]
Mr. Gar [Turns around to see the noise coming from] K.O., we’re here for a stakeout, not a campout!
K.O. [Eats marshmallow] Oh. Okay. [Gulps] Well… I did bring these steaks to grill. [Takes out a stake]
Mr. Gar That would make it a cookout.
K.O. Oh. [Throws away the campsite]
Mr. Gar Just do exactly what I do. [Lays down and puts on binoculars]
K.O. [Extends his eyes out] How’s this?
Mr. Gar [Turns to K.O.] Better.
K.O. [Retracts back his eyes] So, Mr. Gar, who’s your favorite hero? [Chuckles] Who’s your favorite employee? Do you know where superpowers come from? Why are robots so evil? [Mr. Gar is getting furious] Do they not make shirts for heroes as powerful as you? Do you have any life advice? How—
Mr. Gar [His eyes bulges out of the binoculars] Does your mouth never stop moving?!
K.O. I’m sorry, Mr. Gar. I just don’t have a big guy around to ask this stuff about.
Mr. Gar Uh… [Puts the binoculars in his back pocket] I’m sorry for yelling, K.O. I’m just— I’m just not used to a little guy throwing so many questions at me.
K.O. Mm. It’s okay.
Mr. Gar [Groans] Okay. You can ask me one question.
K.O. Really? Okay, um… You were in that superhero team POINT before… why did you leave?
[Next scene shows the same flashback Mr. Gar had before, it takes place on a rainy day with thunder crashing. An exterior shot of a donut shop being blasted shows, with an alarm setting off. Two pairs of legs were shown exiting from the donut shop. In the next shot, it shows a sandwich being dropped to the floor, thus ending the flashback.]
Mr. Gar That’s, uh… [Stands up] You said something about life advice? No matter how hard you try, you’re gonna screw it up in the end.
K.O. Mr. Gar?
Mr. Gar Bathroom break. K.O., I am leaving you in charge of watch duty.
K.O. [Stands up] Ha!
Mr. Gar Don’t you move from this spot. [Runs out]
K.O. [Salutes] Sir, yes, sir. You can rely on me till no steaks are left [Sees Shadowy Figure running to the sewer tunnel] [Gasps] Shadowy Figure. [Shadowy Figure enters the sewer tunnel] [Thinking] He’s going into the sewer? Oh, no. Mr. Gar told me to stay put here, but the bad guy is right there. And if I don’t go after him now, we might lose him for who knows how long? [Grunts] [Jumps off the roof] I’m sorry, Mr. Gar, but this might be the only chance. [Slides down the pit and enters the sewer tunnel]
[Shadowy Figure laughs evilly and walks more]
K.O. Hey! Get back here, Shadowy Figure! [Follows Shadowy Figure] [Grunts] Oh, I’ve got you now! Shadowy Fig— Huh? [Sees doors] Huh. Always knock first! [Knocks] Hmm. [Struggles to open the doors and punches them] So that’s where you’re hiding, huh? You leave me no choice… [Uses his power punch to blast the doors] Punch! [Falls down the stairs and lands on a stream of water and sees a couple of glorbs] Whoa. This place?
[K.O. grabs a glorb and stares at it. He heard an evil laugh along with the sound of clapping. K.O. gasps.]
Shadowy Figure [Claps] Hello, little K.O. [Flies down from the stairs] I have to thank you. I could have never gotten through that pesky door without that power of yours. [K.O. tries to punch him but he flies off] [Chuckles] And with your help, I can finally harvest these glorbs.
K.O. These glowing bits?
Shadowy Figure Oh, foolish child, you can’t begin to comprehend the incredible power that lies within. And now they’re all mine.
K.O. No… they… aren’t! [K.O. tries to punch Shadowy Figure but misses every time]
Shadowy Figure [Dodges a couple of times] Nope. Nope. Nope. Still nope. [Kicks K.O.] What’s the matter, boy? Is that all you’ve got? [Puts a glorb in his containment]
[K.O. tries to grab him but Shadowy Figure vanishes. K.O. walks back and Shadowy Figure blows on him. K.O. turns around and Shadowy Figure pushes him]
Shadowy Figure How disappointing. [Grabs another glorb] You’ve ruined Gar’s stakeout. You couldn’t even touch me. I wonder if you’ll ever become a hero at this rate? [K.O. hits the water and flies up] [Whistles] Now you’re cookin’ with gas.
[K.O. tries to fight Shadowy Figure again and cuts his scarf. Shadowy Figure gets K.O.’s fist]
Shadowy Figure Hey. Oh, K.O., you’re so cute. you’re pwaying hee-woh so good.
K.O. [Straining] Stop it. You’re a bad man.
Shadowy Figure Aww… widdle baby get angwee?
K.O. Shut it, you!
Shadowy Figure [Turns K.O. around] No, you shut it, and listen to me. You’re pathetic and your only saving grace is the delicious, dormant power that courses through your veins. Why else would Gar let a screw-up like you near a mission like this? You’re being used.
K.O. That’s not true. How can he use me if he didn’t even want me to come along… in the first place? [Thinking] I was the one who let him in. [Sees the doors] I caused all this destruction. [Sees a rock in half] I have been nothing but a nuisance. [Sees his reflection] [His power beam knocks Shadowy Figure] [K.O. is close to turning into T.K.O.]
Shadowy Figure [Chuckles] Yes, that’s it. Let that anger grow. [Laughing evilly] [K.O. stops] Huh?
K.O. No. I’m not giving in. I may have made a bit of a mess, but I’m gonna prove to Mr. Gar and myself that I am capable of cleaning up my messes. I’m not a nuisance. And I’m not letting you get away with a single glorb.
Shadowy Figure No, K.O., that won’t do at all. We can’t have you ruining all of my hard work! [K.O. steps back but sees a far ground and avoids it] End of the line, boy! [K.O. dodges him and a container of a glorb flies out of his pocket] Not bad, K.O. My work here is done. [Falls to the far ground] [Swims away]
[K.O. sighs]
Mr. Gar [Pops out] K.O.!
K.O. Aah!
Mr. Gar [Steam comes out of his ears] You’ve got some explaining to do! W-why did you abandon your post?! Why are you here, of all places?! [Walks down the stairs]
K.O. Shadowy Figure showed up after you left, so I followed him into the sewers. He tricked me into breaking him in here. I screwed up, sir. [Voice breaking] This is exactly why you didn’t want me on the steaksout in the first place. [Cries] [Mr. Gar sees the mess of the place]
Mr. Gar K.O., there’s another thing I should have told you earlier about screwing up.
K.O. What’s that?
Mr. Gar Never forget that the chance to redeem yourself will always come. I’ll, uh, just— just, uh, put this, uh… here? So you made some mistakes and became a better version of yourself by learning from it, huh? I don’t, uh [Clears throat] see anything wrong with that.
K.O. Mr. Gar?
Mr. Gar How’s about we clean up this mess, son? [He and K.O. walks on the stairs] Yeah, I-I messed up tonight, as well.
K.O. [Clears his tears] You did?
Mr. Gar Yep. Now we know what Shadowy Figure is after and can guard against that. And that’s all because of you.
[Mr. Gar fixes the doors and uses his elbows to glue the doors shut. K.O. gets out two marshmallows and Mr. Gar’s elbows heats them. They both eat the marshmallows. The episode ends]

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