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Speaker Dialogue
The episode opens when Carol drives her car to Boxmore. Carol checks on K.O. who's sitting on the backseat.
Carol How ya doin', peanut?
K.O. I'm okay, Mom. (turns to stare at Boxmore from the window) It... It just feels weird, finding out my dad is an evil supervillain and all.
Carol If you don't wanna spend weekends with Laser-- uh, Professor Venomous, you don't have to!
Lord Boxman knocks on the window of Carol's car. The title card appears. Carol rolls down her window.
Lord Boxman Heyyyyy, Carol.
Carol K.O., go ahead and grab your bag out of the trunk, okay?
K.O. Okay. (gets out of the car) Hi, Boxman.
Boxman Hi, K.O.! (turns to Carol) Look, I'm really sorry about how all this went down. I told P.V. we should have taken the reveal slowly, but when he wants to do something, he just does it. I'm sure you know how he is. (laughs)
K.O. All set, Mom.
Carol Okay, just call if you need anything. Love ya, kiddo!
Carol leaves Boxmore as K.O. and Boxman wave goodbye to her.
K.O. Love you!
Lord Boxman Love you. (looks at K.O. who's holding his duffle bag) You're staying overnight?
Boxman escorts K.O. to Professor Venomous' office. Boxman coughs as the door opens with nonfatal gas coming out. Professor Venomous emerges. K.O. gives a nervous smile. K.O. and Venomous enter inside his office.
Professor Venomous I have so much planned for our first day together. What would you like do first? Blackmail the Congresswoman? Infect the Lakewood water supply with fleash-eating nanites? Or maybe... attack the Plaza?
K.O. cringed at Professor Venomous' suggestions.
K.O. Those are all evil.
Professor Venomous (quacks before laughing) Of course. I just thought you'd want to see a bit of what your old man likes to get up to. You little... (tries to give K.O. a ruffle on his head, but K.O. backs away from Venomous) scamp.
Fink pops out from the ceiling, startling K.O. and Professor Venomous
Fink You can ruffle my hair, boss!
K.O. (sighs) I thought this could work, but... we don't like any of the same things. All you do is destroy.
Professor Venomous That's not so bad. There has to be something you'd like to destroy.
K.O. (shakes his head) Mnh-mnh!
Professor Venomous No villain you've ever fought?
K.O. crosses his arms and shakes his head.
K.O. Mnh-mnh-mnh!
Professor Venomous Don't lie to me, kid.
K.O. I am not lying. I've always been able to just knock 'em out!
Professor Venomous All of them?
K.O.'s confidence begins to falter.
K.O. Mm, well... there was one. Shadowy Figure.
Professor Venomous Shadowy Figure...
K.O. He's a creepy glorb dealer, and he wears a hood to disguise his face. And he's always trying to get me unleash T.K.O.
Professor Venomous Hmm... Never heard of him.
Fink Phew.
Professor Venomous Hmm. I think we've found something in common, K.O. Let's team up to destroy this Shadowy Figure.
The sound of the record scratching is heard.
Fink That's a bad idea.
Professor Venomous Fink, there's no need to be jealous.
Fink That's not what I mean!
K.O. I don't want to destroy Shadowy. Just defeat him.
Professor Venomous Eh, we'll see when we get there.
K.O. Mmmmrrr!
Professor Venomous Kidding, kidding.
The scene transitions to Professor Venomous doing a pose with a wink at the audience.
Professor Venomous Let's see if we can dig up any information on this Shadowy Figure.
Venomous tries to search Shadowy Figure on a Kewl Search website on his computer. But once he did, his computer suddenly crashes.
Professor Venomous Fink! Were you downloading crime-scene photos again?!
Fink is sitting at the corner of Venomous' office.
Fink I haven't done that all week!
Professor Venomous (sighs) K.O., you said this guy is a glorb dealer, right?
K.O. (nods) Mm-hmm.
Professor Venomous Well, he must have a source then.
K.O. Hmm.
