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[The episode starts off with Darrell vandalizing the Lakewood Plaza Turbo sign with spray painting “Smells Bad”]

[Darrell laughs maniacally]

Enid: You’re going down, Darrell!

[Darrell falls from the ladder while K.O., Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar stares at him]

Mr. Gar: You’ve messed with the plaza for the last time, bucket of bolts! And you can send that message to Lord Boxman!

Enid: First class!

Rad: Signed, sealed, and delivered!

K.O.: Yeah, in an envelope! [Puts the envelope in a mailbox. The envelope whacks Darrell]

Mr. Gar: Thanks for the backup on that trash-talk, team.

[Darrell prepares to punch Mr. Gar’s face, but dodges his arm]

[K.O. gasps]

[Darrell runs to punch Mr. Gar, but he switches sides and retrieves his sunglasses]

[Enid, K.O., and Rad all gasps]

[Darrell was about drill Mr. Gar, but dodges him again. Mr. Gar drinks coffee and he uses his elbow to smash Darrell]

[Enid, K.O., and Rad all gasps again while the titlecard appears]

[Mr. Gar drinks coffee again]

K.O.: Our boss is the dang coolest.

Rad: Uh-huh.

Enid: Totally.

Mr. Gar: Don’t just lay there impressed! Drop and give me 20!

K.O.: Uh, 20 whats, sir?

Mr. Gar: 20… [Turns his back] everything!

K.O., Enid, and Rad: [Exercises] 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2…

Mr. Gar: Ahh. [His watch beeps] All right, team, wrap it up and get back to work! Duty calls! [Whistles] [His car comes at his sight, and Mr. Gar jumps on top of it]

K.O.: Wow! Where you headed, Mr. Gar?

Mr. Gar: [Takes off sunglasses with another one still on them] Classified information. Secret missions. [Vanishes]

K.O.: I already knew about Mr. Gar from his pow card. But it wasn’t until my first day [cartwheels] that I learned how amazing he really is! [Rad levitates him] Ooh! [Giggles]

Rad: You thought he was amazing on your first day, brush head?

K.O.: [Laughs] Yeah!

Rad: [Uses K.O.’s hair as a broom] Well, you should have seen him on mine!

[Pans to Rad’s flashback]

Mr. Gar: [Reading Rad’s resume] Huh…

Rad: [Laying back] I know. I know. You’ve never seen a better candidate to work here. [Chuckles] ‘Cause my greatest strength is my raw strength.

Mr. Gar: [Grumbles] Greatest weakness?

Rad: [Chuckles] Well… I don’t know my own strength. Pew! Bulls-eye.

Mr. Gar: [Grumbles] Then how do you know it’s your greatest strength? [Rad falls from the chair] [Sighs] Kids these days. [Alarm blares] Huh?!

[A Boxmore box falls from the sky. Opening it up to reveal Shannon]

Shannon: [Unleashes her weapons] [Laughs maniacally] It’s me, Shannon, here to destroy the plaza!

[Rad pants]

Mr. Gar: Oh. Perfect timing. [Grabs Rad’s antennas]

[People are screaming and running away from Shannon’s antics as she laughs]

Mr. Gar: [Drags Rad out of the Bodega] Now, why don’t you show me that great strength of yours?

Rad: I’m on it, boss man! [Shannon shoots her cannon] Hey, you there! You better stop that nasty biz or big Rad is gonna— [Shannon punches him with her mallet as Rad slides over to Mr. Gar]

Mr. Gar: And where did that great strength of yours go?

Rad: Hey! I was— I was… lying, okay?!

Mr. Gar: [Sighs deeply] You must have some sort of special power move.

Rad: [Picking his beard hair] Well… I’ve got, like, this levitation beam. But, literally, like, everybody in my family can do it. It’s nothing special.

Mr. Gar: Use it. Use it, son. [Pushes Rad to Shannon]

Shannon: [Laughs] [Rad catches her with his beam] Huh?! [He levitates her up]

Rad: Hey, Mr. Gar, it worked!

Mr. Gar: [Smashes Shannon] Felt pretty good, didn’t it? [Puts his arm on Rad’s shoulder] Sometimes it’s the things that we’re shamed of that are worth being proud of. That beam is a gem to be polished. You’re hired!

Rad: [Blushes] Whoa.

Mr. Gar: Now lift those junk robot parts out of here!

Rad: [Salutes] Yes, sir! Ha! [Levitates the robot parts] One! Two! Three! [Next scene shows the present. Rad flexes his biceps] And you can see all that lifting led to the godly physique I have today.

K.O.: Wow!

Rad: You see, little man, [Grabs K.O.’s hair] Mr. Gar taught me to appreciate something I was embarrassed about.

Enid: So, Mr. Gar taught you to be even more full of yourself? Grody. At my first day at work… [Scene pans to her flashback] I was very eager to please— too eager. [Dogmun approaches to the counter] Uh, welcome, valued customer! Can I help… you? Was— was there something you needed help finding? [Dogmun shoots out a bone] Uh… That’ll be… 12 technos, sir. [Dogmun shoots out money] [Inhales deeply, groans. Places the bone into a bag. Chuckles nervously] Have a punch-tastic day. Bye! [Dogmun leaves] Blecch! Mangy mutt! Why couldn’t he have used a cart or a basket like a normal—

Skateboard Nerd: [Coughs] Gew.

