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Speaker Dialogue
The sign destroyed by T.K.O., laughing. K.O. is in his own subconscious.
K.O. Oh, whipple dip dipple. Stuck in my own subconscious. No wonder T.K.O. escaped this place and took over our body.
K.O. hears a band sound.
K.O. It sound like he's wrecking the whole world out there! I can't let things get any worse. I've gotta get outta here!
Title appears. K.O. is shaking.
K.O. Aah!
T.K.O. growling.
T.K.O. Pipe down in there. It's time for the tournament.
Action News Special Bulletin with Dynamite Watkins.
Dynamite Watkins Announcing the first ever Plaza Tournament! All denizens of the neutral zone are invited to compete in a test of strength, courage, will, and battles! I'm here with POW Card Company's new CEO, Carla. Tell us how this tournament came to be.
Carla Well, when T.K.O. blew up the factory, we lost all of our POW Card data.
Dynamite Watkins All of it?! Won't our society as we know it collapse into utter chaos?
Carla Nope! None of the POW Card levels made any sense to begin with. Thanks, Powio.
Dynamite Watkins & Carla Rest in peace.
Carla But now I'm in charge, my first order of business is hosting this tournament. It's been a rough time for all of us here in the neutral zone. So why not have a good old-fashioned showdown to lighten our spirits?
Dynamite Watkins Carla, what sort of prize will the winner be taking home?
Carla The winner will get a meet-and-greet with the President of the Universe himself.
Dynamite Watkins That's amazing!
Carla Whoo! Whoo!
The President of the Universe That's right, you jive turkeys.
Enid Whatever.
Rad I haven't even thought about my level since T.K.O. took over. Just reminds me of K.O. all trapped in there.
Darrell Yeah. Besides, the tournament is all part of Shadowy Venomous' "ultimate plan".
Enid Wait. What are you talking about?
Shannon Something about how T.K.O. would attack the POW Card factory, resetting all the hero levels...
Darrell Which would lead of a big tournament where T.K.O. would easily win, yada, yada, yada...
Raymond And by winning, Shadowy Venomous will use that power to um… destroy the universe? Or something stupid like that.
Dendy Wow, you all stink. This is a very inconvenient time to share this information. After all we have done for you...
Rad Enid, I think we gotta enter that tournament.
Enid sighs.
Enid Do we have to?
Rad I don't think we have a choice. We have to beat T.K.O. or the universe'll be destroyed.
Enid Man, I like the universe.
Enid groans.
Dynamite Watkins Welcome, folks, to the big Plaza tournament! This parking lot is a buzz with anticipation.
Carla I can feel it from here!
Dynamite Watkins So, Carla, how will the winner of today's competition be decided?
Carla We have two esteemed judges today... Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar giggling.
Carla And Carol.
Dynamite Watkins Esteemed, indeed!
Carla Each contestant will be ranked based on their performance. I just can't wait to see who will be number one!
Dynamite Watkins Neither can I!
The tournament begins with Ted Viking & Foxy and Succulentus.
Dynamite Watkins Up first, we have Ted Viking and Foxy.
Carla And their opponent, Succulentus! Somebody get that antique on a leash.
Succulentus Are you ready?!
Succulentus used his cactus powers.
Succulentus A-bloom, cactus, bloom, a-bloom, cactus, bloom!
Ted Viking Hup! Hup! Hup! Aah!
Succulentus A-bloom, catcus, bloom!
Foxy grab the cactus and Ted Viking cut the cactus power.
Ted Viking Aah!
Ted Viking punch Succulentus out of the tournament.
Succulentus Aaaaah!
Ted Viking & Foxy are leveled up as level 1.
Ted Viking Yay! We did it!
Succulentus is sent to a hospital.
Succulentus Aaaah!
A hospital car going away, Rad and Enid signed up and puts their papers to Krissa.
Enid Sign us up!
Rad and Enid were signed up. Carol gasps.
Mr. Gar What the...
Enid We're gonna win this thing.
Rad No time to explain, but it's, like, super important.
T.K.O. laughing.
T.K.O. So, you dorks think you can win, huh?
T.K.O. and Shadowy Venomous laughing evilly.
Carol Take a deep breath. It's gonna be alright, K.O..
T.K.O. For the last time! It's T.K.O.! I' finally in control for good! And I don't plan on giving that up.
Shadowy Venomous We should go.
