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Speaker Dialogue
(The pilot starts off with a town in destruction.)
Announcer In the year, 201X, (Displays the robots coming out of Boxmore) Lord Boxman opened a store to arm his robot hoard. (Cuts to Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the heroes preparing to fight) But the heroes of Lakewood Plaza—
Singing voice ♪Are ready to fight!♪ (Shows a montage of K.O., Rad, and Enid fighting robots) ♪K.O., Rad, and Enid are in battle mode. Punch and kick the bad guys till they all explode. Power up and fight.♪ (Enid and Rad heads off when Mr. Gar tells them to work, while he gave a mop and bucket to K.O.) ♪Let’s watch an episode of Lakewood Plaza Turbo.♪
[Logo shows up] (Shows a normal day of the Plaza.)
Enid (Lays next to the register) K.O.. Hey, K.O.! Boss said we gotta rid of this freezer. The ice cream slandwiches are melting. Something’s wrong with it.
(K.O. lifts the freezer.)
K.O. (Slams the wood below him) Yeah!
(Mega Football Baby and Sparko claps.)
Enid Just dump it on Radicles. He’s sleeping again.
(Rad snores and K.O. dumps ice cream on him.)
Enid Now toss it in the dumpster.
K.O. Ok. (Screams and tosses the freezer to the dumpster. A mysterious figure carries a ladder)
Mysterious Figure Hey, watch it kid!
K.O. Two points.
Enid Oh, K.O.. Not another hole in the ceiling.
Rad Quit being a show-off. (Levitates out of the ice cream) You… couldn’t see I was taking a nap, new kid?
K.O. (Runs to Rad while Enid checks her phone) I didn’t want to wake you. (Rad lands on the ground) You looked so peaceful, like a baby lamb.
(Mega Football Baby and Sparko laughs.)
Enid Gee!
Rad You’re dead. (Pounds the ground that makes K.O. fly up)
K.O. I’m not dead. (Steps on Rad)
(Mega Football Baby, Ted Viking, Sparko, and Enid gasps.)
Enid Woah, K.O.. Nice move.
Rad (Grabs K.O.) I’ll show you a move. (K.O. lands on a shelf)
Enid Come on Radicles, it’s over.
Rad Ooh! (Prepares to shoot K.O. with his finger)
K.O. What’s tha— (The power poke shoots K.O. to the wall)
Rad It’s just the power poke. You know, a special move.
K.O. "Special move"? Okay, my turn! (Runs to Rad) Hy— yah.
(K.O. tries to do a special move while Rad is standing there and the crowd stares. K.O. grunts.)
Rad Whoa. You sound like you’re going to soil your pants.
(Crowd laughs while K.O. is embarrassed.)
K.O. Yeah, well… I’ll soil you!
(K.O. and Rad fights.)
Enid Cool it!
Crowd Fight, fight!
Enid I said, "Cool it!" (Uses her power kick)
Rad, K.O. (Power kick hits them) Huh. (Hits the ceiling) Ooo.
Rad Look what you did.
Mega Football Baby, Sparko Whoa. What just happened? Whoa. What just happened?
Enid (Jumps off the counter) I’ll just tell Mr. Gar y’all did it.
(Mr. Gar screams from outside.)
K.O. That’s Mr. Gar.
K.O., Enid, Rad Something’s wrong. (They storm off the store)
Mr. Gar No! No! No! (Pounds the ground)
Enid Boss, what happened?
Mr. Gar My sign! (The sign has been vandalized)
K.O. "Lakewood Plaza Turbo Smells Ba…" Smells ba?!
Mr. Gar You’re new here, K.O., (Stands up) but there’s something you need to know about retail. We sell supplies to the heroes of the world. (Shows far shot of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and Boxmore) But across Route 175 at Box More… they sell weapons to villains. So they pull tricks like this, to sabotage us. (The mysterious figure runs off) We gotta make things right. K.O..
K.O. That’s right. I love the plaza.
Mr. Gar Enid.
Enid (Salutes) Yes sir. We stand for what’s right.
Mr. Gar Radicles. (Rad is texting) Radicles? (Turns around and gets mad)
Rad Uh-huh. Yeah, the thing.
Mr. Gar Pay attention… (does his pile diver move) you brat!
(Enid takes K.O. out of the way and the move hits Rad.)
Mr. Gar (Picks up the phone) What were you texting anyway? "The Boss is so cool." Oh. Uh. No text during work hours! (Throws phone to Rad and goes in his car) I’m gonna go rent a power washer to clean that mess. Find the graffiti weiner! (Starts engine)
Enid Ten-four boss.
Rad Not me though. Three fourty-five! I’m on break! Ooo. (Levitates)
K.O. Radicles, come on, we have a mission.
Enid Look, they never listen.
Mr. Gar Make them listen! (Drives off) To the power of your righteous spirit.
(The mysterious figure hides behind the Rad Van.)
K.O. We gotta get started and track down the graffiti weiner.
