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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins with K.O. running around the parking lot excitedly while Rad and Enid clean up what's left of Darrell's body.
K.O. W-Wowee! I couldn't believe-- And did you see-- And, like, it was-- It was so-- Aah. When I'm a hero, I'm gonna be just like Mr. Gar!
K.O. makes sound effects while punching the air. Enid laughing, holding a broom.
Enid There's a lot more to being a hero than just fancy moves, kid. It takes hard work. This is us training under Mr. Gar to be great heroes.
K.O. Whoa! So you guys are training by just, like, cleaning up garbage? Well, well, I could do that! I must do that.
The title card appears. Rad trying to fit one last robot part into the garbage can.
Rad Uh, we don't 'just' clean up garbage, kid. We also fight evil robots.
Rad slams the last robot piece inside the garbage can, grunting.
Rad Sometimes.
K.O. Ooh. Sometimes. But wait, that means more than one times. How can there even be so many robots?!
Enid [Walking over] Take a knee, K.O. [Kneels on one knee]
K.O. turns around and fully kneels.
Enid I said knee, not knees.
K.O. pulls one knee up and rests elbow on it.
K.O. Oh, is this better?
Enid Yes, now look. When a dumb nerd and a dumb factory love each other very much, they waste a lot of time and money making dumb robots to attack the plaza.
K.O. [Progressively more panicked] Dumb nerd? Dumb nerd?! WHAT dumb nerd?!
Rad [Darkly, with narrow eyes] Lord Buttman.
K.O. [Imitates Rad's tone, with narrow eyes] Of course. The Buttman.
Enid It's Lord Boxman. And are you seriously trying to tell me that you didn't notice that giant evil factory across the street?
The frame quickly zooms into Boxmore. Thunder and lightning crash, suspenseful music plays.
K.O. [Mind literally blowing] Whaaaaaaaaat?!
Rad and Enid both laugh at K.O. The frame quickly zooms back to Boxmore, where Lord Boxman is peering out the window at the heroes. Lord Boxman turning away to sit down.
Lord Boxman Gross.
When Boxman checks his watch, Darrell's scream is heard in the distance and becomes louder before his head crashes through the window, landing on Boxman's desk.
Darrell Oh, hey, dad. I'm back!
Lord Boxman [Scowling] *Annnnnnd?*
Darrell And... I failed you.
Lord Boxman No, you failed me!
Lord Boxman picks up Darrell's head.
Lord Boxman Come, Darrell.
Lord Boxman walks around various rooms in Boxmore, starting at the factory, as he begins his speech.
Lord Boxman Do you know why I send you robots over to destroy Lakewood Plaza? To eliminate friendship! Lakewood Plaza is crawling with friendship!
Darrell Hey, look! More me's!
Lord Boxman Silence! You see Darrell--
Ernesto 2199 [Walks up to Boxman as he approaches] If I could just have a sliver of your time, Lord Boxman. A client, uh, just called.
Lord Boxman Ernesto 2199, can you not see that I'm trying to focus on getting upset about some kids across the street having fun?!
Lord Boxman pulls out a switch, which blows up Ernesto's head.
As they approach an office area, Ernestos 2091 and 2055 are laughing around the cooler.
Lord Boxman I hate people enjoying each other.
Ernesto 2091 & Ernesto 2055 [Looking at each other before getting nervous] Uh...
They slink back to their cubicles.
Lord Boxman When people enjoy each other, they don't buy evil fighting robots. [Approaches a presentation room] This is a graph of our sales.
[The graph displays a slow decline in sales.]
Darrell Ooh, math!
Lord Boxman Now watch what happens when we introduce friendship to the equation.
Lord Boxman presses a button on a remote. The graph plummets, displaying little to no sales.
Lord Boxman See? [Brings Darrell to his face, gradually angrier] Friendship, lowers, our, GRAPHS! [Casually] Besides, it's just plain disgusting.
Lord Boxman finishes up his tour at a furnace, which he approaches and opens the hatch.
Darrell Hey, cool, fire! Is this supposed to teach me like, how friendship makes you feel?
Lord Boxman No. [Throws Darrell's head in, closes hatch] It's supposed to teach you to never fail me again!
Darrell [Sadly, while melting] I deserve this.
[A giant claw moves in and drops another Darrell in front of Lord Boxman.]
Darrell Yeah, I deserved that. But I won't fail you next time boss! [Salutes]
Lord Boxman [Disgusted, walking away] Silence.
[Lord Boxman walks over to his throne and sits down. After a moment, he reaches over to peer out the window.]