T.K.O. Right. Lotta butts to kick if I'm gonna be number one.
T.K.O. and Shadowy Venomous zooms in, laughing evilly. Carol crying.
Rad and Enid Hmph!
Dynamite Watkins What a devastating moment.
Carla Onto the next battle!
Dynamite Watkins In this corner... It's Colewort.
Colewort Whoo, whoo, whoo! Ahh!
Carla And in this corner, a vicious villain on the rise... It's T.K.O.
Crowd boos, Colewort is sweating. T.K.O. laughing evilly and Shadowy Venomous chuckles evilly.
Dynamite Watkins Is he allowed to compete?
Carla Ain't no rules that say you can't enter if you've blown up the POW Card factory.
Carla throws a book.
Carla Let's rumble!
Carla hits a gong.
Colewort Yipes! Aah!
Colewort release the steam, T.K.O. is behind a fog, giggling.
Colewort Aah!
T.K.O. beating Colewort up in the steaming fog.
Colewort Aaaaaah!
Colewort is hit to the ceiling and got crash by T.K.O.'s fist.
T.K.O. Vegetables are gross.
T.K.O. is leveled up as level -1.
T.K.O. Good luck, scrubs.
Rad growls and come to the tournament. It begins between him and Diving Belle, who blowing bubbles.
Diving Belle Ooooooooo!
Rad trap Diving Belle with his levitation.
Singer Who's got a clue.
Rad chuckles and leveled up as level 1.
Singer Where I'm going. Of where I've done.
Tournament between Potato and Big Bull Demon. Potato crying.
Singer I can't stop with you. Oh yeah. 'Cause where you're going. Is where I win.
Potato defeats Big Bull Demon and leveled up as level 1.
Singer With you, I save the day.
The tournament between Enid and Puck Reverie.
Singer The only move's a power play.
Enid defeats Puck Reverie and leveled up as level 2.
Singer I've never had. A better crew.
Ms. Mummy giggles after tangling T.K.O. in a wrap.
Singer And my crew has.
T.K.O. chuckles.
Singer So much work to do.
T.K.O. untangled himself and Ms. Mummy have no wrappings.
Singer OK K.O..
Ms. Mummy Aw, nuts.
T.K.O. defeats Ms. Mummy and leveled up as level -2.
Singer It's good looking out. It's what we're about. Oh, oh, oh, oh. OK K.O.. You always provide.
The eye exploded.
Singer A mind open wide.
Dogmun barks. He defeats the eye and leveled up as level 1.
Singer Let's start the show.
The tournament begins between Enid and Rad and Neil and Combo Breaker.
Neil This is our moment, my trusty sidekick! Triumph!
Combo Breaker Pwepare to meet your doom!
Enid Sorry about this, kid.
Rad Nothing personal.
Combo Breaker Why would I take it pewsonal?
Rad trap Combo Breaker with his levitation.
Combo Breaker Uh-oh.
Enid used her ninja sharp things to attack Combo Breaker.
Neil Ooh!
Combo Breaker Sowwy, Masteh.
Neil We'll get 'em next time, slugger.
Enid Go home, Neil.
Rad and Enid are leveled up as levels 2 and 3.
Singer Gonna get-cha when I think you're gonna get back.
T.K.O. defeats Mad Bomber, Enid defeats Mr. Logic, Rad defeats Punching Judy.
Rad Hyah!
Singer K.O., K.O.
T.K.O. defeats Gertie, Gladys and Ginger, Enid defeats Megafootball Baby.
Megafootball Baby Huh?
Enid Hyah!
Rad defeats Bell Beefer.
Singer Gonna get-cha when I think you're gonna get back. Gonna get-cha when I think you're gonna get back.
T.K.O. defeats Pird, screaming. He taunting.
Singer K.O., K.O.
Enid Come on. We've still got work to do.
Rad Mm.
Singer It's good looking out.
Enid defeats Billiam Milliama and his minions.
Singer It's what we're about.
Rad defeats A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon, Rad and Enid defeats Chameleon Sr.
Singer Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Rad and Enid panting.
Enid Hey! Look at T.K.O.'s card!
T.K.O.'s card glitching between him and K.O.. Rad gasps.
Rad I think K.O. is trying to get out.
Shy Ninja gasps, defeated by T.K.O..
Singer Let's start the show.
Nick Army and Joff were defeated by T.K.O..
Singer OK K.O.!