K.O. takes Venomous and Fink to the Glorb Sanctuary as he opens the doors, showing them the Lakewood Tree.
K.O. Here we are— the Lakewood Tree. It's where glorbs come from.
Professor Venomous Hmm.
They walk down the stairs.
Fink Huh? (turns to see a floating glorb nearby) Ohhhhh!
Fink licks her lips and tries to grab a glorb until K.O. slaps her hand.
Fink Yow! (rubs her hand)
K.O. Don't even try it.
Fink growls at K.O before she steals a glorb while K.O. turns to Professor Venomous.
K.O. Same goes to you, Professor Venomous.
Professor Venomous is examing the glorb.
Professor Venomous Hm! Wouldn't dream of it.
K.O. Maybe bringing you two here was a mistake.
Fink Duh!
K.O. Shadowy usually slithers in as soon as the door's open.
Professor Venomous He could be using a different supply these days.
K.O. I don't know any glorb dealers.
Professor Venomous Don't worry. I know a guy.
The scene changes to Billiam Milliam wearing a toga while relaxing as his minion fans Billiam with a tropical palm leaf while the other serves his master with grapes.
Billiam Milliam (laughs) Oh, Professor Venomous! Darling!
K.O., Professor Venomous and Fink are standing on Billiam's hover yacht.
Professor Venomous Hey, Billiam.
Billiam Milliam Are you here for business or pleasure?
Professor Venomous Actually, we're looking for a glorb dealer -- Shadowy Figure.
Billiam Milliam Hmm, Shadowy Figure, Shadowy Figure. Sha-dow-y Fig-ure!
Billiam strains as he tries to think if he knows a glorb dealer named Shadowy Figure before shrugging himself.
Billiam Milliam Doesn't ring a bell.
Fink Ha ha!
K.O. Aw!
Billiam Milliam (slurps his beverage) But you know as well as I that villains aren't the only ones who use glorbs.
K.O. realizes and tugs Professor Venomous' hand.
K.O. Professor Venomous! I know someone else we can ask!
Professor Venomous Lead the way.
Fink (gives herself a face palm) Aah!
They head to P.O.I.N.T. HQ. K.O. looks up at Venomous, concerned.
K.O. Hmmmm.
Professor Venomous What is it?
K.O. We can't go inside P.O.I.N.T. HQ with you looking like a supervillain.
Professor Venomous K.O., I am a supervillain.
K.O. Well, can't you just try to smile or something?
Professor Venomous Like this?
K.O. went disturbed after he sees Venomous smile in a creepy way.
K.O Just let me do the talking.
They enter inside the cafetorium and find Foxtail carrying a sack of dodgeballs.
K.O. Hiya, Miss Foxtail!
Foxtail Sugarcube! Long time, no see!
K.O. When you were a misguided anti-hero using special glorbs to make P.O.I.N.T. students stronger, were you getting those glorbs from someone named Shadowy Figure?
Foxtail becomes shocked when K.O. was asking her about Shadowy Figure.
Foxtail Aah! (turns away from K.O.) I don't associate with him anymore. I put all that behind me when I stepped down as head of P.O.I.N.T.
K.O. Please, we need to find Shadowy Figure so we can defeat him once and for all.
Foxtail goes quiet.
K.O. Miss Foxtail?
Fink Aw, shucks. Guess she's not gonna talk. Might as well head home, I suppose.
Venomous and Fink began to leave. K.O. sighs in dismay as he began to leave before Foxtail puts her hand on his shoulder.
K.O. Huh? (gasps)
Foxtail gives K.O. a paper.
Foxtail These are the coordinates for Shadowy Figure's secret lair. That's where I picked up all my glorb shipments from him.
K.O. Thank you so much!
Foxtail Just promise me you'll keep your wits about you, alright? By the way, is there a reason you brought Professor Venomous and that rat kid with you?
K.O. Oh, that's my dad and his henchman. (whispering) They're evil.
Foxtail (chuckles) I see.
K.O. Thanks again, Miss. Foxtail.