Lord Boxman [Turning back] Ooh, those rotten kids! [Waits another moment, then peers again] Still alive. [Grunts while turning back, then screams] Ooooh, I just--
[Lord Boxman starts babbling and whimpering while having a tantrum on his throne, before tiring himself out and panting. Once he calms down, a "ding" sound comes from a conveyor belt on the side and another robot comes out.]
Shannon Never send a 1.0 robot to do a 2.0's job, Dad.
[She backflips into the air, produces saw blades from her hands and feet, and 'skates' around the room before retracting them.]
Lord Boxman Ah, Shannon. My spoiled teenage daughter. Do you have a plan?
Shannon Of course. [Chuckles]
Lord Boxman Then go succeed where your brother Darrell failed, and ruin those rotten kids!
Shannon Trust me, they won't even know what hit 'em. [Smears lipstick around mouth]
[Cut to Rad opening a box in the bodega. K.O. appears over his shoulder.]
K.O. So, can I hang out with you guys? [Pops over to other shoulder] And be friends? [Pops out of the box] Then I could work hard to become a great hero, too!
Rad [Pulls K.O. out of the box] Kid, you can't just hang out here.
K.O. But, you guys do.
Rad [Places some sausages on a shelf.] That's 'cause it's our job.
K.O. Ohhhhh. [While slapping Rad's buttocks] Then can I have a job, too?
Rad Not just anyone can work here. You gotta have mad skills, like this.
[Rad shoots a levitation beam out of his finger towards some cereal boxes stacked on a shelf and re-stacks them on a higher shelf. Colewort is caught while trying to grab one of them and is sent through the roof.]
Rad [Blows on his finger] See?
K.O. [Mesmerized] That was beautiful!
Rad [Blushes] Yeah? [Clears his throat] Yeah, yeah, it was. [Chuckle] I can show you some other cool moves if you--
Enid [Off-screen] Rad!
[The frame zooms to the counter, where Enid is leaning back on the cash register.]
Enid Magazines. Restock them. [Picks her nose]
K.O. [Races up to the counter] Hi Enid! I would like a job here, please.
Enid K.O., you do not wanna spend your days looking at all this.
K.O. Yeah, I do! [While rocking himself, holding onto counter] I can help! I can do anything!
Enid Oh, anything, huh? How about this?
[Enid shoots a fireball out of her foot. It ricochets all over the bodega until it hits a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses then fly off the shelf and land over Enid's eyes.]
K.O. [Dumbfounded] Um... I can do this other cool thing. [Grunting while waving arms] Fireball!
[K.O. tries shooting a fireball from his fist but it is not working. Enid smirks while he continues straining. Suddenly, Colewort falls through the roof and crashes into a table full of pickle jars.]
Enid Oh, man. [Frontflips over to Colewort]
Colewort [Slowly] I fell.
Enid Yep. I can see that, Colewort. [Picks up some unbroken jars]
Colewort [Weakly, off-screen] I see the light!
K.O. Enid, let me help!
Enid Just a second, K.O., I'm kinda-- [Drops the jars she picked up on Colewort]
Colewort Ow! Ow!
Enid [Groans]
K.O. [Looking around] Uh, um...
[Potato walks by and slips on the mess.]
Potato Aah! [Lands face-first in front of Colwort
Enid Rad, mop! Now!
K.O. Wait, I can get it!
Rad [Bumping into K.O.] Move it or lose it, kid!]
[Rad begins mopping while Neil walks up holding a loaf of bread.]
Neil Hey, excuse me!
Rad I'll be with you in just a second.
Neil But it's an emergency! [Pauses before screaming] I don't want this bread!
K.O. I'll do it! [Grabs the mop Rad is holding]
Rad [Trying to pull the mop from K.O.] This, isn't a, game!
[K.O. lets go of the mop, causing Rad to fall against Enid.]
Enid Whoa!
[K.O. cringes as the two land in the pickle mess on the floor.]
Enid Aw, gross, man!
Rad Kid, you need to quit getting in our way. [Sweeps pickle off this chest, grunting]
[K.O. watches Rad and Enid clean themselves for a moment before starting to walk out of the bodega with a melancholy look on his face. Crashes and the other characters are heard off-screen.]
Colewort Who-o-o-o-a! [Sounds of struggle continue]
Enid Can you all just stop?
[Shannon's eyes appear from a bush outside the door, watching K.O. The scene cuts to K.O. laying on the grass outside the bodega, looking at the sky.]
K.O. [Thinking] Man, Rad and Enid are on another level. I wanna work with them so bad, but I can't even do a cool power move! I can't give up. There must be some way I could convince them to give me a chance. [He pictures each scenario in the clouds as he thinks] Maybe if I brought them a giant cake! Or if I let them hold my rarest Pow cards! Maybe if I wore a baseball cap, backwards!