Phoebe, Miss Pastel and Koala Princess were defeated by T.K.O..
Singer You fight to the end.
K.O. Hey! You! Jerk! Let! Me! Out of here!
T.K.O. growls.
T.K.O. Knock it off in there, you twerp!
T.K.O. growling, K.O. groaning.
Dynamite Watkins It all comes down to this, folks.
Carla Three fighters enter, only one will leave.
Rad Enid, I'm having second thoughts here. He hasn't even broken a sweat.
T.K.O. removes his sweat.
Sweat drop Aah!
Rad and Enid Uh...
Enid Come on, Rad. If K.O.'s still fighting in there, we can keep fighting, too. Let's do this.
Rad Hmph!
Shadowy Venomous Go get 'em, son.
T.K.O. Sure thing, Pops.
Shadowy Venomous I'll go get started on the next phase.
Shadowy Venomous chuckles and slips off.
Enid What the?
Rad Where'd he slither off to?
Carla Ready, set go!
Carla hits a gong, T.K.O. growling and charging at Rad and Enid, scratch them.
T.K.O. Aah!
Rad and Enid groaning.
Rad Let's try a team attack.
Enid Mm.
Rad and Enid charging.
Rad Ahhh...
T.K.O. Ha!
Rad Aah!
Rad and Enid go under T.K.O. with Enid's shadow jutsu, Enid and Rad are charging at him.
Rad and Enid Aah!
T.K.O. grabs Enid's leg and Rad's fist.
Rad Ugh!
T.K.O. Cool trick. Not!
T.K.O. throws Enid and Rad off.
Enid Aah!
Rad Ugh!
Rad and Enid struggle to get up.
Rad He'll get tired of mopping the floor with us eventually.
Enid Rad, when has K.O. ever gotten tired of mopping a floor?
Rad and Enid groan. T.K.O. growling, using his energy.
Rad You can't beat us that easily!
Rad used his finger poke to stop T.K.O., but T.K.O. grab it.
T.K.O. Nice try, Radicles.
T.K.O. trap Enid and Rad, they are shouting.
K.O. Rad! Enid! I'm coming!
T.K.O. laughing, hitting Enid and Rad with Rad's telekinesis.
Enid Aah!
K.O. Come on. Think of something!
A blink of light comes out, under K.O..
K.O. Wh-What's that? A light? Maybe the way out is actually... deeper down?
T.K.O. punch Enid and Rad.
T.K.O. Ugh!
Enid and Rad are hit to the lights, boom and grab the ringer.
Dynamite Watkins Ho-ho! Looks like we have a ring-out, people! If they can't make it in before the countdown ends, they'll be disaqualified. 1, 2, 3, 4...
Rad I'm sorry, K.O..
Enid We tried.
Fink grab Rad's leg.
Rad Stop pulling my leg, Enid.
Enid Rad, now's not a time...
Fink grab Enid and Rad.
Rad and Enid Whoa! Ugh!
Enid Is someone there?
Fink It's me.
Fink in the dark with glowing eyes.
Rad Fink?! What are you doing here?
Fink Ain't you ever see a rat in a drainpipe before?
Dynamite Watkins ...5, 6, 7...
Rad We don't have time to fight you right now.
Enid We've got enough going on.
Fink Well, you're never gonna beat T.K.O. at this rate.
Rad Duh! Not down here, we're not!
Fink groans.
Fink Are you two dense?! T.K.O. has accessed the darkest part of himself and is using it to bring his pain onto everyone else. You're gonna have to do that, too.
Enid Wait a minute. Don't you work for Shadowy Venomous?
Fink Heck no! I hate Shadowy! He took my boss away!
Fink snarls.
Fink I know it sounds weird, but if you want to beat T.K.O., you gotta match his power.
Dynamite Watkins ...8, 9, 10! 11, 12...
Enid Look, we don't have time to access our deep emotional trauma right now.
Fink Oh, you won't have to.
Fink brings two shackles to Rad and Enid.
Dynamite Watkins ...32, 33...
T.K.O. laughing.
T.K.O. Looks like I'm the only one left standing.
T.K.O. is hit by Enid's fireball kick and thud.
T.K.O. Ugh! Huh?
? My Cob! Rad and Enid are back in the ring!
T.K.O. Here for anothing beating?
Enid I don't think so, T.K.O..
Rad and Enid Hmph!
Rad and Enid put a glob inside of neck shackles.