Fink gives Foxtail a raspberry. Venomous clicks his tongue and winks at Foxtail. Foxtail watches them leave.
Foxtail (shocked) His dad?!
K.O., Venomous, and Fink are now walking through the sewer leading them to Shadowy Figure's secret lair.
Fink (groans) I just loooove spending my weekend in a stinky old tunnel! Thanks soooo much, K.O.!
K.O. You didn't have to come with us.
Professor Venomous You love sewers, Fink.
Fink Well, not this one.
Professor Venomous Shadowy's secret lair.
The door to Shadowy Figure's lair is shown.
Professor Venomous You ready, K.O.?
K.O. Mm-hmm.
Cuts to K.O. and Venomous kick the door.
K.O. & Professor Venomous Yaaahhhh!! (confused) Huh?!
The lair is shown.
Professor Venomous Hmm... Let's take a look around.
K.O. Right.
Three images are presented, Venomous and K.O. finding evidences about Shadowy Figure. Back in normal animation, Venomous observes Shadowy's scarf on a table and picks it up.
Professor Venomous Hmm.
K.O. We missed him again. (groans)
Fink So are you ready to throw in the towel yet, or do we need to track down another dead end that leads nowhere?
K.O. Maybe if you stopped whining and helped, we would have been able to catch him!
Professor Venomous Guys, come on.
Fink I told you the search was pointless from the beginning. But you peabrains wouldn't listen!
Professor Venomous Excuse me?
K.O. Shadowy Figure is a bad guy. He's the reason T.K.O. exists. Maybe this isn't a big deal to you, but it is to me, okay?
Fink It's a huge deal to me! You might be my boss' kid, but you don't know anything about me.
Fink pushes K.O. to the ground.
Professor Venomous Fink, what has gotten into you?
Fink stares at Venomous and points her finger.
Fink Just go see for yourself.
Venomous and K.O. notice there a secret entrance on the ceiling. Venomous and K.O. pop out of the entrance. Birds are hearing cawing in the background. It appears to be the ruins of Professor Venomous' house.
Professor Venomous Now, this seems...familiar.
When Venomous raise up, Fink shoves K.O. out of her way when she pops out from the entance. Venomous walks around before noticing his mutant bonsai.
Professor Venomous My mutant bonsai? No, this...this can't be!
K.O. Professor, where are we?
Professor Venomous Before Boxman blew it up, this was my lair. Is there something you want to tell me, Fink?
Fink looks at Venomous before turning her head to another direction as she grunts.
Professor Venomous How did this Shadowy Figure hide a lab under my home without my knowledge?
Professor Venomous Huh?
K.O. (shocked) Wh-- What?
Fink Ya happy?
Venomous, shocked, puts his fingers between his closed eyes.
Profesor Venomous I see now.
The scene cuts to a flashback where Laserblast lost his powers during the explosion.
Professor Venomous After the night when I lost my powers, I made every attempt I could think of to try and gain them back.
He drank the purple chemical.
Laserblast (gulps) Uh! (coughs)
He drops the test tube to the floor, the test tube shattered. He coughed until he stared himself at the mirror. He breathes deeply. He then noticed the sudden change on his body.
Laserblast Wha-- (takes off his lab coat and shirt to see his upper body encoated with purple color) Uh! Huh? Aah!
He punches his reflection, breaking the mirror into pieces.
Professor Venomous I can't believe it worked.
His silhouette is shown as he transforms into Shadowy Figure for the first time. The scene changes to Professor Venomous staring at his hands and K.O. becomes shocked about this revelation.
K.O. So you were Shadowy Figure the whole time? (makes his fighting pose) Huh!
Professor Venomous I-I didn't know. Wh-- (turns to Fink) Why didn't I know?
Fink Because Shadowy didn't want you to. Haven't you wondered why you're always so sleepy and cranky? Or why as soon as you tried to search for Shadowy Figure on your computer, it basically exploded? Shadowy Figure isn't just a part of you. He's like -- like your alter ego.
Professor Venomous You knew this whole time?