[The clouds poof away as Shannon suddenly appears in a poor disguise and starts talking to K.O.]
Shannon Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice your... unemployment. You know, these days if you wanna work at a place like Gar's, you gotta do something really special.
K.O. [Disappointed] A résumé.
Shannon No, no, no, no. I'm talking something like... infiltrating Lord Boxman's lair! And maybe like, defeating him, all by yourself.
K.O. That's a, good idea! [Determined] So good that Rad and Enid will have to hire me and be my friends! [Runs towards Boxmore] Thanks for the help, ominous stranger! You're the best!
Shannon [Takes off wig] Ch'yeah, obviously. [Laughs evilly]
[The bodega door opens behind Shannon with a chime. Enid and Rad come out calling for K.O.]
Enid K.O.?!
Rad Hey K.O., where'd you go-- [Notices Shannon] Hey, what's that Shannon doing here?
[Cut to K.O. running towards Boxmore.]
K.O. This is it, nothing will get in my [Abruptly stops] wa-a-a-ay!
[The frame zooms out to reveal a crosswalk with the signal on red. When it turns green and dings, K.O. speeds off. He then runs into Boxmore where he looks around and sees more Darrells working.]
K.O. Wo-o-o-ow! [Determined] All right, a sneaking mission.
[K.O. begins sneaking his way through the Darrells, muttering to himself as he moves.]
K.O. Sneak, sneak, sneak. [Jumps out of the way of a Darrell, sidling boxes] Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak. [Rolls and slithers across ground, tip-toeing around the assembly line] Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak.
[He spots an open door and races through it, passing another Darrell.]
Darrell [After door closes] Hey.
Cut to K.O. running.
K.O. Hee hee hee, perfect stealth.
[He puts a cardbord box with a face drawn on it on his head. Cut to office cubicles with two Ernestos talking over the cooler.]
Ernesto 2903 So, anyway, I told--
K.O. [Walks in, taking wide sideways steps] Beep! Boop, boop, morp, boop, blorp! [Walking off-screen]
Ernesto 2903 Should... we be offended by that?
Cut to K.O. walking into an empty area and looking around, no longer wearing the box.
K.O. Yep! If getting in was this simple, beating up this box fella should be as easy as a slice of sweet potato pie! [Laughs]
Suddenly, a platform rises beneath K.O. and metal restraints spring out to grab his wrists and ankles, locking him down spread-eagle and angled upward. Lord Boxman then comes out from the shadows on his floating desk.
Lord Boxman Sweet potato pie, was it?
K.O. Uh, who are you?
Lord Boxman Is it not obvious?
K.O. [Thinking] Shoot what was it again? Buttman?
Lord Boxman [Appearing above K.O.] Lord Boxman! I've had my eye on you, you know. I see you got yourself a little 'friendship' going with those two goons from Gar's.
K.O. [Confused] Friendship?
Lord Boxman [Hissing] Yes, it's disgusting. [Yelling] And I hate it, and I want it destroyed!
K.O. [Blushing] Y-You really think they wanna be my friend?
Lord Boxman Not anymore. Do these look like the faces of friendship?
[Lord Boxman presses a button on his remote, causing a hologram from a Boxmore security camera to appear. It shows Rad and Enid at the crosswalk from earlier looking angered and determined, with Rad holding Shannon by her leg.]
Lord Boxman They found out you came here, K.O., and they're clearly seething with rage at having to waste their time rescuing a nuisance like you.
K.O. They weren't supposed to come get me. I was going to beat you and prove my worth!
[The screen disappears]
Lord Boxman All you did was fall into my trap!
K.O. No...
Lord Boxman Yes. And after this foolish stunt, [Leans in close to K.O.] they're gonna beat you up.
K.O. No!
Lord Boxman And then they'll never want to play with you ever again! [Maniacal laughter]
K.O. [Screaming in horror] No-o-o-o-o!
[The scene changes to Rad (still carrying Shannon) and Enid running towards Boxmore. Once inside they're seen running over the factory bridge, Rad knocking a Darrell over the edge and Enid knocking over an Ernesto. They proceed through the office, running past the two Ernestos from earlier. Before leaving, Enid knocks a stack of papers off a desk.]
Ernesto Hey!
[The scene returns to K.O. and Lord Boxman, who are watching Rad and Enid on the same holographic screen.]
Lord Boxman Prince Peach Fuzz and The Sarcasm Queen are headed right this way! Getting scared, are we?
K.O. [Sweating nervously] Wha-- What?
Lord Boxman Why, you see what they do to people who get in their way.
[The screen shows Rad and Enid destroy a Jethro.]
Lord Boxman And seeing as I'd hate to get in their way, I'll just put you between us.