Enid: Oh! My apologies, sir! Welcome to Gar’s Hero Supply and Bodega! Is there anything I can help you with?

Skateboard Nerd: I have just walked into your rinky-dink store and cannot find the wheel polish! [Enid looks to see the Wheel Polish inventory is empty] Where is it?

Enid: Uh… [Chuckles nervously] I’m terribly sorry, sir, we seem to be all out of wheel polish, so—

Skateboard Nerd: No wheel polish?! [Screams]

Mr. Gar: Is there a problem here?!

Enid: Mr. Gar!

[Mr. Gar growls]

Skateboard Nerd: You bet there’s a problem here, Lumps-A-Lot! I’ve been trying to locate the wheel polish, and your register weasel here is acting like a real snark-aroni and cheese! Then she says you’re out of wheel polish! But I am a customer! And the customer gets what he wants!

Mr. Gar: Thank you for your feedback.

Enid: M-Mr. Gar, I—

Mr. Gar: Enid, I’m gonna teach you a very important lesson.

Skateboard Nerd: [Chuckles] Yeah! That the customer is always— [Mr. Gar picks him up] Huh?

Mr. Gar: We’re all out of wheel polish!! Sorry we can’t help you!! Thank you for shopping at Gar’s!! [Enid drops her jaw] Enid… finish helping this customer. I believe he was on his way out?

Enid: [Gasps] Yes, sir! Have a punch-tastic day! Bye!! [Her mouth shouts out the text, BYE! and sends Skateboard Nerd flying to the sky]

Skateboard Nerd: Nooooo!! Noooo!! Nooo!! Gaah! [Explodes]

Enid: Uh… Mr. Gar, I—

Mr. Gar: Enid, remember this— The customer isn’t always right. And you have the strength to say so. A true hero needs to be brave enough to look at someone head-on before rolling their eyes at them. The counter is power! Own it!

Enid: [Heads back to the counter and puts her feet on top of it. Pans to the present day] And that’s pretty much why Mr. Gar is so great— [Picks her nose] He helped me be myself without any regard or empathy for my fellow man. [Touches K.O.’s cheek]

K.O.: Wow!

Crinkly Wrinkly: [Enters the Bodega] Now wait just a darn-diddly second here! You green young-uns know nothing at all! Let me tell you about the real Mr. Gar. Once upon a t— [Coughs, clears throat] [Deep voice] Once upon a time… [Next scene shows Mr. Gar up in the clouds] Many, many years ago, there was a great man named…

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

[Mr. Gar grumbles]

Narrator: He lived along the clouds with his robot friend, Plazamo.

Plazamo: [Climbs up on Mr. Gar’s shoulder] Plazamo! [Giggles]

Narrator: One day, he descended from the clouds with Plazamo, to create a shopping destination for all the people of Lakewood. [Mr. Gar sets foot on the ground]

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

Narrator: He raised his mighty hand to the sky, and struck the ground!

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

Narrator: And with his powerful foot, he split open the chasm!

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

Narrator: [Mr. Gar holds out Plazamo] And with that, it was time to bid his robot friend good-bye. [Plazamo walks on the ground] Plazamo marched bravely to its final destination to fulfill its duty.

Plazamo: Bye-bye! [Giggles]

[Plazamo generates the Lakewood Plaza Turbo]

Narrator: With the help of Plazamo, Lakewood Plaza turbo was born!

Mr. Gar: Mm-hmm.

Narrator: Ah, wait! Wait! One more thing.

Mr. Gar: Hmm!

Narrator: Ah, yes.

[Mr. Gar gets a rock and eats it. He spits it out to make the sign and places it on the ground]

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

Narrator: And with the final touch, the plaza was complete.

Mr. Gar: [Shrinks to normal size] Ah.

Narrator: But it wasn’t all peaches and cream. [Lad Boxman throws a box to Mr. Gar] No, siree, Bob.

Mr. Gar: Pah!

[Mr. Gar chases Lad Boxman]

Narrator: You see, little sprats, Mr. Gar had an enemy, went by the name of… Lad Boxman!

[Lad Boxman snickers and barks]

Narrator: He was an ornery little booger and challenged Mr. Gar to a fight.

Lad Boxman: Boxman!

Narrator: Mr. Gar elbowed him so hard, he saw the curvature of the planet… [Lad Boxman falls] …and landed in the spot across the street that has come to be known to the locals as Boxmore. [Boxmore was created]

Crinkly Wrinkly: The end!

Enid: Well, that was a bunch of drivel.

Rad: Obviously a fabrication.

K.O.: Ha! Amazing!

Enid: K.O., you probably shouldn’t listen to Crinkly Wrinkly.

K.O.: Why’s that?

Enid: Well…

Crinkly Wrinkly: [To the mirror] Who’s that?! You got a cane just like mine! [Chuckling]

K.O.: So, I guess none of that actually happened.

Rad: ‘Fraid not, little dude.

Mr. Gar: No! That’s exactly how it happened. Now get back to work! [Levitates]

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

Mr. Gar: Hyah! [Sends K.O. to the bucket with water and mop, Enid to the counter and Rad to a box]

Rad: Oh! [A box falls on him]

Mr. Gar: Ah. [Heads to his office and closes the door]

Chorus: Mr. Gar.

[The episode ends]

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