Fink I hate Shadowy. He's so lame.
The scene changes to Fink's flashback.
Fink Boss, can I have ice cream for dinner?
Shadowy laughs evilly, Fink went unamused. Fink heads to the living room to play video games as Shadowy slithers into his secret lair.
Fink Shadowy told me to stay away from him, and I was happy to.
Fink grunts when she plays her video game and the scene changes to Fink and Professor Venomous who goes towards her.
Professor Venomous But why didn't you tell me?
Fink Shadowy told me if I did, he'd take over your body and make you disappear forever.
The camera pans to Venomous' eyes
Professor Venomous Huh? I-I...I can't believe I could keep this a secret from myself. I didn't know. I feel so...helpless. (growls)
Venomous' hand became pale grey.
K.O. Uh-oh.
Venomous transforms into Shadowy Figure and his hood falls, revealing his face.
Shadowy Figure How dare you? I never wanted that Venomous to know, but you brats have ruined it for me!
Shadowy Figure tries to attack K.O. and Fink, but they both dodge and hide from Shadowy.
K.O. & Fink Aah! Uhh!
Fink Shadowy's never gonna let him come back now.
K.O. Look, you want to save Venomous, right? I wanna save my dad, too. He's even more like me than I realized. I think we can bring him back... but I'm gonna need your help.
Fink (sniffles) Fine. (puts a glorb into her collar to enter in turbo state) But only if we go back to hating each other after this.
K.O. Hm!
K.O. gives Fink a handshake.
Fink (squeezes K.O.'s hand so hard) Rah!
K.O. Ow!
Shadowy Figure tries to find K.O. and Fink.
Shadowy Figure (sighs) Where'd you go off to?
K.O. and Fink appear behind Shadowy.
K.O. Right here, Shadowy!
Fink Aren't you gonna go turbo?
K.O. I'm suppressing that right now.
Fink groans and gives a face palm.
Shadowy Figure Mm, teaming up, are we? How cute.
Shadowy Figure puts his hood on the head and starts attacking K.O. and Fink. K.O. and Fink block Shadowy's attacks before they jump over Shadowy.
Shadowy Figure (looks up) Hmm?
K.O. and Fink try to attack Shadowy side by side. Fink charges toward Shadowy.
K.O. (sends a Power Fish) Serve!
Shadowy Figure dodges Fink and K.O.'s Power Fist. K.O. and Fink attack Shadowy, but Shadowy grabs both of them and spins around before throwing them to the ground. After they land on the ground, Fink spits dirt out of her mouth.
Fink (growls) You keep getting in my way!
K.O. If we don't work together, he's gonna beat us. I have an idea.
Cuts to Shadowy searching for K.O. and Fink.
K.O (off-screen) Hey, Shadowy!
Shadowy turns to his left.
K.O. (sends a Power Fist) Huuhhh! Ahhh!
Fink combines K.O.'s Power Fist with her turbo power and launches it at Shadowy.
Shadowy Figure Aaaahhh!
The explosion appears. Shadowy Figure is sent backwards and lands on the ground, defeated. Shadowy Figure transforms back to Venomous, who is now disheveled.
Professor Venomous (groans) What happened?
Fink Boss!
Professor Venomous Ohh! (sits up) Did I transform again?
Fink You did, but we stopped ya.
Professor Venomous Nicely done, you two.
Venomous notices K.O. looking away.
Professor Venomous (sighs) I can't live like this, split into two personalities. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this and stop it for good.
K.O. & Fink Really?
Professor Venomous Yeah. Thanks for snapping me out of it, you two. It won't happen again.
Fink laughs as Venomous hugs her and K.O.
Fink Huh? (notices K.O. before shoving him off) Yah! We're not friends, remember?
K.O. Oh, right. Sorry.
Fink sticks out her tongue at K.O. Venomous holds Fink in his arms and laughs.
K.O (thinking) I was worried my dad was too evil, but if he's gonna get rid of Shadowy, he can't be that bad... right?

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