[Lord Boxman flips some switches and K.O. is released from his restraints. Lord Boxman then retreats a distance on his floating desk.]
Lord Boxman Blinds!
[Some closed blinds appear in front of Lord Boxman and he peaks through them.]
Lord Boxman [Quietly rasping] Now to watch from the shadows, like a total creep.
K.O. [Sadly] I guess Lord Boxman was right. Rad and Enid will never want to be my friends after this.
[Rad and Enid appear in the room. Rad throws Shannon and she lands in front of K.O.]
K.O. Aah! [Backs away] I promise I won't get in your way again.
[Rad runs towards K.O. and K.O. flinches. Rad then dives at K.O. and grabs him.]
K.O. [Grunts]
Lord Boxman Yes, crush him, you oaf!
[Rad spins K.O. a few times and holds him up.]
Rad [Laughs] K.O.!
K.O. Rad, you're not mad at me?
Enid Mad at you? We came here to save you!
K.O. [Sadly] But why would you want to save a nuisance like me?
Enid Come on, K.O. [She grabs K.O.] You're not a nuisance. [She throws K.O. up into the air.] We like having you around!
Lord Boxman What?!
K.O. But aren't you guys upset that I--
Rad Broke into Buttman's lair all by yourself? Yeah, that was pretty stupid, but it also took serious guts! [Rad slaps K.O. on his back.]
Lord Boxman No, no, no! [Lord Boxman destroys the blinds he was hiding behind.]
Enid And it was super brave! [Enid and K.O. high five.]
[Lord Boxman is punched in the face by an invisible force.]
Lord Boxman [Grunts]
Rad You got our respect! [Rad and K.O. fistbump]
[Lord Boxman is hit by an invisible explosion.]
Lord Boxman Oh!
Rad & Enid And our admiration! [Rad and Enid give K.O. a noogie.]
[Lord Boxman is about to get blown away.]
Lord Boxman Aah!
Enid But most of all,
Rad & Enid You have our friendship! [Rad and Enid hold K.O. up.]
[The invisible force blows everything off of Lord Boxman's floating desk including Lord Boxman himself.]
Lord Boxman [Stammering, screaming] That's impossible. Seems I've only made their friendship stronger!
K.O., Rad & Enid [In the background, dancing in a circle] Friendship! Friendship! Friendship!
Lord Boxman Ooh, I'll have to destroy these kids later. [Presses a button on the remote he is holding]
[A Boxmore box appears underneath K.O., Rad and Enid and closes around them. The box travels through a wormhole that opens above Lakewood Plaza Turbo. The box falls out of the wormhole onto the ground outside Gar's. People see the box and start screaming and running away, except for two.]
Brandon It's going down again!
[He and A Real Magic Skeleton run towards the box.]
Mr. Gar More interlopers?
[The box opens and reveals K.O., Rad and Enid holding hands.]
A Real Magic Skeleton Hey, this isn't violent.
Rad Mr. Ga--
Mr. Gar Why aren't you two at your posts?!
Enid We were out rescuing Brushhead here, sir! [She picks up K.O.]
Mr. Gar Oh, okay. Now send him home and get back to work!
Enid Aww, can't we keep him? [Shakes K.O. from side to side] He's probably really good at cleaning toilets.
Rad He's pretty much plaza material. [Rubbing his arm sheepishly] And we could use the extra help.
Mr. Gar No.
Rad & Enid What?
Mr. Gar We don't need anymore employees! You just need to quit slacking so much. [Turns and starts walking while looking back] And besides, a recommendation from the two of you means squat.
While Mr. Gar's walking, the frame pans to reveal Carol standing in front of him.
Carol What about a recommendation from me?
Mr. Gar is visibly surprised when Carol talks, only to startle and stop in his tracks once he turns to look at her.
Carol Come on, Gar, just give him the job.
Mr. Gar [Stammers and blushes] Okay fine! Hmph.
Carol I appreciate it.
Carol puts her hand on Mr. Gar's arm and he tenses up. The wind then blows Mr. Gar away who is still tensed up.
Carol Congratulations, sweetie! I'll meet you in the car. [She blows a kiss at K.O. while walking away] Mwah!
K.O. [Confused] W-What just happened?
Enid I think you just got hired.
Enid pulls out a vest top and puts it on K.O.. The vest top then fits itself around K.O.
Rad We ran out of crop tops.
K.O. Ah. Ah!
K.O. excitedly checks out his new vest top.
K.O. I did it!
K.O. triumphantly pumps his fist in the air and unknowingly launches a Power Fist Fireball, which shoots off into the sky and explodes into a peace sign. Rad and Enid watch, amazed.
Rad Whoa, K.O.. I didn't know you could do that!
K.O. Do what?
The episode ends.

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