T.K.O. What?! This isn't fair! N-No! No!
A dark purple aura around Rad and Enid, they turn into Turbo Rad and Turbo Enid.
T.K.O. Ugh! No!
Name: "Turbo Rad" AKA "Trad" and "Turbo Enid" AKA "Tenid". Ultimate Teens. (This might not end well).
Turbo Enid Time to play by the rules of your game, T.K.O..
Turbo Rad Get ready, little man.
Turbo Enid Now we're turbo, too.
Turbo Rad Think you can handle...
Turbo Rad zaps.
Turbo Rad this?!
T.K.O. Hyah!
T.K.O. dodges himself from Turbo Rad's zapping powers. Turbo Enid chuckles and used her ice breath and zaps T.K.O.
Turbo Rad Ugh! Aah!
Turbo Rad used his power.
T.K.O. Mm! Aah!
Turbo Rad is about to trap T.K.O.
T.K.O. Wh?
Turbo Rad zaps T.K.O.
T.K.O. Ugh!
Turbo Rad laughs.
Turbo Enid Aah!
Turbo Enid used her shadow power.
Turbo Enid Hyah!
Turbo Enid's shadow power thud T.K.O.
T.K.O. Ugh!
Turbo Enid Hunh!
Turbo Rad and Turbo Enid Huh?
T.K.O. is struggling to carry Turbo Enid's shadow power and Turbo Rad's power and zaps them both.
Turbo Rad and Turbo Enid Ugh!
T.K.O. Even when you losers try to cheat, you still can't beat me.
Shadowy Venomous Ahh, legendary Lakewood Tree. I spent years engineering myself to harness your power. Who would've guessed I'd have a son who could do it naturally?
Shadowy Venomous brings the tree up.
Shadowy Venomous Alright, kiddo. You're up.
T.K.O. It's about time.
Mr. Gar Aah!
Carol gasps.
Shadowy Venomous Every ounce of glorb energy the Lakewood Tree has to offer... it's all for you, T.K.O.!
T.K.O. chuckles and evil laughing. The root of glorb comes to T.K.O..
T.K.O. Yeah. Give it all to me! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
T.K.O. roars and crash the tournament.
K.O. This is bad, I gotta hurry!
Turbo Rad and Turbo Enid went to back to their original selves.
Rad Aww!
Enid Man!
Shadowy Venomous It's time, son. Now you can drain all of their power permanently.
T.K.O. You got it, Pops.
T.K.O. grunt and smash the road.
Rad It's that disempowerment dome again. We have to stop it!
Enid But fighting T.K.O. never works.
Rad But you know what always does?
Rad and Enid Love!
Rad K.O.! You mean so much to me! You helped me be comfortable with myself. And admit to the world who I really am!
Enid And you helped me confront a part of my past that I buried.
Rad and Enid We love you!
T.K.O. Can't you see I'm busy?
Shadowy Venomous Yes! Keep buidling it! Let nothing get in your way! I don't want a single person on this planet left with their powers!
Plaza people No! Stop!
Colewort Nooo!
Dynamite Watkins What an unexpected turn of events.
Carol I'm going in!
Mr. Gar Wait!
Mr. Gar grabs Carol's hand.
Mr. Gar Not alone.
Carol Peanut, please!
Mr. Gar gasps.
Mr. Gar K.O., I... love you like a father.
T.K.O. Eh? Hunh?!
Carol We may not be perfect, but...
Mr. Gar We're here for you as your family.
T.K.O. I've got no family! He lets me do whatever I want!
Dendy You robots must do something. You're the only ones powerful enough to stop T.K.O.
Shannon We barely stopped him before!
Darrell And now he's got freaky tree power!
Dendy Please find your strength -- the strength that inspired you to attack the plaza day after day.
Darrell That strength is gone, Dendy. It left with our Daddy.
Lord Boxman Did somebody say "Daddy"?!
Darrell and Shannon Daddy's home!
Lord Boxman And I've found my inner peace. Also, this guy.
Jethro 2.0 Hey, there! Jethro here!
Darrell Well, shoot! There's our strength. We got it back now. Let's go!
Boxmore robots transform into Box Bot Prime and charges at T.K.O..
Dendy We needs a shield.
Lord Boxman It's all yours, Jethro!
Box Bot Prime make a Jethro-shaped shield.
Jethro I am Jethro.
Box Bot Prime and T.K.O. are struggling.