Rad Just leave it to me. I’m a master detective kid. (The mysterious figure rolls a paint can to Rad’s foot) And lesson one is to look for (Holds out a paint can) incriminating evidence?
(K.O. looks back to the plaza sign.)
Mr. Gar (As a floating head) Find the graffiti weiner.
K.O. Radicles, a weiner is you!
Rad What? (Enid turns around.)
K.O. You have the infuriating evidence!
Rad It’s not my can, homie.
K.O. You’re a villain. A Boxmore spy.
Rad Homie.
K.O. This means we have to fight. Power b—
Rad Homie?
Enid (Covers K.O.'s mouth) K.O., you can’t call a power battle on a flimsy evidence.
Rad Yeah, come on little bro. Don’t write a check your tush can’t cash.
K.O. I’ll kick your tush, you baby lamb.
Rad (Does his power poke making K.O. land Fitness Emotions) Whoop-pie.What?
Enid (Twists Rad’s wrist) Break’s over.
Rad Ugh. Come on! (Enid takes him) At least he fell into his mom’s dojo.
(Carol, Ginger, Gertie, and Gladys does their sword exercises.)
Carol Feel the burn!
K.O. (Falls from the roof) Ohh. Moo-may. I mean mom. Rad is a bad guy. I need a special move to beat him. Now. Now. Now. Now!
Ginger (Gasps) It’s Carol’s boy.
Gertie Aww.
Gladys He’s so cute.
(Ginger, Gertie, and Gladys tosses their swords away and chases K.O.)
Carol Gladys! Pinch his cheeks.
Gladys Aww. Come here you little muffin. (Pinches K.O.’s cheeks)
Carol Gertie! Make hug.
(Gertie almost hug K.O. but K.O. dodges it.)
Gertie Huh.
K.O. Yah.
Gertie He-yah. (Kicks K.O.)
K.O. Uh.
(Gertie hugs K.O.)
Carol Ginger. Kiss his forehead!
(Ginger runs to K.O.)
Ginger (Kisses K.O.’s forehead) Mwah.
K.O. Uh. (Makes a heart shaped hole on the wall and Crawls to Carol) Momma, why?
Carol Why didn’t you just call a power battle on those ladies?
K.O. That’s messed up. I know them.
Carol And?
K.O. Oh. So I shouldn’t call a power battle on someone I know and trust. (Carol nods) But who do I not know or trust that climb up the sign and—(Gasps) That’s it!
(Gertie, Gladys, and Ginger claps.)
Carol Go K.O.! Go out to defend our plaza. To the extreme!
K.O. My soul burns for justice. (Walks out) I’m going to make things right. POWER BATTLE!
Enid That was K.O..
Rad That was the squirt.
(Enid turns the business sign saying they’re fighting. Crowd walks out to see K.O.)
K.O. My opponent is a spy from Boxmore. (Crowd gasps) And he’s the weiner who messed up our sign. (Points to the sign while the crowd sees the sign)
Brandon Whoa. There’s a video store here?
K.O. And look! There he is!
(Crowd walks out to see Enid and Rad in sight.)
Enid Oh. I’m just… uh… hanging out. (Steps out) Sup?
(K.O. prepares to "fight" Rad.)
Rad What? You gonna soil your pants again, dawg? (Prepares to step in)
K.O. Hy…
Rad I can’t go easy on ya.
K.O. …yah!
(As Rad cracks his knuckles, K.O.'s force grows bigger as the crowd gasps.)
K.O. Pow!!! Yah!
(K.O. throws his punch as the crowd runs out.)
Mysterious Figure (On the phone) No dad. I don’t want to go on a camping trip with you. (K.O.’s punch knocks him out)
K.O. Yeah!
Enid K.O., you can’t just beat up random people.
K.O. That guy’s the wiener! I knew he stick around to finish the graffiti. I saw that guy before with the same ladder that was propped up by the sign. And would Rad need a ladder? He can float.
Enid K.O., that’s…
Mysterious Figure Absolutely correct! (Throws away his cloak to reveal as Darrell, a Boxmore robot)
Rad Darrell!
Enid Boxmore!
Darrell (Drives away with a scooter) I totally got away with it. So long suckers.
Rad We’ll never catch up to him. He’s going like 6, 7 kilometers per hour.
Enid Are you kidding me?! (Enid throws K.O. to stop Darrell)
K.O. Hyah. (Punches Darrell) Pay for the sign damage.
Darrell Never, you Lakewood loser!
(Mr. Gar steps out of his car.)
Mr. Gar I thought I told you kids to watch the store. You’re just rolling around like some dead body.
Enid Boss, that’s the graffiti weiner!
Mr. Gar What? You actually caught him?
K.O. Yeah.
Mr. Gar Well, then listen up. I know you Boxmore goons are crooked. But here at the plaza, we do what’s right. There’ll be no trouble if you just pay up for fixing the sign.
Darrell But I did fix it, old man. "Lakewood Plaza… smells bad!"
(Mr. Gar takes off his sunglasses and grabs Darrell to smash him on the ground.)
Mr. Gar Hyah!
Announcer Knockout!

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