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Lazer Chips is a brand of potato chips that makes its first appearance in "Red Action to the Future", which is sold at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega. The logo of the package has the word "Lazer" in a red larger font while the word "Chips" is in regular font.



The original Lazer Chips are the basic version. Once eaten, a single red Lazer shoots out of your mouth.

Double Dip

Double Dip Lazer Chips are the same thing, however, instead, it shoots two lazers, in red and green.

Triple Dip

Triple Dip Lazer Chips are from the future, with one bag being brought back from the future by Red Action. They shoot 3 lasers in red, green, and blue.

Canned Lazer Chips

Canned Lazer Chips are the exact same as the original Lazer Chips, except contained in a can. They were introduced in "Radical Rescue", and were the last Lazer Chips introduced in the series.

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