Lord Boxman Come on! Put your backs into it!
T.K.O. groaning.
Dendy We're doing it! We're breaking...
T.K.O. punch them all.
All the robots, Dendy and Lord Boxman Whoa!
Darrell Sorry, Daddy. Looks like we're gonna be flung into space before we ever got the chance to earn your love.
Lord Boxman Oh, children. I've never been the best father, but I've always loved each and every one of you.
Dendy It seems I can no longer assist you, K.O.. But know that you will always be my friend and I will always believe in you.
Cool Sun Oh, no!
Cool Sun explodes and dies. All the plaza people got down.
Rad I know he's in there.
Enid We just have to reach him.
Rad Last resort? K...
Rad and Enid ...O! K.O.!
Potato K.O.
All the plaza people K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.!
T.K.O. Huh? For the last time, it's T.K.O.!
K.O. is punching the bad energy.
K.O. Everyone's counting on me. Huh?
K.O. zooms in and see T.K.O.'s box of secret.
K.O. Who's that? Huh?
T.K.O. growling.
Plaza people K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.!
Shadowy Venomous No! Don't stop now! The dome is shrinking!
T.K.O. I'm trying!
Shadowy Venomous Try harder, mister.
T.K.O. Well, maybe if you'd quit nagging me.
Shadowy Venomous Did you just talk back to me?
T.K.O. So what if I did? I'm one with all the power.
Shadowy Venomous growling.
Shadowy Venomous I think you are forgetting your place, boy! I made you. And once you've fulfilled your purpose, and you will do my bidding and all will bow to me, the powerful being on the planet!
T.K.O. killed Shadowy Venomous.
Shadowy Venomous Ugh!
Shadowy Venomous went back to Professor Venomous, a black aura comes out of his mouth.
Professor Venomous Oof!
A black aura splat and squish from T.K.O.'s foot, killing it.
T.K.O. You said we were partners. But I was nothing more than a pawn in your stupid plan. And you used me! Well, no more. This planet's power is all for me! And I'm gonna disempower everyone so thoroughly, not even a speck of energy will remain. Starting with you...
T.K.O. used his disempower energy.
T.K.O. Dad.
Professor Venomous Do your worst, kid.
Fink Noooooo!
T.K.O. Huh?!
Professor Venomous Fink, no! Get out of here!
Fink What kind of minion would I be if I didn't stand by your side till the very end?
T.K.O. Makes no difference to me.
T.K.O. zaps Fink.
Fink See you 'round, boss.
Fink faints.
Fink Ohh!
Fink dies.
Professor Venomous Noooo!
T.K.O. zaps Professor Venomous and he died.
T.K.O. Now, who's next?
K.O. zooms back to his own brain.
K.O. Ohhh... whew! Hopefully T.K.O. hasn't done anything too crazy in the past minute or so.
T.K.O. killed Crinkly Wrinkly.
Crinkly Wrinkly No! Ow!
K.O. Aah! T.K.O., stop!
T.K.O. is zapping everywhere and all the plaza people screaming.
K.O. Ugh! There's gotta be something that'll get his attention. The only thing that's in here is...
K.O. grabs a tape recorder.
K.O. the old tape recorder Mom gave me? But why would T.K.O. have it?
K.O. clicks the tape recorder.
Young K.O.
Flashback of young Carol and young K.O..
Young K.O. Mommy, say something!
Young Carol Something! Ha-ha!
Young K.O. No! That's not what I meant!
Young K.O. throws a tape recorder and crying.
Young Carol Okay, okay. Relax. I know what'll calm you down. Ahem!
Young Carol picks up a tape recorder and sings.
Young Carol When things go wrong. When ya get upset. And life just won't go your way. It makes you wanna cry. Shake and shout, sing "Why, why why?"
Flashback back to K.O.
K.O. I get it now, T.K.O.
Young Carol (sings) When you're upside down.
T.K.O. Huh?
Young Carol (sings) With a nasty frown.
T.K.O. Where's that song coming from?
Young Carol (sings) It hurts so bad inside. You can't tell wrong from right. It don't make sense. What an awful sight.
K.O. turning up the volume, T.K.O. groaning.
Young Carol (sings) But remember this sing. And it won't be long. It's gonna be alright.
K.O. turning up to max volume.
Young Carol Now, if you lose your focus, those scary feelings start to grow. But with a little focus-pocus, you can get back in control. Just breathe in and out. Remember, nothing lasts forever. Even the worst feelings can always get better.
T.K.O. covers his ears in struggling.
Young Carol (sings) I know it's hard when you fall apart. But you're still good inside. Just remember these steps. Take a nice, deep breath. It's gonna be alright. It's gonna be alriiiiight.
T.K.O. groaning.
T.K.O. Make it stop!
T.K.O. zaps at Mr. Gar, Rad, Enid and Carol, groaning. T.K.O. crying.
T.K.O. Huh?
K.O. T.K.O.!
T.K.O. What are you doing?
Young K.O. I feel so much better, Mom...
K.O. turns off the tape recorder.
K.O. Did you hear that? We had a way to control our anger, but we buried it.
K.O. comes to T.K.O. and hugs him.
K.O. I'm so sorry!
T.K.O. Yeah, right. After what I just did?
K.O. T.K.O., even when I accepted you as part of me, I thought you were just this angry thing that got put in my mind by somebody else. I locked you in a cage. I put you in that dumb house. I tried to get rid of you. But the more I tried to treat you like someone else, the worse it got. I'm ready to accept the truth. You're not just a part of me, T.K.O. You are me. And I'm you!
T.K.O. gasps. All the world in K.O.'s brain got swirling. T.K.O. scoffs.
T.K.O. It was that easy, huh?
K.O. Took us long enough to figure it out.
K.O. and T.K.O. hold their hand and the chain breaks. K.O. is turning into M.K.O., he gasps.
K.O. Hello? Mom? Rad? Enid? Mr. Gar? Anybody?! Oh, no! What have I done?
The President of the Universe comes to K.O.
President of the Universe You won the tournament, young blood! Can you dig it? Outta sight! Aw, yeah, baby! How's it feel?
K.O. sobbing.
K.O. Terrible!
President of the Universe That's not very groovy.
M.K.O. sniffs.
K.O. I don't ever care about winning some stupid tournament. Nothing means anything without the people I love.
President of the Universe Well, lucky for you, tournament winners get one wish.
K.O. You mean I could wish for anything?
President of the Universe Anything.
K.O. Now that I've finally accepted myself, I can live my best life. I wish everybody else got to live their best life, too.
All the plaza people were revived from K.O.'s wish. They were laughing.
K.O. Oh, life is good.
Lord Boxman laughing with his now pure evil robots.
K.O. Wow! This is the most beautiful day of my life!
K.O. wipes his tears.
K.O. But... Mr. President?
President of the Universe Yes?
K.O. What happened to Venomous and Fink?
President of the Universe Ha! That jive turkey wanted to be the most powerful person on the planet, so I give him just that...
Professor Venomous and Fink laughing.
President of the Universe ...a planet of his very own. They can destroy that thing all they want.
K.O. Oh! Good for them. Hey, one more thing. What's the deal with these glorb thingies?
President of the Universe Ah, I'm mighty glad you asked. You see, I am imbued your wonderful world with a powerful energy so that everything would be as fun as possible. It's why you, your mama, and all your friends have special powers, and why you can do things like this.
President of the Universe grab K.O. and squish him.
President of the Universe And this.
President of the Universe stretch K.O..
K.O. Wah!
K.O. laughing.
K.O. Fun comes from glorbs!
President of the Universe You know, some folks just want to take the fun away from everybody. But you want to bring people together and make living life as fun as can be. Thank you, K.O..
President of the Universe puts a crown on K.O.'s head.
President of the Universe You're the truest hero I ever did see. Now, go on.
President of the Universe blow a star K.O. is sitting on.
President of the Universe Keep on groovin', young blood.
K.O. waving goodbye. At the bodega, Enid and Rad were dancing while K.O. is recording them on his phone.
Rad and Enid Hunh!
Enid Oh my Cob!
Rad We did it!
Rad and Enid laughing.
K.O. thoughts My name is K.O., and I work at Gar's Bodega.
Alarm blares.
Enid Huh?
Sky turns people and a box falling from the sky, revealing Darrell with a cowboy hat.
K.O.'s thoughts I've been training here for awhile now.
Darrell laughing, destroying the universe.
K.O., Rad and Enid Hmph! Aaah!
K.O.'s thoughts And with everyone's help, I'm ready to become...
K.O. Hyah!
K.O.'s thoughts ...a great hero.
The episode ends.

Pilot Lakewood Plaza Turbo
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